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If Hill Goes, So Should Baxley

June 4, 2019 - 9:30am

Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, didn’t push back against a constituent who feels as if gay people should be put to death.

Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, thinks white people are on the verge of extinction, and thus abortions need to stop.

During a recent event where Hill was speaking, someone used the Bible as an excuse to put homophobia on display.

The person “joked” about gay people being put to death, and used the Bible to support that craziness.

Mike Hill
Mike Hill
Mike Hill laughed at this “joke,” and never told the person he was wrong.

Now , in a bipartisan outrage Hill is being condemned, including calls for him to resign. LOUD calls for him to resign.

I have a problem with this situation. 

My problem isn’t that Hill is being condemned for what transpired. Of course he should be.

My problem is that two weeks ago, Sen. Dennis Baxley, in pushing for anti-abortion, actually SAID it’s to preserve the European culture, i.e. white folks. These are his exact words:

Dennis Baxley
Dennis Baxley
“When you get a birth rate less than 2 percent, that society is disappearing,” he said of Western Europe. “And it’s being replaced by folks that come behind them and immigrate, don’t wish to assimilate into that society and they do believe in having children. So, you see that there are long-range impacts to your society when the answer is to exterminate.”

You have one man -- Mike Hill -- who didn’t push back on what someone ELSE said, and there are calls for him to apologize, resign, and basically give up his first born to the Angel of Death.

You have the other man -- Dennis Baxley -- who SAID immigrants are out there having six and seven babies, while the birth rate for Western Europeans has dropped below 2 percent. So he wants to ban abortions to basically preserve the white race.

First, if it were black women who were having all of the abortions, Baxley wouldn’t be introducing anti-abortion bills. He’d be offering up abortions buy-one-get-one-FREE!

The fact that white women are out there having abortions left and right has finally sunk in, but I’ll save that for another column. This one is about the double standard being perpetrated by both Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the tale of these two legislators.

One is being sent to the guillotine; the other one goes on his merry racist way.

Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried seems to be the only person giving equal energy to taking out both bags of trash that are Hill and Baxley.

Other than Nikki Fried:

Where are the calls for Baxley to resign?

Where are the calls for Baxley to apologize?

After all, he actually SAID something about which eyebrows should be raised.

While Hill didn’t take the high road and let his constituent know that what he said was inappropriate, HILL NEVER ACTUALLY SAID THE VILE WORDS. 

Baxley hasn’t apologized.

I looked for statements from the Florida Democratic Party calling on Baxley to resign. 

Couldn’t find any.

I looked for statements from Carlos Guillermo Smith, who seems to be leading the charge calling for Baxley's resignation.

Couldn’t find any.

I looked for statements from Bill Galvano calling for Baxley to apologize.

Couldn’t find any.

Jose Oliva? Nada.

Now, I’m not saying these statements don’t exist. I’m saying I couldn’t find them. 

I spoke to several black legislators who seem to be in agreement with me.

Why Hill, but not Baxley?

If Hill goes, so should Baxley.

If Baxley stays, so should Hill.

If Hill is to be censured, sanctioned, or punished in any way, so too should Baxley.

Immigrants and the families of immigrants, who vote, are paying attention as well.


To Mike Hill, I guess you now know that you are not Donald Trump.

You do not have the complexion for protection from your own ignorance.

To those Democrats who are yelling the loudest about Hill, but not about Baxley, black and brown people are watching you and taking notes.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


The RPOF (Racist Party of Florida) is definitely not hypocritical in their criticism of Hill and their lack of such for Baxley. Baxley has be spouting such abhorrent rhetoric since he stepped foot in Tallahassee in 2000. His numerous racist positions and statements are completely ignored by R-party leaders, both during his House and his Senate tenures Speak the Truth Leslie, Speak it!

