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Nancy Smith

How Florida Delegates to the Republican National Convention Will Be Chosen

March 22, 2016 - 7:00am
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland

Choosing 99 delegates to the Cleveland Convention July 18-21 is a fair process, but it's more involved than most people realize.

And this year, it could be particularly interesting.

RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia, the man who best knows how the selection process works, told Sunshine State News Monday, "Florida has 99 winner-take-all delegates total. That means every one of the 99 are bound to Donald Trump for the first three ballots. But, if it goes to a fourth ballot,  the delegates are unbound and they don't necessarily have to vote for Mr. Trump." 

I Beg to DifferThat's what I mean by interesting.

"Believe me, all the candidates are lobbying hard right now to get their supporters seated as delegates on the floor at Quicken Loans Arena," Ingoglia said.

The delegate rules include this: "No later than one week after the presidential preference primary, each Republican presidential candidate whose name appeared on the ballot may submit a list of proposed delegates and alternate delegates from among that candidate’s supporters to be considered as candidates for election."

Here's how Ingoglia explained the selection process:

Of the 99 delegates, three are automatic delegates -- Ingoglia, party chair; Sharon Day, co-chair of the Republican National Committee; and Peter Feaman, national committeeman from Florida.

The rest of the 96 are tied to Florida's 27 congressional districts. Each congressional district is awarded three delegates and three alternate delegates chosen by the chair, state committeeman and state committeewoman of each county that comprises that congressional district.

As an example, look at CD 12. There are three counties in CD 12, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough. That means the chair, state committee woman and state committee man for each of those counties get to vote on the delegates (9 votes total) that apply to represent that district. And, there is no limit on how many people can apply to become a delegate. Delegate applicants then appear before the district's party leadership and make a short speech on their own behalf. A vote is then taken to choose the three delegates and three alternates.

"It doesn't matter if there are 10 counties within a congressional district or two," Ingoglia explained. "Each congressional district gets three delegates and three alternates."

Alternates attend the convention, just as delegates do, he said. They are seated and part of the convention. They can cheer, carry signs, talk up their candidates -- the only thing they can't do unless they're needed to "sub in" is vote.

When the selection is complete, there are 81 delegates (plus 81 alternates) from the 27 districts. Added to that are the three automatic delegates (Ingoglia, Day and Feaman), bringing the voting total to 84. 

What remains are 15 delegates and 15 alternates chosen as at-large delegates. 

Ingoglia said, "I submit a proposed list of possible at-large delegates to the executive board and that list is voted on by the board and announced to the membership at our quarterly meeting in May."

Ingoglia said he believes most wounds inflicted after his surprise election in 2015 have healed, and that the Senate in particular -- once so afraid of the new chairman's access to senators' funds its members pulled $800,000 out of the party coffers -- is helping the party deliver Florida to the Republican nominee. 

Party leaders say they remain hopeful Gov. Rick Scott, whose choice for RPOF chair was defeated, will return to his role as leader of party fundraising.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


These politicians have to be stopped now, which means we have to back Trump. No more "this is what we always have done, PC's . super PAC's, etc. Open your eyes, America.

It is called a democratic republic. These delegate rules have been in place since Lincoln ran in 1860..Trump crying "unfair" like the Democrat he is doesntt change it..He should have done his homework and the leg work required to win. Just as Lincoln and his team did in 1860 and Ford and his team did against Reagan in 1976...We will have no Republican Party left to defeat the liberals Democrats by the time Trump is finished trashing everyone..Maybe that was his plan all along..He is used to bullying and suing his way to winning..not happening this time. We ARE the party of Lincoln..Read your history!

the people's votes should directly pick the president of the united states. it should be the people's will, not delegates that are not legally pledged to vote as the population dictates. in fact forget about even the delegates and associated cost at a national convention. what ever the vote is in november then that's it. end of the road. i won't ever give money to a political party because of these things.

These delegates are NOT voting for the President, they are voting for CANDIDATES to run for President. After the candidates are selected . . then we vote for President. You can't have an election in November, unless the candidates are picked ahead of time.

Kathleen Chamberlain -- I'm with you. I would like to see a list of each state's SELECTED delegates. They're usually political party hacks. Maybe if their names are out there -- they'll think twice about thwarting the will of WE THE PEOPLE.

Fed up Federalist -- Why should the candidates have to "work the rules"? Candidates shouldn't have to run two campaigns -- one for the people's vote and one for the delegate's vote. What ever happened to 1 person -- 1 vote?

I also want to know the names of the delegates who will represent us in Cleveland. I intend to email, Facebook, or write a letter to each of them to find out how they will vote after the 3rd ballot. I will contact my County Supervisor of Elections or my Congressman tomorrow to find out. I think it's time for this delegate system to go. It appears to be as corrupt as the RNC. Thank goodness FL's delegates are bound through the 3rd ballot. The RNC's Rules Committee get's to change the Convention rules the week/day before the Convention -- so who knows what can happen here.

Nothing corrupt about a system that has been in place since 1860..We are the party of Lincoln! Bullying delegates or even intimidating them has no place in a Representative Republic. State parties are not government they are private entities and each state decides their particular system. Nothing new here..Lincoln won on third ballot and Ford in 1976 beat Reagan this way...Trump whines like a liberal about :fairness" when, in fact, he is just over his head and not willing to do the leg work required..He doesnt want to dirty his hands among the folks he claims to represent.BTW he won Hawaii delegates under the exact same system as Colorado..didnt hear him (or Cruz) calling it UNFAIR!! LOL He is such a phony!

