Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio as Romney's VP Choice -- While Hope Fades, the Dream Lives

By: Kevin Derby and Nancy Smith | Posted: July 21, 2012 3:55 AM
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Former Gov. Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio

The national media might be abuzz about the names on Mitt Romney’s vice presidential shortlist, but in Florida many folks are mourning the prize they thought they had in the palm of their hands.

A shot at a place in the White House: either U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio or former Gov. Jeb Bush as Romney's running mate.

The largest swing state in the nation appears to be continuing its 167-year drought of not having a favorite son on a major party’s presidential ticket.

"A few months ago they were good to go. People were talking about Rubio or Bush, really excited. Either one of them would have given Mitt a stronger ticket nationwide than he's going to have with the others he's vetting," said Eva Marcoles, a GOP committeewoman from South Florida. "And if Florida really is the state he needs to win to get the White House, then he's making a huge mistake to rule these two out."

Garrett Sinclair, a lifelong Floridian and Republican from Ocala, said, "Jeb doesn't want (the vice presidency). OK. But why dismiss Marco, who has the tea party bonafides Romney needs and is one of the most popular conservatives in America today?"

The former Massachusetts governor appears to be looking elsewhere for a running mate. National media reports have ranked U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana as the leading candidates to be on the ticket. Reports have U.S. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and former U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice as still on the list to end up as Romney’s running mate -- but they are underdogs.

While he has been vocal about not wanting to be on the ticket, Bush nevertheless has been actively campaigning for Romney. This week Bush hit the campaign trail for Romney, heading up to Ohio, which, next to Florida, ranks as the biggest swing state on the electoral map.

In a television interview with WCPO in Cincinnati this week, Bush praised Romney’s team for handling the vice presidential process. But the former Florida governor continues to insist that he will not be on the ticket and his son, George P. Bush, told CNN earlier in the month that his father is not being vetted by the Romney camp.

Bush continues to push other contenders for the vice presidency. Speaking in Ohio this week, Bush insisted that Romney could find some excellent potential running mates among leading Republicans.

“I think he’s got a real wealth of choices to pick from,” Bush said about Romney’s pool of running mates. The former Florida governor praised Portman, who served in his brother George W. Bush’s administration, and Rubio who he has pushed before for the running mate role.

National reports indicated last month that Rubio did not make the original short list and the junior senator from the Sunshine State has continued to downplay speculation that he could end up as Romney’s running mate. Rubio has refused to talk about the possibility in recent weeks.

Still, the junior senator from Miami has been filling one of the traditional roles of the vice presidential candidate -- attacking the other party’s nominee. With President Barack Obama visiting Florida this week, on Friday Rubio slammed his economic record.

“I think the question for him is going to be, ‘Where are the jobs he promised after he did the stimulus?’ In fact, he hasn’t even met with his own jobs council, which he appointed,” Rubio said on Friday. He’s ignoring their recommendations because he’s too busy out there on the campaign trail. I think the president has a lot of explaining to do to the people of Florida who are still hurting because of the national economic downturn and the fact that everything is worse than it was four years ago when he took over.”

Rubio was also front and center in attacking Obama for his recent comment about how entrepreneurs “did not build” their businesses.

“He was being honest about what he feels,” Rubio said about Obama on “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Thursday morning. “And that’s what we’ve been saying all along. He’s not a believer in the American free-enterprise system. They’ll never admit that because the American people support the American free-enterprise system, so they have to dress it up as something else.

"But the fundamental fact is that this president believes at his core, and has always believed, that the way the economy grows is when he and government have more power to take money and redistribute it into the economy. They’ve always believed that. You remember back in 2008 he said that on the campaign trail and he’s saying it again now. This is fundamentally what he believes.”

Rubio insisted that Obama’s views will play a major role in Florida and other states in the general election.

“I think it’s a reminder to voters in my state, in Florida, and across the country, what a dramatic choice they have here in November between two very different views of our future,” Rubio said. “One where the president and the government is in charge of our economy, and the other where we the people are in charge of the economy.”

Jose Cantera-Oliva of Panama City said he's holding out hope Romney will still choose Rubio. "Marco is working really hard for Mitt, hard like a No. 2 works for No. 1. I don't see why all the newspapers think he's out of the running. I plain don't believe it."

