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Hillary Clinton Is Not The Second Coming Of Harriet Tubman

January 23, 2016 - 3:00pm

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, right?

How many times are black people going to place their eggs in a Clinton basket and expect something different?

Other than play the saxophone and have an office in Harlem, why do we love Bill, and other than being married to Bill, why do we love Hillary?

As much as we all loved to call Bill Clinton the “First Black President,” my good friend, prominent Tallahassee attorney Chuck Hobbs broke it down rather well when he wrote this:

“Don’t get me wrong, I respected some aspects of Clinton’s presidency, but his legacy with respect to race included not only advocating causes that gutted high-paying blue collar jobs in the Midwest (NAFTA) and others that imprisoned more black men than ever. He and his wife also joined in lock step with Newt Gingrich in promulgating “welfare reform” that made black mothers who were already catching hell to raise their kids catch even more hell.”

You can read Chuck Hobbs’ article in its entirety here

During Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary race against Barack Obama, her true colors, as well as Bill’s, started to show. They are all for black people as long as we are asking how high when they say jump.

When the issue came up of Florida and Michigan breaking the rules and being punished for it, Hillary Clinton kept quiet. She allowed her surrogates to advocate for cheating. Even Donna Brazile famously said that when you want to change the rules in the middle of the game, it’s called cheating. Hillary Clinton wanted to win at all costs, and she didn’t care who she had to roll over to do it. Even her supporters got downright rabid. Remember Harriet Christian and her “inadequate black man” rant

There are still those who say Hillary and her camp were the source of the Jeremiah Wright scandal. She wanted to damage Obama however she could.

They say Hillary and her camp helped fuel the birth certificate issue, even though she knew it was a non-issue, she wanted to damage Obama anyway she could.

The infamous 3 a.m. ad she ran was a thinly veiled racist swipe at Obama, because while your little white children are sleeping, this black man couldn’t possibly protect them.

Bill Clinton, who hilariously enough was jealous that Obama was going to be the REAL first black president, tried to demean him as only a black candidate in South Carolina and tried to brush him off as nothing.

When Bill Clinton thought Rep. James Clyburn was “pulling strings” behind the scenes in South Carolina, where Hillary Clinton lost to Obama, he said to Clyburn, “If you bastards want a fight, you damn well will get one”.

Don’t believe me, hear it from Clyburn’s own lips here.

Black people need to realize when they are appreciated, and when they are being used.

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t whipping/nae-naeing, dabbing, and whatnot before, why do it now?

Hillary knows that what is saving her butt now is the African-American community.

The only reason THAT is the case is because her NAME is familiar. I want her GAME to be familiar as well. It isn’t as fun as y’all think it is.

We talk about how our African-American men are disproportionately behind bars, and here Hillary Clinton is, taking large sums of money from the private prison industry.

She talks a lot about her advocacy for children -- black children, Latino children, etc., but at the same time, she supports policies that send the parents of those children to jail.

Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913
Harriet Tubman, civil rights activist, 1822-1913

I guess that makes the private prison industry folks who line her pockets happy, right?

What irks me most of all are the endorsements of the families of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Eric Garner. These families have become OUR families in a way. Clinton knows that. I feel she is using that to get our votes via our empathy and sympathy for those families and the tragedies they suffered.

What is Hillary going to do next? Find the family of Emmett Till and send out an endorsement letter from them? I think if it were not for the fact that Sandra Bland’s family KNOWS the sincerity of Bernie Sanders -- he did what he did with them outside the public eye -- Hillary Clinton would have tried to get HER family to send out an endorsement letter.

I would imagine if Bernie Sanders asked that family to endorse him, they would. But it appears as though he is above using tragedy for personal gain.

Not Hillary Clinton.

The Latino community had it right when they told her that she was not their abuela.

Black folks, she ain’t your Madea, Harriet Tubman, Sista Souljah, Ride-or-die, or none of that.

I’m beginning to think she isn’t even your friend.

Leslie Wimes is president and founder of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, She lives in Palm Beach County. This commentary is reprinted from Wimes' Women on the Move website with the author's permission.



