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Nancy Smith

Inaugural Guests Came to Say 'Thank You, Rick Scott; Well Done'

January 6, 2015 - 6:00pm

Floridians gathered by the hundreds in front of the Old Capitol in Tallahassee Tuesday, watching with genuine admiration the governor they supported take the oath of office for a second term.

While event preparation was still under way -- while the 13th Army Band of the Florida Army National Guard played and people were being seated, while snipers popped up and down and into place on rooftops on the Old Capitol and across Monroe Street and the governor's staff answered questions for VIPs and media -- guests at the inauguration shared their reasons for loyalty to Florida's 45th governor.

Here is some of what they told Sunshine State News:

-- "I never expected Gov. Scott to help me out, but he did. When he came around on one of his tours, I told him some of the trouble I was having to get insurance. He spent just a few minutes with me, but in two weeks my insurance company called and everything was straightened out. I couldn't believe he did all that for me. Wow." Janet Casey, retail clerk, Kissimmee.

-- "A shame he's term-limited. I wish he could run for another four years after this term, that's how good I think he is." Bill Guillette, retired business owner, Celebration.

-- "He's the American dream. He's what America is all about. A self-made man. What's not to like?" Ardian Zika, banker, Land O' Lakes.

-- "I am so thrilled he won. Rick Scott has shown he really cares about seniors, he's helped us a lot. I felt Charlie Crist was an untrustworthy candidate." Sam J. Sugar, M.D., founder, Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship, Aventura.

-- "The governor has done exactly what he said he would do in 2010. There's more to do, certainly, but I'm convinced he will continue on the right path, and I feel very good about the way things are going." Daniel E. Nordby, attorney and partner, Shutts & Bowen LLP, Tallahassee.

-- "I support Gov. Scott in all his efforts. He reappointed me to the board of trustees of Tallahassee Community College, and I believe it's my duty to be here, to stay involved in government and help all I can. We've held down tuition at our school, so I'm proud of the accomplishment." Eugene Lamb Jr., Gadsden County commissioner 2002-2012, Quincy.

-- "I'm tickled that Rick Scott is creating jobs, and though he might still have a long way to go, he's removing a lot of regulations and streamlining bureacracy. It's really improving Floridians' ability to do business." Danita Thomas Heagy, DC, LLC, chiropractor, St. Augustine.

-- "Gov. Scott got spending under control. He's created a business-friendly environment and it's really turned the state around." Bob Golding, career Navy man, retired private consultant, Port St. Lucie.

-- "I'm here because this is history. This is the place to be and I'm a Republican. I'm also a huge Jeff Atwater fan and I hope he runs for governor in four years." Daniel Herbert, insurance claims industry, Wellington.

-- "Gov. Scott inherited a bad time in Florida. The state had been fiscally irresponsible, and on his watch look at the improvement. He is good for the people of Florida." Earl Barnett, Marion County commissioner, Ocala.

-- "Gov. Scott has been so amazing to our organization. He really helped us. He's just been so different from other politicians. He gives money to small businesses and finds ways to encourage them to prosper." Mikaela Nix Esq., attorney and vice president of the Orlando Republican Women Network, Orlando.

-- "I like a governor who doesn't try to BS me and who says what he's going to do and does it. If he doesn't get it done, he never makes excuses. Rick Scott might have faults but he has been pretty honest and I like that." Kevin Arquette, history major at Florida State University, Tallahassee and Miami.

-- "You need a serious governor like Rick Scott in a big state like Florida. It is about 57 degrees this morning here and it's like 83 degrees in Naples. The temperature difference alone tells you what a big state this is. I'm so happy Rick won and he's our governor. God bless him." Carla Fairley, retired high school math teacher, Naples.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith

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