Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio Lead the 2016 Pack in Florida

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: March 27, 2014 3:55 AM
Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and favorite sons former Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., are in great shape in Florida for the 2016 presidential race, according to a poll from St. Leo University released on Wednesday. 

The poll shows Clinton, the undisputed favorite for the Democratic nomination, stands head and shoulders over her potential primary rivals in the Sunshine State.

Clinton is seen as favorable by 84 percent of likely Democratic voters in Florida. Only 12 percent of them see her as unfavorable. Vice President Joe Biden is seen as favorable by 66 percent of likely Democratic voters but 27 percent see him as unfavorable. The rest of the potential Democratic candidates are largely unknown.

The poll finds 77 percent of likely Democratic voters in Florida say they could vote for Clinton in 2016. Only 28 percent say they could vote for Biden. Other Democrats garner even less support, with 16 percent saying they could vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, 13 percent saying they could vote for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., 12 percent saying that about U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J.., and 10 percent saying they could support U.S. Sen. Kristin Gillibrand, D-N.Y. 

Other Democrats muster even less support in the Sunshine State, with 8 percent saying they could support Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., and 7 percent saying they could vote for Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado. Only 5 percent say they could vote for U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., while 4 percent say that about Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland and 2 percent say that about former Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana.

On the GOP side, 90 percent of likely Republican voters see Bush as favorable while only 8 percent see him as unfavorable. Rubio has similar numbers, with 87 percent of Republicans backing him and only 9 percent seeing him as unfavorable. After his stint as former Gov. Mitt Romney’s, R-Mass., running mate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is well-regarded in Florida Republican circles with 75 percent seeing him in a favorable light and 14 percent seeing him as unfavorable. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., also does well, with 71 percent of Republicans viewing him favorably and 14 percent seeing him in an unfavorable light. A majority of Florida Republicans -- 52 percent -- view U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, favorably though almost a quarter -- 24 percent -- view him as unfavorable. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey gets mixed marks, with 45 percent seeing him favorably and 38 percent unfavorably.

Bush and Rubio lead the pack with each of them getting 59 percent of Florida Republicans saying they could vote for them in 2016 while 39 percent say that about Paul and 36 percent say they can support Ryan. Less than a third -- 30 percent -- say they can vote for Christie while 26 percent say they can back former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and 25 percent say they can vote for Cruz. Three current governors muster less support, with 24 percent insisting they can back Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, 22 percent saying they can vote for Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and 21 percent thinking they can vote for Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Only 13 percent say they can vote for former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., and 10 percent thinking they can vote for Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. Other Republicans garner even less support, with only 8 percent of Florida Republicans saying they can vote for former Ambassador John Bolton, 4 percent thinking they can vote for U.S. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., and 2 percent saying they can back U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.

The poll of 500 voters, was taken from March 16-19 and had a margin of error of +/- 5 percent.

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5:31AM MAR 29TH 2014
Joanne @ 3:51PM MAR 27TH 2014............

Push delete - restart........

The debacle we had with John McCain was in 2008, the year the posers that be selected McCain to run against the chosen one! And yes Sarah Palin was the only saving Grace! "They" knew what they were doing went they put McCain up against the chose one. He too was born outside of the USA. They knew that issue would surface with Obama. And gee what about that war against women initiated by the GOP? What did the democraps call those attacks against Sarah Palin, Sunday School lessons I suppose. That 2012 debacle we had the posers that be chose Mitt Romney practically the investor of socialized medicine as Gov. of MA. But then too people with brains should take into consideration Obama's popularity at the polls. check out those OHIO vote totals where in some precincts Obama got 100% of the votes, but St Lucie County Florida (Col Allen West's home county Obama got 141% of the votes cast there! It is impossible to beat voting odds like that. they don't call Obama the chosen one for nothing! Next question is which one of the "family" will be the next chose one Jeb or Hillary?
the Bush Plan
8:20AM MAR 28TH 2014
Fidel and Raul Castro might be communists alright, but when Fidel took over Cuba in 1959 and overthrew Batista he also threw out the Tampa mobster Santo Trafficante, Jr. and his mob of bolita and casino operators. They had to move bad to Florida and continue their operations from here. This is Jeb Bush's so called friends and he has spread them throughout government offices everywhere.
the Bush Plan
8:15AM MAR 28TH 2014
RepublicanConscience @ 2:06PM MAR 27TH 2014

Do your homework about RICK SCOTT. He was a Dallas TX Lawyer with Johnson and Swanson - partners with George W. Bush and Tom Hicks in the Texas Rangers (but he can't remember that!) How does everyone think he got off "scot free" on the Medicare Fraud? Jeb was in on it with him as well.