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I think the definition of insanity is for a resident of Palm Beach, where the average real estate value is $893,000 according to Zillow, to try to pretend she really cares about poor black people.

It says she lives in palm beach county not the city of palm beach. Another idiot who can't read but just has to let us all know what he's thinking anyway

That is just your opinion. Unless you actually know her you opinion is baseless. The Clintons have a record which shows they don't understand or care about black people until election day.

Then by your own logic, HRC, with wealth estimated at 32 mil by Politico, is a downright hater of poor black people. Doesn't matter. Once Sharpton blows the clarion, blacks will go to the polls and feed themselves to the hildebeast, just like the eloi did in hg wells book "the time machine"

You people are joking with your comments right? Fucking morons

No, they aren't because they have brains and aren't puppets. They don't dance at the end of a Clinton string. Just because you do, doesn't mean we will. They are tired of saying "yes masta" to the phony Clinton's. This woman has and will continue to say anything and everything to try and get elected. So you go right on being stupid and making excuses for these criminals and hypocrites, but we won't!!

Ah, but the Democrats work so hard at making people think that their only path to salvation is through the Democrat party... Better to think for yourself, no?

The sad and disgusting part is that Hillary will break out her black southern dialect, and black people will vote for her like slaves running to a slave master...........most of us will never learn............

I think a lot black women will vote for her. Not so sure about black men. We need to stop illegal immigration. We need jobs. We need to combat terrorism.

I admire, and value, 'perception' in a person Ms. Mallada; "Welcome aboard !"... signed//"An "old fashioned, thinking" Democrat.

These comments are indicative of how Black-Americans are given all the "opportunity-ammunition", and consistently "shoot-themselves-in-the-foot". ("African"-American...PSHAW !...Try being proud of the ONLY heritage you know, "Black-American"! ! ! ) . We're "ALLin this pot together"; and "this pot" is AMERICA, and never had anything at all to do with Africa...If you were still there during the last two and a half centuries, your ancestors, and you, would probably be slaves in some Muslim country at this point in time. AFTER America, that's ALL of our future ! America never did this to you, DEMOCRATS DID ! WAKE UP AND PITCH IN...Jut like your parents and grandparents and great grandparents did...and stop whining.

I've always thought the same thing. If your ancestors had not been brought here as slaves, after being enslaved by Africans, bought by Dutch and British slavetraders, and set free by Americans less than 100 years later, would you be better off today?

Hillary Clinton: Bad Grandma, bad grandma, what you gonna do when they come for you! Your private email on your private server, 1340 classified emails are your down fall!

Clinton's unemployment rate on his last month: 4.2%. He helped blacks get jobs. Clinton created 23,000,000 NEW jobs. GOP LOSER w ended with a 7.8% unemployment rate. A 85.7% INCREASE!!!!! reagun never got lower that 4.2%

Ever hear the phrase: "Figures lie and liar's figure"?? Unemployment numbers were a joke during GWB's last 2 years because the Democrat House and Senate, under Pelosi and Reid, undid all of the good work done for jobs. By the end of GWB's second term, the Democrats undermined the operations in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN, belittled our international allies and allowed incompetents in the WH, Pentagon and Cabinet Posts. At the same time, Democrats who run the major urban cities have seen an uptick in urban violence and rampant racism. Look at Detroit and Flint in Michigan; St.Louis and Ferguson in Missouri; Baltimore in Maryland; Philadelphia in Pennsylvania; NY City in New York - and tell me honestly that the black populations there have THRIVED in the last 50 years. In each city, the answer is a resounding NO - and there is ONLY one (1) cause - each of these cities has been run predominently by Democrats!! Time for a change folks - time to vote for the best CANDIDATE - that will actually deliver what is promised - not the best PARTY. 'Nuff Said'.......

That bogus "unemployment rate," LOL A meaningless number created by politicians for propaganda purposes that omits all of the people who have quit looking for non-existent jobs and the people who used to have good jobs and are now flipping burgers. Back in the day, when you lost one good job, you found another. Today, when you lose a good job, you flip burgers.

Yes, he sure did create lots of jobs: in Mexico and China! Were you in diapers during his presidency or were just not paying attention?