I need to find out how to get a list of the GOP delegates from each state that will vote in the GOP convention. Are they a secret? We the people need to know who could possibly turn on the voters in a contested convention.

Wow..why so you can bully them? Intimidate them? After the third ballot - if it goes that far . under the RULES they can vote how they choose. Trump has to follow the rules like everyone else. He won in Hawaii under the same rules as Colorado..Didnt hear him whining about "fairness' then! Neither did Cruz..LOL

If you read the article above, you can see how they are selected. You can apply to be a delegate in your district, but you will have to vote for Trump . . Go Trump!!

I know how they are elected. I need to know their names once chosen.

They haven't been selected yet. At least not in my district. They are selecting them tomorrow.

Having been a supporter of the Republican Party and Candidates for many years, I must say I am truly disappointed. If the vote of the "Members" has no meaning on who the candidate will be, there is no reason for me to be a "Member" of the "Republican" party. I will now withdraw by financial support for both the party and any individual seeking public office. If my vote has zero significance then certainly my financial support is of even less significance. So long RNC!

I understand your frustration but these rules/standards have always existed. Abraham Lincoln also had to win in the convention. The 1237 mark is not a random number it's the majority. If a candidate doesn't reach 1237 he/she hasn't received a majority of the votes from the Republican Party. It's one thing to change the rules before hand, but once the game starts you can't arbitrarily change the rules.

Exactly! Or try to bully or intimidate the delegates..Trump won Hawaii delegates under the same rules as Hawaii..Cruz didnt whine or complain or write op eds disparaging his own party rules! Didnt hear Trump saying Hawaii was unfair!

How long before the convention can the people get a list of names of the 99 delegates going the the convention in Cleveland. The people must be able to tell these people what we want and that we know who they are if they go against us. Frankly I'm sick of the GOP power games.

All 99 Florida delegates have to vote for Trump. "The people" elected Trump in FL , so he won those delegates. So, no matter who they are, they have to vote for Trump.

After the third vote in the convention the delegates hand are unbound. Now that is not fair. We need to know their names and how to contact them to tell them we don't want them ever to change their vote and if they do they will go on the Traitor list.

Frankly, if The candidates aren't competent enough to work the rules in their favor they aren't competent enough to run the country. If the rules aren't fair then start another party. Simple.

Exactly.Trump only complains when he loses. He was okay with Hawaii! LOL He is trashing the very party he will need in November and giving all kinds of ammunition to the Dems..

When Trump said people would riot if the RNC convention steals the nomination from him, he wasn't talking about ghetto riots. People aren't going to burn random homes and businesses down. But there will be a massive revolt from the Republican party and it will cease to exist. And don't expect Gov. Scott to extend an olive branch to Ingoglia any time soon. The wound is very deep and personal; and Scott knows he can't trust Ingoglia so why would he fundraise for a man who worked against his re-election and a party who worked against his first election. Is it any wonder Scott sees the parallelism from his campaign to Donald Trump's campaign? Both are business men. Both attacked by the Party. Scott beat the establishment. He knows the struggle of Trump's plight.

I need to find out how to find and contacts the republican delegates chosen to go to the convention in Cleveland. Are they a secret? The people have a right to know who could turn against the person they want elected. I would like to put up a website with the states and the GOPs list of delegates going to vote for us. We need to know if any corruption starts.

Please read my comments above . . .ALL the FL delegates will vote for TRUMP. They have to, he won the primary, and it is a "winner talk all" state.

Excellent comment. Go Gov. Scott! Go Trump!!

The Republican National Committee, the Republican Party is a privately held organization. They do not even have to give "we the people" a vote in the selection of the parties' nominee at all. So there is no underground anything. I wish they would have just selected a candidate to begin with or at least just put two choices to the people. They could have done that too. There is nothing to worry about Trump has the cash to woo all the delegates from June to the end of July and he will woo them. Lavish trips to Mar-A-Lago will be had. I wish I was a delegate.

Comment made

Easter should NOT have anything to do with this, or ANY political process, at all. The Republican voters have already 'spoken'. for Mr. Trump! GO TRUMP!

What's going to be "particularly interesting" is if Trump wins the popular vote across America;..and the Electoral Delegates, the Republican Party "establishment" (including media "talking heads", Conservative magazine Editorial Boards (i.e. "National Review"), Lobbyist groups, PACs, and 'others' "worm their way" into denying him the Presidency [after "We The People" have SPOKEN],..Those "establishment" people will have fomented a "very interesting" next four years (or as the old Chinese curse goes: "May you have a very interesting life"). IF THAT "turn of events were to occur,..I wouldn't give a "plug nickel" to be in ANY of THEIR shoes. "Revolution"?...NO, I think not. but many of them will no doubt consider "functioning underground" to avoid that "interesting life" as the first Term gets underway in the control of ANY "false candidate"...

We are not a democracy..mob rule.. This is NOT a popularity contest. If it were we would NOT have had a President Lincoln! He won by convention on the third ballot in 1860. We would have had a President Seward instead...Read your history book..Reagan lost to Ford in 1976 by delegates not popular vote..


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