Jeb Bush Well Behind Hillary Clinton in 2016 Polls

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: March 6, 2014 12:00 PM
Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton

Three polls unveiled Thursday show former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will have major challenges in 2016 if he decides to follow in his father’s and brother’s footsteps into the White House.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday shows former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handily beating Bush in a hypothetical 2016 presidential match-up. In the poll, Clinton takes 47 percent of likely voters, while Bush has the support of 33 percent. Though 6 percent are undecided, 14 percent say they would back other candidates.

Clinton is the heavy favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 while Bush has opened the door to running for the Republican nod. Of course, Clinton’s husband beat Bush’s father in the 1992 presidential election.

The Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters was taken March 4-5 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Thursday also throws cold water on former Gov. Bush’s presidential prospects in 2016. The new poll shows 48 percent of Americans say they definitely would not vote for Bush in 2016. Only former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., generates more opposition with 49 percent saying they will not vote for him. Only 6 percent said they would definitely vote for Bush, while 38 percent said they would consider voting for him.

The poll finds U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., in better shape, though only 5 percent say they would definitely vote for him in 2016; 40 percent say they would consider it. Around a third -- 32 percent of those surveyed -- say they would definitely not vote for Rubio.

None of the possible Republican presidential hopefuls are running as strongly as Clinton. A quarter of those surveyed -- 25 percent -- say they would definitely vote for her in 2016 while 41 percent would consider it and 32 percent say they definitely would not. Only Romney from the Republican ranks breaks double digits, with 12 percent saying they would definitely vote for him.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll of 1,002 American adults was taken Feb. 27-March 2 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.

Bush did get some good news in another poll released Thursday, which shows him in the mix in a pivotal primary state.

A poll from Suffolk University and the Boston Herald shows no clear favorite in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary. New Hampshire holds the first presidential primary in the nation.

The poll find U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., lead the pack with 12 percent each. Christie had been leading the field in New Hampshire but recent revelations involving his administration creating traffic backups around the George Washington Bridge as political payback have clearly hindered his presidential aspirations.

Bush and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., tied for third with 9 percent each with former Gov. Jon Huntsman, R-Utah, in fifth with 8 percent. Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., takes 7 percent followed by Rubio with 6 percent. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., who is exploring running for the Senate in New Hampshire, take 5 percent each; 14 percent are undecided.

The sample of 426 likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters was part of a larger poll of 800 likely New Hampshire voters which had a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.

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A. Hick
2:58AM MAR 8TH 2014
Make no mistake, if Jeb is the nominee, it will be the worst Republican loss since 1964, rigged voting machines or not. And if Jeb "wins" there will be barricades in the streets of every major American city.
where is the truth anymore
12:22PM MAR 7TH 2014
Joanne Walczak, you are so right! But check out the Aztec - Big Wheel recycling and the Dixie Mafia and you will see the Bushes have buried more than the Clinton's. Check out the Mena - Little Rock, Arkansas airport and you will see Bill Clinton and GHW Bush was old partners from theIiran-Contra guns for drugs says. Google Barry Seal; Chip Tatum; Allan Bense; US Asst Attorneys from Florida - Michael Runyon & Atchison both taken out int he same day. One suicided and the other sit up on child sex charges. Now we heard Mr. Lear the some of Lear Jet builder and a former CIA pilot is preparing to testify about 9/11 and the inconsistent facts in that matter including lack of airplane parts found in NY and at the Pentagon.
Joanne Walczak
11:56AM MAR 7TH 2014
No more clintons and most assuredly no bushes.These people need to
go away forever from office except maybe garbage collection director.
Both know more about garbage and where it is buried.And as with clinton,that would include bodies.
Lyin in the bushes
9:48AM MAR 7TH 2014
Jeb bankrupted Florida ONE BILLION to Enron ONE BILLION to Lehman both right before they went Bankrupt. Jeb and George belong in Prison.Anyone who votes for a bush is an Idiot....................
10:23PM MAR 6TH 2014
At the end of 2006, Hillary was leading the polls, too. Check the CNN story called "Poll: Clinton leads '08 Democratic pack, Kerry slips"

One poll counts. No others.
8:28PM MAR 6TH 2014
In a rational world Jeb Bush and Mac Stipanovich would have been investigated, likely indicted, tried , and found guilty of influence peddling for the way they totallyn politicized the way business is done with the State of Florida.
Then the tone and character of all the comments excepting Frank's speak to the dearth of rational thought among a significant cohort of the Republican polity. Absolutely paranoid.
polls are just a myth
4:38PM MAR 6TH 2014
Scott Rasmussen had better not sell Jeb Bush short just yet. He might find himself with mud on his face like Dick Morris did in the 2012 race when he said Mitt Romney was going to wind by a landslide. Morris will never live that one down!

He either didn't know or lake so many others was just to hard headed to accept the fact that the Bush machine was backing Obama all along and they let him and his organizations use those little Tom Feeney - Jeb Bush vote fixer chips that Clint Curtis invented for Feeney. They worked too! Obama got 141% of the vote in St. Lucie County. And they and Obama wanted to make darn sure Col. Allen West lost as well.
Ray Charles could have seen this
4:30PM MAR 6TH 2014
Anyone who has a problem figuring out where Jeb Bush stands in politics.
First get an education in Common Core 101.

Then ask yourself if this is the direction you want your child to go in. If not;

Then ask yourself why any so called conservative would support a national programming of our youth like Common Core.

But, don't think Hitlary Clinton is any better, she and Bill just spent more time in the Kremlin than Jeb has - he's spent most of his adult like in South America hanging out with the Batista family offspring and other criminals who wanted to do monkey business within the USA.
4:24PM MAR 6TH 2014
the problem is the Illuminati wants to keep this thing in the family. remember recently old man booosh said slick willie clinton was his step-son. obummer is a cia test tube experiment that like the ever ready bunnie just kept on ticking and ticking, so they made an executive decision to stick him in the white house for eight years and really screw thing up so much even the brain dead people will except anything in 2016 as long as it ain't ticking like obummer and that dad gum bunnie.
1:47PM MAR 6TH 2014
Geez, can't we do better than any of those? I'd like to see some fresh candidates- some that people don't already have a strong dislike for on both sides.
1:46PM MAR 6TH 2014
Much as I admire (but disagree with) Jeb Bush, he can't save the GOP . . . . one needs to look no farther than the current GOP Bully politics (and unfortunately, that's come to mean something very different than when Teddy used in in the early 20th century) by GOPers such as Chris Christie and, as recent as yesterday, once again Chairman Darrell Issa . . . . .

You would have thought, Issa would have learned previously that it's bad politics to keep someone from being able to talk . . . . . . such as about a woman about contraception, while only listening to men testifying . . . . . . but apparently not . . . . now he violated House rules and played the bully by cutting off Elijah Cummings mike while he was attempting to speak and raise a point of order (as is his right as ranking minority leader on the committee), and instead, adjourned the meeting without a vote or asking for consent to adjourn (another House rule violation) . . . . .

Bully GOP politics . . . . . embarrassing us all, even Jeb Bush . . . . simply . . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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