Go back and read the history books. Clinton accomplished this because he worked with Gingrich and the Republican controlled Congress. Thats how he gained these numbers in his second term. Not so stellar numbers the first term when he was aligned with the Democrat controlled Congress.

He gained those numbers in the second term by creating an entirely fake "crisis" (socialists love crisis) about Y2K crashing every computer in the world, which, regardless of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to "fix" those computers (money that could have been better invested to produce sustainable jobs), never happened and never would have happened.

This is a joke. Hillary may not be Harriet Tubman, but she is definitely better for blacks then any of the Republican candidates. If we are going to keep it real, Barack didn't do a lot for the average African American. Welfare reform was necessary, so that the program could be viable for those that really need it. The informed voter has to look at the whole candidate, not just the good and not just the bad. Bill Clinton reduced the national debt, reduced unemployment and lowered interest rates. He brought forward the first peace in the mideast. And the towers in New York were still standing during his Presidency. If his wife can do half as good we will be better off than we were under either of the George Bushes. Just keeping it real, sista!!!

It was the policies of the REPUBLICAN controlled congress that produced a strong economy by supporting businesses CREATING good jobs. Bill Clinton had nothing to do with it. Please point to even ONE thing that Clinton did or ONE idea of his that created a strong economy. You can't because he didn't. Just another spin by our left wing controlled media who drooled all over Comrade Clinton.

Presidents don't reduce national debts unemployment and interest rates, Congress does that. The only power given to the executive branch by the constitution vis a vie legislative action is the veto power. IF Clinton was so successful then why didn't the democrats use his supposed success to do these things when they controlled congress and the executive branch for 7 years? Clinton didn't do that because he was a genius. that arose from the peace dividend from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Carter didn't bring about the fall of Russia. Reagan did. I know one thing. Bush didn't have cattle futures gate, travel gate, Buddhist temple gate, Vince foster suicide, Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones Ken Starr, and Clinton Foundation contributions from the interpipe line company and the Russian Uranium consortium that made millions to the slush fund. If Clinton was so successful why didn't the democrats use his "techniques" in the 7 years the dems controlled the legislative and executive branches of government? Reid successfully blocked all but 14 bills. That is the lowest rate of the do nothing congress in history. Oh while we are on the subject of moral decline do you know the identity of the old whiskey drinking black man who was friends of Martha and George Dunham? He was the man that Barry Soetero m

Really, William? I guess Ben Carson isn't black enough for you...? He lived first hand, the struggle of a single mom raising him and his brother. Barry Soetoro never lived a true black life. He was raised a white boy communist. Stop race baiting. Choose the candidate that best represents your life in the USA, regardless of color.

William, you are wrong on several points. Bill Clinton did not reduce the national debt, unemployment, etc. He and his partnership with Republicans accomplished these things. The economy was naturally growing as the new internet technology created a bubble which was beginning to burst before Clinton left office. Another bonus was the end of the cold war which brought more money into the domestic economy as we reduced our military forces. Clinton echoed Republicans when he told us the era of big government was over. He did not bring the first lasting peace in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter also brought temporary peace years earlier. Osama bin Ladin declared war on the US, and Clinton ignored him. He made it harder for different intelligence and law enforcement agencies to communicate with each other and he passed on at least on chance to capture or kill Osama. Bush worried more about China than a major terrorist attack but it was only timing that let the towers fall during Bush's administration. His wife has demonstrated through her State Department tenure that she does not share Bill's abilities. You are not keeping it real, William. I am.

Yes, vote for another democrat. THIS time it will be different. 100%

Well the first part of your pathetic rant was right..."This is a joke".

"Bill Clinton reduced the national debt, reduced unemployment and lowered interest rates." Umm, no. The national DEBT did NOT decrease under Clinton, he did not reduce unemployment (show me in the Constitution where any President has this power), and he did not lower interest rates because that power by law is vested in the Federal Reserve Board. School up, my friend.

Mrs. P: In addition to what has been already said, the ONLY reason Bill Clinton had a Federal balanced budget was that he was forced into it by Newt Gingrich (the Speaker of the House). Even Bill Clinton knew not to buck that horse!!


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