But the Romney camp turned to other surrogates to make the same message Rubio is -- including some of the Republicans on the short list. Portman went to bat for Romney to rip into Obama for his comments. So did Pawlenty who had been a critic of both Obama and Romney during his unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination earlier in the election cycle. Jindal, who like Bush stumped for Romney in Ohio this week, also slammed Obama for those remarks. The Romney camp turned to Ryan this week to hammer Obama on the economy.

As Bush’s and Rubio’s vice presidential chances continue to fade, it’s increasingly looking that Florida will have to wait at least four more years before having its first candidate on a national ticket.

In the 167 years that Florida has been a state, some residents of the Sunshine State have come close. Former Sens. Connie Mack and Bob Graham came close to being named to the vice presidential tickets in recent years. Gov. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward was in the running to be William Jennings Bryan’s running mate in 1908, while Thomas Brown, the only Whig to be governor of Florida, garnered 3 votes for vice president at his party’s 1852 convention.

"The next eight years could have been very exciting for Florida," Marcoles said.

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Comments (26)

1:09AM JUL 24TH 2012
I must say, I've enjoyed reading all of your comments. You are an energized group with great opinions and some of you even have facts to back them up.
I agree that Rep. West is a great conservative, who's right on the money about socialists and communists in Congress. I've attended some of his rallys and will vote for him again.
I think Rubio is a brilliant young man and would garner the Hispanic vote, particularly because he wrote a form of the Dream Act, which was suddenly made moot by Obama's underhanded & illegal overreach of ignoring Congress's rejection of the original Dream Act proposal, (which is about to get him into some hot water.)
Rubio is also a household name, which also helps the ticket. He's a powerful speaker, and comes from an ordinary family. He was born here, which makes him a natural-born citizen.
Anyway, that's my opinion for those of you who might want another take. It does matter who Romney picks because the polls have Obama ahead overall. I'm not thrilled so far with Romneys attacks & think he needs all the help he can get. It seems to me he was much more aggressive with members of his own party during the primaries. It reminds me of McCain's run, and that ain't good. With so much ammunition you'd think he'd be smokin'. I know I am.
Lyin in the bushes
2:05PM JUL 21ST 2012
I think my cat would make a better candidate.As for Bush he's a scammer who destroyed Florida while his idiot crooked brother destroyed the economy of the U.S. The American people need to wake up to what a giant ponzi scheme the middle class was to these scam artists.The Bush - Cheney scam makes Wall street look like a mere carpetbaggers.Sadly we have no choices to even get where we might recover our former lives and lifestyles.Oue kids and grandkids might see better days but we won't thanks to the bushes
Graham Kirby
2:03PM JUL 21ST 2012
Mitt knows what he is doing and will select the VP who will help him when a great victory in November. My choice would be Rubio but that is just speculation. I do like Portman for his devotion in campaigning.
1:42PM JUL 21ST 2012
Hey , how about that Marco is not a "natural born citizen", how about that as a reason not to choose him. And how about that Jeb would lose all the independent votes because he is Bush's brother. What world do you two live in.
Another thing, since the Republican leadership has forced a moderate on us, how about someone more conservative than Bush or Rubio to draw in the conservatives . . .who by the way are VERY unhappy about Romney being the choice.
If you want someone to draw in the FL vote . . how about Col. Allen West, both Floridian and Conservative . . .he would be the perfect candidate
And hey, how about this . . .why don't we just hope that Floridians are smart enough to support Romney's choice (especially if it's a good one) whether they're from FL or not. How about putting what's good for the country above what's good for FL??
As you can tell, I think the thoughts expressed in this article are very flawed.
3:16AM JUL 25TH 2012
To: WALKER- I was a rally where Allen West spoke when he was running for a U.S. House seat and I spoke at the rally right after Allen West and have it on digital video and 35 mm still photos. Im in Miami since 1936, what city are you in or near?
3:02AM JUL 25TH 2012
To Walker from: allen - - allen.30@hotmail.com - July 25, 2012
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-MIAMI) and his close friend ex-Rules Chairman U.S. Rep. David Rivera (R. MIAMI) both have a DREAM ACT Bill to legalize what could be 1.2 million "illegal alien anchor baby students", who could apply to bring in relatives. The 1986 Immigration Reform & Control Act legalized 3 million who then applied for their 3 million relatives, winding up with twice as many persons legalized. The
20- 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. are costing us taxpayers $113 BILLION PER YEAR in stealing our jobs, services and taxes.