Leslie, Your column is full of racist innuendo and is obviously written to increase the divide between people of all colors and persuasions. You seem to focus on finding any and everything you can that you can use to get people's ire going, which makes you part of the problem--not the solution. For example, your statement, "First, if it were black women who were having all of the abortions, Baxley wouldn’t be introducing anti-abortion bills. He’d be offering up abortions buy-one-get-one-FREE!" is a COMPLETE JUDGMENT CALL ON YOUR PART. Since NO ONE can get into someone else's head to know what they would or would not say under certain conditions--my question to you is HOW DO YOU KNOW that the forgoing quote is true? AND, if it you can find enough sanity in yourself to admit that YOU DO NOT KNOW--nor could anyone else on earth know this--then WHAT was your purpose in putting it in print, if not to incite further division. You need to face up to the fact that using the color of your skin to push political points and worse--to divide people--is lame and only shows that you, as a writer and a reporter, are incompetent and unable to create content that puts the news out there without your UGLY SPIN. It is very sad to think that you either have no relationship with your maker--or if you ever did--you have forgotten what his word says about those who deliberately seek to divide and cause harm to others. May I suggest that for your own sake--you first return to your roots--if you have any good ones--and then rethink your POINT OF VIEW?

White privilege is a terrible thing to waste! Leslie, don't let the crackers get you down. I miss the good old days when the entire Republican party of Florida held it's convention in a phone booth in Sarasota.

Yeah, you probably also miss the days when the Democrat Party held their convention wearing white sheets and burning crosses.

EXACTLY!!! And, not only that, but history proves that it IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN the Democrats that believe in SLAVERY. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution has outlawed slavery directly--so now they seek to enslave people of color politically and financially in order to keep them dependent on government. There are, however, millions who are realizing this, and THOSE PEOPLE OF COLOR ARE BREAKING FREE from the DEMOCRAT PARTY and all of their ENSLAVING IDEOLOGY. They call us all the "SHEEPeople" donchaknow!

Nutty comment. Go back to school.

The truth is they are trully against Mike Hill because he is black. Republican leadership wants a black man they can control and Mike Hill being his own man makes them very angry and like the kkk they are bullying Mike Hill! Shame on them all!

Another day, another hysterical and semi-factual rant from Leslie.

Albeit Mr. Hill's lack of response to the very negative comments yet Mr. Baxley's comments drew no backlash from the "elitist " proves there are and always will be standards for Republicans to follow and unlike Democrats, there are no standards. My Dad taught me what's fair for one should be fair for all but don't expect it in life.

Dear Leslie, you need a bit of heart felt interspection! How racist can YOU be!!! Really sick of leftist ideology invading every conversation and finger pointing where is no crime.

Kudos~ your point is correct. Thank you.

Just Republicans being Republicans, man! Nothing to see here!

Leslie, your comments tend to reinforce my "point" from a couple weeks back that Margaret Sanger's creation of "Planned Parenthood" was intended genocide AGAINST increased Black population; and were it not for that, today's American Black population would be 50 to 100 Million...(without doubt, far more if Lyndon Johnson had been "removed from the equation"). [I agree with you regarding the "cloddish" Baxley; but, I can't and won't include Mike Hill in that kind of "grouping"...]

Baxley looks strange. I’m not surprised that he is a racist!

Now this comment--all by itself--shows your IQ! Do you ever THINK about anything before you say it?

Never heard such an insane diatribe in my life. You need serious medication Leslie! And, you made racist remarks in your column ("complexion protection"), and in many other previous columns. You are a radical activist and I'm likely not going to read another one of your insane rants. SSN, you need to put this freak on a leash.

Daniel, YOU should have been aborted!

What a sick and horrible thing to say to someone. How low can you get? Disgusting...

And, now, if "Daniel" responded to you with ... "And YOU should have been raped!" ... how would that make you feel, Sarah? Would you still feel entitled and holier than thou ... or would you recognize the error of your ways and that your mouth often engages before your brain and your better angels (if you have any) ???

Who are you trying to kid? You’ll read every column she writes. You know it, and I know it. Bottom line here is that there does seem to a double standard going on. As for you, if you weren’t longer going to read Wimes’ article, you’d just stop. Announcing it just means she got under your skin.

Thank you for saying the things that others are afraid to Leslie!

ARE YOU DEAF AND DUMB? What she is saying is all over the place. Just watch the MSM for a few nights. OH, WAIT, that is probably all that you do watch--and if so--that would account for your ignorance.

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