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Instability Continues in Haiti But U.S. Should Not Fund Elections

July 21, 2016 - 9:30am

The Haitian people must be allowed to elect a president, without further arbitrary delays, who can govern the country effectively, responsibly and democratically. Haiti’s current environment of political instability has allowed rival groups to use violence to intimidate the National Assembly and prevent it from doing its duty to replace the de facto government with an interim head of government with the sole mandate of completing the electoral cycle that was disrupted by violence earlier this year. 

This instability is damaging the Haitian economy and destroying jobs, as it has sent a signal to local and international entrepreneurs that the government does not protect property and investment.
The international community should not tolerate the campaign of violence, threats and corruption that has left Haiti today at the mercy of unfit political leaders. Moreover, U.S. diplomatic recognition should be reserved for a Haitian government that complies with the constitution and respects democracy and the rule of law. 

The State Department, UN Mission, the Organization of American States, and other friends of Haiti should support the independent, elected Haitian National Assembly as it chooses a legitimate provisional government as contemplated in the constitution, with the primary objective of completing the electoral cycle that began in 2015. 
The United States already has invested billions of dollars in Haiti, much of it for humanitarian purposes. We will remain partners and assist our neighbor through our continued support in the health and economic development programs. However, U.S. tax dollars cannot be expected to continue to fund elections that end up being overturned because certain parties are dissatisfied with the outcome. 

I support the administration's decision not to fund the upcoming October elections in Haiti. We also need to ensure that no U.S. funds are used in any way to support an illegitimate government in Haiti.
I remain committed to the well-being of the Haitian people, and it is my hope that they will soon be afforded the opportunity to flourish under a legitimate and democratic government.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was first elected to the Senate in 2010. 


The American government is 100% breeds corruptions in Haiti. They are famous for causing problems. Look at Iraq and Libya, if America government wants, they could stop these chronic corruptions in the backyard. where do you these crooks hide their money? Right here, in America.

Haiti has been in turmoil for as long as I can remember.Papa Doc was a Haitian wasn't he? Exiled because of his brutality. Some things never change do they,because people don't change. No matter how much money the US throws at it.

The Haitian people are determined to defeat the Will and the Machiavellic plans of the Neo -Cons in maintaining Haiti in despair and poverty. Today is a new day Senator. Your De Facto Restaveks members in the Haitian Senate will be defeated. Your PHTK allies have resorted to terrorism as a means of intimidating the vast majority of Haitians and ultimately hope to derail the electoral process. Rest assured , this time around the enemy of Haiti will be defeated.

Marco Rubio - What a loser?

Oh no, Oh no! . . . . . . . . . say it ain't so, little Marco . . . . . . . tell us you didn't support Donald Trump last night . . . . . . . tell us it ain't so, little Marco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . all Hispanics (especially Mexicans) must now love you . . . . . . . . . . head-shaking hypocrisy . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

Watch the documentary: US imperialism exposed in Haiti and decide for yourself if the US is really a friend. Beside there is no such thing as friends of nation; there is only interest.

I do agree with the Senator because he ignore the facts and reality.I will invite him to visited Haiti and meet with all parties, government members, civIL society, all parties including opposition. I think for sure, he will have a different views.

While it is in the interest of all to ensure a satisfactory result, U.S. funding should not be provided as it would only fund violence and essentially delegitimize the elections as it would be done with aid from another country. Haiti needs to do this on their own to show that they are more than capable of accomplishing this very important task. The people of Haiti need to come together and accomplish this and this action will only make these elections that much more legitimate and meaningful in the eyes of the population. I agree with Mr. Rubio with all of his points.

100 supported the fact that the US. Is not gonna refund the election, it's not only haiti America give money to do election, but haiti is the most desapointed country to mess up when it's come to elections. This gorv. Should respect the Constitution I agree with Marco Rubio 100.

US government had been funded for more than hundred years with billions and Haiti is still the poorest country in the western Hemisphere. I will ask US government to stay away with its billions because WE the Haitian people, "we do not feel it ,we don't get it".I will invite you to look over how US spent 33 millions taxes payers in Haiti last election .You will ask yourself if I am lost.only %15 percents are spent on Haiti affairs

As an Haitian I will never at no time betray my soil but I did not benefit nothing absolutely nothing from my county except the language Beautiful Montaigne, rivers, real food , fruits but corruption and no respect have destroy the entire land . You guys can said whatever you want because it is true -

But how did Haiti got there?

Well said Senator Rubio, however the friends and supporters of Haiti and the international community with interest in the stability of Haiti have an obligation to monitor an Haitian election without violence and or intimidation. A satisfactory result of such election is therefore in the interest of all.

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