Another reason MITT ROMNEY should not choose ex-Fla. Gov. JEB BUSH (R. MIAMI) is he is the one who trained Marco Rubio and got him chosen as Fla. State House Speaker. Yet another reason for Romney not to choose JEB BUSH is in 1989 he was Campaign Mgr. for then Fla. State Sen. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who was running for the deceased seat of U.S. Rep. Claude Pepper (D. MIAMI) House Rules Chairman and to obtain Miami votes, they met Jeb's father Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush (ex-head of CIA) and cionvinced him to free DR. Orlando Bosch-Avila- a convicted Miami Cuban exile bomber-terrorist who headed MIRR and CORU and trained by the CIA at Ft. Benning, GA. in demolitions, to be freed by president George Herbert Walker Bush to live in Miami. I counted 85 bombings, locations and dates, allegedly in exchange for Miami votes. A U.S.-Immigration & Naturalization Service letter shows Dr. Bosch overstayed his visa and became implicated in bombings under his MIRR & CORU groups. The data is too long to post here, but ROMNEY would make a drastic mistake appointing JEB BUSH as his Vice President who together with (now) U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R.MIAMI) is Chairwoman of the House Foreign Relations Committee who went on 5 Miami Spanish language radio stations requesting the INS
(now the ICE) to free Dr. Orlando Bosch-Avila. Type Bosch's name in your browser or also type MIRR & CORU, you will confirm what I have posted is true. So, please sent an Email to Romney and request that he not choose JEB BUSH because he has close implications in freeing a comnvicted terrorist-bomber. Send an Email to: Sr. Campaign Mgr. Eric Fehrnstrom and Deputy Campaign Mgr. Katie Packer Gage at Romney Headquarters- Boston, Mass. and Tel# (857) 288-3500.

Contact me by Email because this site will not permit me to post the Email links.
2:13AM JUL 25TH 2012
To: WALKER from: Allen - allen.30@hotmail.com - July 25, 2012
The reason I know Marco Rubio, when he was the Fla. State House Speaker told his 6 Chairmen who each had an Immigration Enforcement E-VERIFY Bill to stall the bills in Committee until the clock ran out at the end of the legislative session was because I had my lobbyist there and she told me the truth.

Not only this, but Rubio sent his 2 attack dogs Rules Chairman Rep. David Rivera and Rep. Juan Zapata-House Hispanic Caucus to slam our bills as racist anti Hispanic racial profile bills. On the link I am prohibited from posting it shows Rep. David Rivera (R.-MIAMI) speaking saying that we need "undocumented immigrants" ("illegal aliens") or the entire economy of Florida would crash. Ir runs for 8 minutes saying we need these workers because they are the roofers, lawn men, dishwashers, maids in hotels, nannies who take care of children, change the diapers, pick the fruit and vegetables that would die if not picked. Rep. David Rivera spoke at the 2 hour and 20 minute trime marker on the youtube video. When Rep. David Rivera finishes speaking, Juan Zapate (R.-MIAMI) begins speaking for about 5 minutes with the same outrageous false remarks to kill the bills. During the 2011 session, George Soros the socialist billionaire allegedly paid $30,000 for 12 buses to send 500 farm workers, school and college students (many illegal aliens) , George Soros surrogate speakers Subhash Kateel and Maria Rodriguez from a socialist group Fla. Immigrant Coalition to speak.

I have 6 youtube video's of the 500 George Soros supporters protesting in the Fla. State Capitol rotunda screaming with their protrest signs mounted on wood sticks which is illegal because they could be used as weapons. Also, they committed another illegal act. Under the 1934 HATCH ACT, it is a federal criminal offence to hold a political protest on any government property. Why did the Capitol Police and ant legislators have the illegal protesters arrested for "Disturbing the Peace" and the HATCH ACT? This sites message said I am prohibited from posting links because they are viewed as "spam" but you have my Email address if you want to contact me. MITT ROMNEY should absolutely should not choose MARCO RUBIO as his Vice President because he is for pandering to and promoting "illegal aliens" as shown in past actions. And further proof is MARCO RUBIO and his handpicked ex-Rules Chairman, who is now a U.S. Rep. both have DREAM ACT Bills to legalize "illegal alien anchor baby children"- whose parents were illegal aliens who had a child on U.S. soil and MARCO RUBIO is an "illegal alien anchor baby" making him inelligible to hold the position of U.S. Vice Pres. or President. So, if Romney chooses Marco Rubio, he will cause immediate troubles as a non-Citizen to further complicate Romney's issues. Also, Romney is against any form of "amnesty".
Also, you are correct
1:29AM JUL 25TH 2012
To: Walker from Allen.30@hotmail.com JUly 25, 2012

