Jeb Bush Endorses Thom Tillis to Take on Kay Hagan in NC Senate Contest

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 2, 2014 3:55 AM
Jeb Bush and Thom Tillis

Jeb Bush and Thom Tillis

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, R-Fla., endorsed North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis as he seeks the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., in what is expected to be one of the most competitive Senate races in the nation.

“Thom Tillis is a proven conservative leader with an impressive track record of results for North Carolina businesses and families,” said Bush, who has increasingly opened the door to running for president in 2016 in recent weeks, on Thursday. “His work on key issues like improving education, keeping taxes low and eliminating burdensome regulations is a testament to his leadership as North Carolina’s House speaker. It is critically important that Republicans win a majority in the U.S. Senate, and I am confident that the road to a majority runs through Thom Tillis in North Carolina.”

“I am honored to have the support of Gov. Bush, who I have respected and admired for several years,” said Tillis. “His record in Florida speaks for itself and he is one of the most respected leaders we have in this nation. I look forward to working with him during the course of the campaign as we continue to expand our network of conservatives who want to take back the U.S. Senate.”

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) quickly fired back, looking to link Bush to the tea party movement and the Koch brothers.

“Thom Tillis is a prime example of the extreme GOP candidates who are completely out of touch with the issues the American people care about. Jeb Bush may try to paint himself as a voice of reason in the Republican Party, but today’s endorsement makes clear that he’s part of the problem,” said Michael Czin, a spokesman for the DNC.

“In supporting Thom Tillis, Jeb Bush is throwing his support behind just another Koch-backed candidate who opposes the existence of a minimum wage, would block health options for women, and even wants to eliminate the Department of Education," Czin added. “Those policies may please the Bush-Koch crowd, but they hurt working Americans.”

With Republicans looking to flip the Senate from Democrats in November, the GOP has high hopes for defeating Hagan in the Tarheel State, which is increasingly one of the nation’s chief political battlegrounds. While Barack Obama carried North Carolina in 2008, Republican Mitt Romney won there in 2012.

Polls are showing a tight race between Hagan and Tillis. They also show Tillis is starting to build a solid lead over his Republican primary challengers. If any of the Republican candidates breaks 50 percent in Tuesday’s primary, they will go on to the general election in November. If no candidates break 50 percent, the top two will clash in a runoff primary scheduled for July 15.

Earlier this week, Public Policy Polling (PPP), a national firm with connections to prominent Democrats that is based in North Carolina, released a poll showing Tillis close to breaking 50 percent. Tillis takes 46 percent followed by tea party favorite Dr. Greg Brannon with 20 percent. Pastor Mark Harris, the president of the Baptist State Convention, takes third with 11 percent, with nurse Heather Grant following with 5 percent. Four other candidates poll in the low single digits.

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1:53PM MAY 3RD 2014
Tom Tillis is a US Chamber of Commerce Crony. This means that Jeb Bush is a...Crony, duh. Bush...Centralized everything; Yippie!

Greg Brannon is the candidate for North Carolina.
How long are we supposed to put up with Corportists purchasing our Statesman. Demokooks sold out long ago, and now we have inbred scuffles amongst our own. The world for small business in Florida is crumbling, nyet, the answer is UNWO...Bush? You people are unbelievable.
Rome is burning and the Bush Dynasty is a UNWO Sustainable affiliate.
2016 Vote...Uncle Sam; not the Bush Dynasty nor the Clinton Dynasty.
Stay out of the BUSH'S.
11:24AM MAY 3RD 2014
Rout republican scum,where u find them
you are correct
5:47AM MAY 2ND 2014
Guess Jeb Bush thinks he is the king maker! Last night on the Bush Channel (FOX) they even had his Brother George Walker Bush saying he hopes Jeb Runs! Imagine that! When Dubya left office his approval rating was even lower than Obama is right now! He was in the 20 percentages.
The name Bush equals war! In WW1 Samuel Prescott Bush was in his era to Remington Arms what Dick Cheney is to Halliburton in ours! His son Prescott Bush the father of Bush (41) with his Wall Street Union Bank financed the rise of WW2 and Adolph Hitler from 1939 until after the US entered the war! Congressional documents prove this! Then in 1950 Prescott Bush lost his first election as a Senator from CT primarily because he was the treasure of planned parenthood. Only to go back later after the death of the sitting senator and be finally be elected!

The Bushes know the people know what they are, but they don't care that the people don't love them - they have enough love for themselves to cover that. With them nothing is happenstance! Everything is preplanned and well thought out. In 2014 they installed jeb's son George Prescott Bush (aka the hispanic Bush) as Texas Land Commissioner (job entails Texas oil leases and treasure of the Texas Public Schools budget.) Next he'll be Texas governor then in years to come he will be the first hispanic president of the US!

George W. Bush (43) pushed the the Medicare prescription part!

George W. Bush (43) pushed for and got NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT!
Which his brother Neil Bush took advantage of with his IGNITE LEARNING!
Investors include their Mother and Father, the Saudi Prince Friend and the Russian Mobster Friend.

Along come Barack Obama with Obamacare while art the same time Jeb Bush through the National Republican Governors Assn created Common Core! That equals Obamacare for Education!

Obama funded Common Core with grants from not only his 2009 stimulus, but he also grants from his RACE TO THE TOP!

there is no difference between Obama and the Jeb Bush radical right of the Republican Party - they are in fact one and the same!

Obama always blames Bush yet Jeb takes his father Bush (41) to the white house unannounced to see Obama! Bush (43) meets Obama in Africa during an Obama vacation! Bush (43) rides Air Force One twith Obama to the Nelson Mandela funeral.

It's all smoke and mirrors, Obama's radical attitude of me, me, me and bypassing congress is all design and effect to make him look so bad the people will draft (beg) for another Bush. The move is now coming into high gear to draft Jeb Bush for 2016.

In pure Karl Rove and David Axelrod style they will destroy every candidate in their path. They've already started with Chris Christie and Paul Ryan. They will use Benghazi to eliminate or at least taint Hillary Clinton (Jeb's adopted brother Bill Clinton's wife according to Barbara Bush) Fox is already working on that!
4:49AM MAY 2ND 2014
It's Koch Tea Partiers like Tillis that have moved North Carolina and
the Republican Party so farrrrrrrrr radical right.

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