Jeb Bush Faces Political Hazards in Backing Charlie Baker

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: July 3, 2014 3:55 AM
Jeb Bush and Charlie Baker

Jeb Bush and Charlie Baker

Jeb Bush drew fire from Debbie Wasserman Schultz for attending a fundraiser for Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker on Wednesday -- but that’s not where the real peril comes from. 

Wasserman Schultz went after Bush and Baker on global warming in the Huffington Post. This might hurt Baker in liberal Massachusetts but the damage to Bush could last longer.

Bush is thinking about following in his father’s and brother’s footsteps and running for president in 2016. With a famous name, a solid record, a strong fundraising base and hailing from the leading swing state in presidential politics, Bush has some advantages if he runs.

But there are also major challenges facing Bush, including his brother’s presidency and growing conservative discontent. Bush has been too outspoken against the tea party, clashing with them on Common Core and immigration. A critic of the Arizona immigration law, Bush has been the chief Republican championing Common Core.

Bush isn’t helping his standing with conservatives by backing Baker. Granted, Massachusetts is more liberal than most of America, but Baker is clearly to the left of the Republican center. When he ran for governor against Deval Patrick in 2010, Baker twisted the tea party’s tail. He’s doing the same thing this time out. Baker is a social liberal in the mold of his old ally William Weld, a supporter of same-sex marriage and he is pro-choice.

Still, there are several reasons for Bush to be active in Massachusetts even if Baker could hurt him with conservatives down the road. John Sununu might have saved George H.W. Bush there in 1988 but New Hampshire has been a thorn in the Bush family’s side for years. Ronald Reagan won there back in 1980, ending the elder Bush‘s self-proclaimed “big mo” after winning Iowa. Pat Buchanan scared Bush in New Hampshire four years later. John McCain beat out George W. Bush there in 2000.

Massachusetts is the gateway to New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary. Television sets in the populated southern part of New Hampshire are turned to Massachusetts stations. Likewise, volunteers and activists from Massachusetts flood New Hampshire during the presidential primaries. Even though it will give conservatives more fodder, by helping Baker, Bush can boost his 2016 prospects in New Hampshire, a primary he needs to do well in.

Bush could also argue that Baker, while not perfect, is better than Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman, the Democrats looking to replace Patrick. But conservatives might not buy that after the likes of Mitt Romney and John McCain flopped. Regardless, unlike his brother against McCain, Bush might not be able to count on conservatives to get him to the nomination.

Tallahassee based political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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10:02AM JUL 3RD 2014
He just taking the heat off of Christie. We know the GOP are not that unintelligent . I think.
George McGillicuddy
8:23AM JUL 3RD 2014
It's time for the Bush's to "retire". Hello - This country will not elect another Bush - period!
Hello back George
8:57AM JUL 3RD 2014
Reality is we don't know who "This country will elect" because "they" control the voting machines not the people who think they are voting for the candidate of their choice! Check out our newly elected "Clawson" they call him an outsider. He was the former head of Diebold election machines. When they got caught fixing elections Diebold just changed the name of their elections corporate business. Just like Rick Scott changed the named of Common Core in Florida.

A snake by any name is still a snake!
6:45AM JUL 3RD 2014
Tea Party has JEB's number. His whole family is part of the New World Order, and he will not get the Tea Party on board. Global Warming, Common Core, are UN initiatives to undermine our Nation's sovereignty.

JEB seems to be shaping up as the GOP establishment candidate that has screwed up our elections like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

I fear that we have too many good candidates running and we will once again cannibalize ourselves and be stuck once again with a GOP Elitist who when matter of the establishment v. the people are involved, We the People will be screwed over.
check out these facts
8:53AM JUL 3RD 2014
Google Jim Marrs; The Rise of the Fourth Reich in America and
you will find how this Bush clan through their secret societies and the dark side of the Mason's and such has long been spreading their Nazi agenda on America. Replacing decent, moral public office holders with their Nazi people around the USA.

And it was the old Bush clan who invented labeling Racists, Disgruntled,etc so as to label anyhone who would dare to tell the truth about their secret movements. Google the Franklin Scandal and you will see why Rick Scott and the Bush's along with their friend and fellow pervert Mel Sembler cover up all the child sex abuses with the help of their sheriff's and state attorney's.

The Bush's hate the internet because for the first time in history the people have a way of telling the world the truth about these wolves in sheeps clothing.