Watch a Fla.State archive video segment at time marker 2 hours & 20 minutes of Rep. David Rivera - Speaker Marco Rubio's handpicked Rules Chairman giving multiple reasons why we can not do without "illegal aliens" or Florida's economy would crash he says! He and Rep. Juan Zapata were both sent to the State Affairs Hearing Apr. 8, 2008 by Speaker Marco Rubio to kill 6 E-Verify Immigration Enforcement Bills. Rep. David Rivera speaks at the 2 hour and 20 minute timemarker for about 7 minutes and Juan Zapata speaks after Rivera inferring the Bills are Racial Profile bills against all Hispanics! These statements are absolute lies to kill the bills. What they did not tell the public was, there were over 1 million "illegal aliens" in Florida taking U.S. born citizens jobs and services at a cost of $3.5 billion (in 2008), but a Zogby Poll in 2011 showed that cost increased to $5.5 billion and David Rivera and Juan Zapata are not crying for all the hungry Americans who lost their jobs, services and homes to"illegal aliens" who stole their jobs, causing many U.S. born families to live begging on the streets while living in their
parked cars and no money! Watch this segment of the State Affairs Hearing that ran 2 hours & 40 minutes and Rep. David Rivera begins speaking at the 2 hour & 20 minute time marker: Youtube Video:


Sorry Walker: I just received this website message saying they do not accept links because they view them as "spam". So, I will just leave the titles of the 2 links and you have my Email address.


The youtube video's are proof of what I am posting to you.
1:12AM JUL 25TH 2012
(1) Marco Rubio, as a Fla. State House Speaker in 2008 blocked 6 E-Verify Immigration Enforcement Bills I was pushing to pass by forcing 6 Representatives, each having a bill to hold a meeting to hammer 6 bills into only 1 bill at a State House Affairs Cmte. Hearing Apr.8, 2008 where he sent his handpicked Rules Chairnan Rep. David Rivera (R.- Miami, Fla.) and Rep. Juan Zapata- Chairman of the House Hispanic Caucus (R.- Miami, Fla.)

Rubio then used an unethical anti-American devious method to kill 6 bills by instructing 6 Chairmen, each having a bill, to stall the 6 bills until the legislative session ended! I learned this from my C.O.D.U. member I sent to Tallahassee to lobby for the bills and the 6 Chairmen said it was House Speaker Rubio who told them to stall the bills in their CommitteeS until the session ended and the bills died!

(2) If Romney is vehemently against Immigration Amnesty and against "illegal aliens" and absolutely for a mandatoryE-Verify Immigration Bill, Romney please do not choose Fla. U.S. Junior Senator Marco Rubio who deliberately killed 6 Fla. State Immigratiion Enforcement Bills in 2008, causing 4 senate bills to die.
Jeff Willis
10:15AM JUL 21ST 2012
We need to demand that Romney produce his tax returns for the last ten years. Who knows! Something interesting might pop up!
Joanne Walczak
9:46AM JUL 21ST 2012
Right now at this time I don't feel in my being that this election is not
fixed to have that man re-elected. I pray every day to be proven wrong.
10:36AM JUL 21ST 2012
Then take your "feelings" to court and put your personal wealth in jeopardy suing falsely over the "fixed" election.

Don't want to do that - it figures, no conviction of your "feelings".

No facts, no reality, no legally provable criminal activities, just your feelings, innuendos and Mad Hatter conspiracy theories. Not so subtle politics of the "Big Lie".
1:45PM JUL 21ST 2012
Hey Frank, obviously you are having a bad day ( I can tell by your ugly attitudeJ), but don't take it out on Joanne. She has every right to express her thoughts, opinions, and yes, her feelings.
You need to chill.
5:05PM JUL 21ST 2012
Yes, except claiming that the election will be fixed is not an opinion, it is a charge, likely a lie (especially as she has not shared one iota of evidence, only her "feeling") and a highly unlikely one that someone else even more stupid may take unfortunate action on.

