How to Kill a Vampire named Washington, D.C.

By: Deon Long | Posted: December 29, 2011 3:55 AM
Deon Long

Deon Long

George Mason, a delegate to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, predicted that the federal government would become a site of the blackest crimes. Mason proved to be prescient. Washington, D.C., is a vampire, a vampire that continually saps the American populace and the American economy of its lifeblood: liberty.

Washington, D.C.’s vampirism prevails through the confiscatory federal tax code, deficit spending, inflationary monetary policy and protectionism -- all of which undermine the foundation of liberty on which America is erected. This foundation is manifested in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Washington, D.C., has constrained the liberty of the American people and, thus, the pro-growth, innovative American economy. The Washington, D.C., vampire must be warded off and killed to emancipate the American people from its tyrannical hold.

To fend off a vampire, one must use garlic or a crucifix. In this instance, garlic will be the passage of the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax will replace the current confiscatory, incentive-killing federal tax code. The personal income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, corporate income tax, and estate tax would be eliminated under the Fair Tax and replaced by a national consumption tax on all retail purchases. Each American citizen will decide when he or she pays taxes under the Fair Tax based on when he or she makes a retail purchase. The cost of compliance will decrease to almost nothing.

The crucifix will be the implementation of a free-trade regime. Protectionist trade policies shield inefficient and uncompetitive companies from the vicissitudes of the market. Protectionist trade policies also subject the American citizenry to higher costs of goods and services. Trade protectionism keeps the American economy from going through a natural regenerative process. There should be a draw down in foreign aid provided by America that is commensurate to the opening of the American market.

Another way to kill a vampire is to expose the vampire to sunlight or drive a wooden stake through the vampire’s heart. A return to the gold standard would be akin to exposing a vampire to sunlight. The gold standard would return America to the foundation of stable money, free from the present machinations of the federal government -- no more quantitative easing. America’s leaving the gold standard coincided with the destruction of the American middle class.

Passage of a balanced budget amendment would drive a wooden stake through the heart of Washington, D.C.  It would put an end to the profligate spending that has plagued the nation’s capital the last three decades. To be the wooden stake, a balanced budget amendment must be adopted that requires Congress to balance the budget every year, that each year’s budget cannot be greater than 18 percent of the previous year’s gross domestic product, and for Congress to pass an unbalanced budget in any year, raise the debt ceiling or raise taxes there must be a vote of two-thirds of the House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively.

To make sure a vampire stays dead, the head must be separated from the body and burned, and then head and body must be buried in separate graves. The equivalent of that with Washington, D.C., is doing all four of the above-mentioned: adopt the Fair Tax, pass a balanced budget amendment, return to the gold standard, and implement a free-trade regime.


This is an opinion column. Deon Long, an attorney, is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012.

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Charles Keating
10:22AM AUG 9TH 2012
I wanted to vote for Deon Long on the written GOP ballot I got, but an orange note came with the ballot warning me "The State Of Florida" had disqualifed him and If I marked my vote for him it would not be counted.
Please explain who did this, and under what Florida legal authority? Many of us registered Republicans feel Mr Long has the best stance on the issues, including on foreign policy. Thank you in advance fora reply.
Dwight McCullough
8:49AM JAN 9TH 2012
Wonderful! I have been a 'Fair Tax' supporter for several years. Read two of the books and keep up continually on it.
I have declared it value and principles at my 6th Minnesota Congressional district and will continue to do so..

God bless you Deon Long.
5:45PM JAN 7TH 2012
Hey Mr. "Tragic Consequences", you said, "You should not suggest, as you do in the tag line at the bottom of the column, that he is a serious candidate." The tag line to which you refer says, "Deon Long, an attorney, is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012."

Where in that tag line does it "suggest" (your word) that Mr. Long is a "serious" candidate? I suppose the tag line did NOT claim he was a comedic candidate and therefore, you might INFER a "suggestion of seriousness", but that's a stretch at best.

Since I know neither you, Mr. Tragic, nor Mr. Long, I consider myself somewhat impartial. After reading both Mr. Long's article and your comment thereto, it appears to me your reading comprehension differs from most intelligent people I know whlie Mr. Long's article appears "long" on common sense. Thus any judgment as to credibility must be awarded to Mr. Long - NOT to you, Sir.
Grim Reaper
6:09PM DEC 30TH 2011
This guy still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars from his last losing campaign all over the state and nation.