George H. W. Bush quote cited by White House reporter, Sarah McClendon when she asked him about the Iran-Contra - "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

-- George H. W. Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter

Well George, "all the real people in the world now have the ability to find out what you have done!"

They even have their hispanic George Prescott Bush moving in to Texas politics this year and with their push of hispanic influx they fully intend he will be the first hispanic president just like their adopted son "Barack" ws the first so called African-America president.

The next job is figuring out how to stop the cancer you and your family created that has been eating the USA for decades.

That won't be easy because of your massive dumbing down of the American people. You think you have got them so dumb they will fall for your Common Core Nazi training for America's youth. You think the American people are so dumb they don't see the revitalization of America's rail road systems in this time of great economic depression!

Well, the American people was not dumb enough to fall for your and Obama's Christmas 2012 Sandy Hook , CT school shootings illusions.

Even your lame stream media (the ones owned by you and the world banksters) don't mention or rehash the lies concocted about the deaths of 26 persons on Dec 12, 2012. Because official documents refute the lies you and your minions concocted to hopefully bring the mothers and parents of America's children to join your cause to disarm America and blame it all on Obama! Your Karl Rove schemes are to make Obama look as bad a possible so as to make even another bad Bush look better than Obama, while all the time Obama is doing your dirty work!
its all in the plan
8:15AM JUL 3RD 2014
Yes the Tea Party has got Jeb's number for sure. His father Bush (41) could not say good morning without using the phrase "the New World Order."

A lot of people caught on to what he was doing for his Saudi friends when he attacked his own business partner (Texaco Oil) Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. That's why he had to set up his "adopted son" Bill Clinton for election. Pictures have surfaced of Bill Clinton and George HW Bush in 1983 at a crab bake at the Bush retreat. They have been thick as thieves for decades! Wonder how long it will take for pictures of his "adopted son" Barry Sortoro to turn up?

Their clandestine unannounced meetings between Obama and the Bush's prove a deep connection. Remember none of them come out and really endorsed John McCain, or Mitt Romney!'

And the way Obama won at least in the 2012 election is a remember of how George W. won both elections. They were manipulated in Karl Rove style. Obama got 141% of the votes cast in St Lucie County, Fl. Look at the Ohio precincts where Obama got 100% of the votes cast. All of this is reminiscent of the GW fixed elections. Google and research Jeb Bush "coin gate" and it's easy to see the same fixed elections process was used for Obama as was used for GE at least in the 2004 election!

Clint Curtis swears under oath he invented computer ships for Tom Feeney when they both worked for NASA that would fix elections. At the time they were being used on touch screen machines. That was too much trouble because two many machines had to be fixed in each precinct. So, they done way with the touchscreens and went bacl to paper fill in ballots that are scanned into optical scanner's. The scanners are rigged with code numbers. They can set them anyway they want too for their chosen ones. Even the absentee's are counted on these machines. Then Jeb Bush issued an executive orders prohibiting the physical recounting of any ballot that has been run through an electronic counting device, saying they have to be recounted on the same machines that counted them the first time!

The Bush family the New World Order movement hase been going on for the better part of a century. Samuel Bush {WW!] his son Prescott Bush [WW2} and his Union Bank financed the build up of Hitler until after the US entered the war. Prescott Bush was the first national treasure of Planned Parenthood and it cost him the 1950 Senate election in CT. Mysteriously, one of the senators from CT dies and Prescott Bush was elected in a special "errection." That's they Bush way, people just have a way of dying to get out of they way! Prescott was the father of George Herbert Walker Bush who moved to Texas and went in the oil business with the help of Standard Oil Maggot Rockefeller. GHWB also went into the CIA business with his oil company ZAPATA and the Bay of Pigs when he became involved with the Florida mobster Santo Trafficante, Jr. and the Fulgenio Batista Cuban dictator who Castro had run out of Cuba. Now Jeb Bush has put Batista's grandson's in every office he can possible squeeze one! Florida Supreme Court, and some say Bush's puppet governor Rick Scott (former Bush family Dallas, Tx oil and hospital lawyer and parter with Jeb in Miguel Recarey IMC hospitals takes ove ; which was financed by Santo Trafficante, Jr. for them) new Lt Gov Carlos Lopez-Cantera is a Batista grandson., Who knows anymore?
C Breeze
6:44AM JUL 3RD 2014
Please don't take America "into the Bushes" any more ... twice was more than enough already; and we still haven't recovered. Please, no more "Republican Lite" presidential candidates !
9:40AM JUL 3RD 2014
I agree but I found nothing "Lite" about George W. Bush's spending.

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