Perhaps I should just state my "feeling" that Walker is a skinhead terrorist - you'd let that statement stand, correct? And no I'm not saying that (just for those easily swayed out there).

Words have consequences - you can say what you want, but if you're making racist remarks or outright lies, don't expect people to sit back and just chill.

So, is it your opinion that the election is "fixed" - if so, let me know and we'll take it from there. The old West Point honor code I grew up with states that "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do."

I do not tolerate those who lie, either intentionally or stupidly like Joanne.
10:21AM JUL 23RD 2012
She did not say it was fixed, she said that she "felt like" it was fixed. There is a difference. It is her opinion. Just like your opinion of me. And jus like my opinion of you that you are a childish brat who resorts to name calling when you can't think of an intelligent rebuttal.
Everybody has a right to their opinion. . . . .
John Paul Jones
7:37PM JUL 21ST 2012
Did someone in your family go to West Point? I never met any Academy grad who was as small as you are Frank.
9:06AM JUL 23RD 2012
Then I guess you've never met Ray Moore, John Shimkus or Geoff Davis, correct? There'a a reason why ethics training has increased at the Point.
9:10AM JUL 21ST 2012
I think JEB Bush was a wonderful Governor, however, the Bush name is toxic amongst Conservatives. George Herbert Walker Bush's "Read my lips, no new taxes" lie got him fired. Now, most Conservatives blame George W. Bush for ushering in the fraud in the White House for signing on to all the deficit enhancing stimulus. Putting JEB on the ticket will alienate the base who cannot see past the Bushes.

If Romney wants to seek an icon from Florida he should look at Allen West as a choice. Col. Allen West, will solidify the base that is lethargic over Romney as the nominee. West is the a booster shot of enthusiasm for Romney. Romney better solidify his base to have a prayer against the Commie-in-Chief's organized crime family.
1:43PM JUL 21ST 2012
You are absolutely right!! :)
10:37AM JUL 21ST 2012
Yes, bring on Allen West, he'll make EVERYONE forget that Palin was ever picked for a Presidential VP spot.

Talk about your toxic.

But that's to be expected from those who persist in demonizing politics and constantly slander and libel the President and fellow Congressmen as communists, like Allen West and RepublicanConscience.
John Paul Jones
7:54PM JUL 21ST 2012
You know Frankie, according to your logic, this comment makes you racist. I am always amazed how you can say such nasty and insulting things then, in the next sentence, write as if you are above it all. Maybe your anger is affecting your composure. Maybe you should create a second name to post your nasty comments, and keep "Frank" to make your "brilliant" analysis.
9:03AM JUL 23RD 2012
You have no understanding of logic, do you, nor of lies.
1:46PM JUL 21ST 2012
You know, Frank, I feel sorry for someone as angry and unhappy as you seem to be. But I cannot excuse your ignorance. Yes, there are over 70 members of Congress who are registered Socialists. It is no secret, you can google their names.
4:59PM JUL 21ST 2012
Of course, that's why a fact checking source has indicated the following about your "facts":

CONCLUSION: the claim that “The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus” is untrue on multiple counts.

Perhaps you shouldn't believe all those right-wing blogs, or Allen West or Michelle Bachmann. Maybe they all lie.

I want to see your evidence capable of holding up in court that "Yes, there are over 70 members of Congress who are registered Socialists" - I want you to produce their "I am a Socialist" cards.

Can't, then accept that this fact of yours, and you, are lying, just like your trying to equate that all socialists are communists.

More easily provable false politics of the "Big Lie".
Harold H. Heeley
8:51AM JUL 21ST 2012
Oh please fellow republicans, let's be real. Who in this country wants another Bush in or near thr White House after the debacle George W. left. And Marco, really, really, who is as green and inexperienced as any member of Congress. Get over it!
10:35PM JUL 21ST 2012
Great comments Mr. Heeley. And when will these two writes stop writing fantasy/dream pieces? With all the real news, they write this babble. As usual, a poor statement on Sunshine State News/Fantasy site.

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