That first $70 million come from the Medicare Fraud Rick Scott made when Scott , Jeb Bush and Richard Rainwater picked up the pieces of massive Medicare fraud machine created by Miguel Recarey with Jeb’s help. Remember its Jeb’s “cousin” Rahm Emanuel who says never let a crisis go to waste! And they didn't! They pounced on the leftovers of IMC and the already in place Medicare Fraud network and they "got to work" bleeding the taxpayers!

Rick Scott always forgets to tell everyone he is a Texas lawyer:

Mr. Richard L.'Rick' Scott
Texas Bar Card Number:17909700
Texas License Date:11/06/1978
Work Address:700 N Adams St
Tallahassee, FL 32303-6131
Primary Practice Location: Fort Worth , Texas
Current Member Status: Inactive

JEB BUSH. In 1987, Miguel Recarey, a longstanding business associate of Tampa Mafia boss Santos Trafficante, fled the U.S. under three indictments for labor racketeering, illegal wiretapping, and Medicare fraud. His firm, International Medical Centers (IMC), which was America’s largest health maintenance organization for the elderly and which had received $1 billion in Medicare funds, collapsed. Recarey’s HMO left $222 million in unpaid bills, and was suspected of up to $100 million in Medicare fraud.“IMC is the classic case of embezzlement of government funds,” said William Teich, who headed the U.S. Office of Labor Racketeering in Miami. Teich called it a “bust-out operation” where money was “drained out the back door” and disappeared down “a black hole.”

Google the 1995 testimony of RICK SCOTT when he was under investigation for Medicare Fraud. This man had a total lapse of memory on everything. Just like he has a total lapse of memory on his partnerships with "Dubya" and Jeb and then. Ask yourself just how in the heqq did he wind up with another Batista offspring from Coral Gables as his Lt Governor choice for 2014 and why did they (Scott & Jeb) wait so long to anoint Carlos Lopez-Cantera? Because they didn't want the people to have enough time to find out he was part of the schemes all along!
3:51PM MAR 27TH 2014
Here we go. We had 2012 debacle with John McCain.His only saving grace
was Sarah Palin.So I guess we conservatives will be forced to vote for
another RINO. Jeb Bush is Mr. Common Core,no thanks,in fact h-ll no.
2:06PM MAR 27TH 2014
I cannot comprehend that there is any support left for Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. This seems to be an end run by the media to hedge against a Hillary Crash-and-burn. Give me Rick Scott and Alan West.
more smoke and mirrors
9:21AM MAR 27TH 2014
CORRECTION "He was born in the USA to none US citizen parents -disqualified plain and simple."

The only people who do not make mistakes are the ones who don't do anything - of course those numbers are growing at a fast pace these days!
more smoke and mirrors
9:18AM MAR 27TH 2014
Hey Jackie Grant you know of what you speak. Actually Hillary and Rubio are Jeb's adopted brother and sister. Remember old CIA himself GHW Bush and Moma Pearls admitted GHW thought of "Slick Willie" as his adopted son. Likewise Obama is also their adopted son. GHW & Jeb had that litte Mena Airport deal where Willie was on the receiving end of the drugs for guns in the Iran-Contra affair. Like Obama Rubio is no qualified to be president of the formerly good ole USA. He was born in the USA to now US citizen parents -disqualified plain ans simple.

But as long as the people of the USA keep drinking the Bush machine KOOL AIDE and let them continue their Nazi_Marxist COMMON CORE with rewards from brother Obama like RACE TO THE TOP the further and faster the USA will descend into the pits of HELL.

You can't convince people with brains that out of a nation of over 310 MILLION people the only ones that can run for president are just these chosen three!
Jackie Grant
8:46AM MAR 27TH 2014
No, no, no ---- to Hillary and Jeb. They are almost one in the same!! Both love illegal aliens and the terrible common core system. We DO NOT need either of these politicians in FL or the country.

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