No crebility at all.
Deon Long
9:35AM DEC 30TH 2011
First of all I am an advocate of the FairTax, not the Flat Tax. The Flat Tax would have a flat rate on everyone's income but, leave in place the individual income tax, corporate income tax, estate tax, payroll taxes and capital gains tax. The FairTax would eliminate all of the aforementioned and replace them with one national retail consumption rate. There will be no exemptions. The regressive impact of the FairTax is addressed by the prebate. Additionally, the FairTax will provide an economic incentive for immigrants who are hare illegally to leave due to the fact that they will be paying taxes every time they make a retail purchase but would not be eligible to receive the prebate due to lack of citizenship status. The incentive for new immigrants is to come in legally.

The destruction of the middle class in America coincides with Nixon taking America off the gold standard.

The adoption of the FairTax would be an unprecedented rollback in federal power. In conjunction with passage of a balanced budget amendment and a return to the gold standard the FairTax will drain the Washington cesspool and lead us back to an era of a limited federal government with limited enumerated powers.

I am a strong proponent of sates' rights. I am a strong believer in the individual sovereignty and the right of a state to use the Tenth Amendment to nullify actions by the federal government to unconstitutionally encroach on that sovereignty. The Tenth Amendment allows the states to put a check on federal power and protect the vertical balance of power between the states and federal government as intended by the drafters and ratifiers of the Constitution.

Adopting the FairTax, passing a balanced budget amendment, returning to the gold standard and implementing a free trade regime will lead to restoring a limited constitutional republic in which the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are read and interpreted as intended by the founding fathers and the powers that are reserved by each respectively, are held sacrosanct.
David Roberts
6:10AM DEC 30TH 2011
Tragic your facts are a little off. Suggest you actually try and comprehend what you read. Your understanding of the fair tax for one is so blatently wrong. Suggest you get a little knowledge and read about subjects before you comment on them. Are you that worried Deon Long gets traction and taps the 65% of the voters that don't like anyone in the Senate race. Or is it Deon you see is the only true challange to Nelson.
Andrew Nappi
5:58AM DEC 30TH 2011
A simpler and cheaper way to control the District of Criminals would be to strictly enforce the ninth and tenth amendments in conjunction with Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. It is those things outside of the general government's purview where regulation and spending have murdered federalism and the republic. A small, strictly limited central government will never be obtained via a BBA or a blind eye to the tenth amendment.
Max Street
11:13PM DEC 30TH 2011
Andrew, while your ideas may be a good step, they would still fall short, IMO, of actually freeing us from the economic slavery that the income tax places us ALL under. As it is, our govt. really just needs our paychecks for buying/selling/trading for the highest bidders and/or the largest, most bribed voting block and we ALL get the bill.

Enacting the FairTax ending the income tax permanently would be the single greatest transfer of power OUT of DC and back TO the people that no other legislation could hope to duplicate, IMO.
Tragic Consequences
8:14PM DEC 29TH 2011
More platitudes. You can hear this on Fox News any time of day. Mr. Long surely knows, since he is an attorney, that he needs to put some specifics in his arguments, or they are meaningless.

How about his flat tax? What is the rate? 17% 25% Will there be any relief for the poor from the tax, or will they all have to deal with a tax increase? A tax increase on 30% or maybe 50% of Americans? And yet another tax cut for the wealthy?

I think we already have free trade. At least every store is stocked to the gills with foreign goods. Maybe Long proposes to impose a tariff on foreign goods unless they accept American goods? Can anyone say Smoot-Hawley?

But what I find most reprehensible is Mr. Long's presumption that he knows what's best for all future generations of Americans. He can foresee all their future needs, anticipate their emergencies, and understand their ideas, whether 20 years from now or 120 or 1000. What I mean is his balanced budget amendment would bind all future Americans to what Mr. Long thinks is correct. Future Americans would be "on their own" to face whatever problems that come up, because the Federal Government would be frozen, no matter how it performs. Why should Mr. Long's will be imposed on everyone in the future? If the Founders had thought we needed a balanced budget, it would be in the Constitution. But Mr. Long knows better than them.

It is no wonder Mr. Long is not a credible candidate in the Senate race, and hardly anyone has even heard of him. You should not suggest, as you do in the tag line at the bottom of the column, that he is a serious candidate. You should explain his real job, which is not making products or building things, but working in corporate banking.

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