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Nancy Smith

Jeb's the Front-runner and Everybody Knows It

June 21, 2015 - 11:00pm
I Beg to Differ
I Beg to Differ

You know the Republicans have a clear presidential front-runner when every liberal news source in the nation is trashing him. I'm talking about Jeb Bush.

Every day I look at the headlines:

  • "Jeb Bush to Raise Social Security Age to 70" 
  • "Jeb Bush Smoked Marijuana and Was a Bully in High School ..."
  • "Jeb Bush Still Refuses to Rule out Tax Hikes"
  • "Jeb Bush: Many Illegal Immigrants Come out of an 'Act of Love'"
  • "Is Jeb Bush 'Unelectable' Because He Gave Hillary Clinton an Award?"
  • "Jeb Bush Marked 'Hispanic' on Fla. Voter Registration Form: NYT"

The list is inexhaustible with some headlines more inflammatory than these.

During the weekend I read a story in Slate -- hardly a liberal news source -- "Exit Stage Right: Welcome to the Race, Jeb, Now Drop Out." It contends the Bush campaign is so big and bold, Jeb will destroy other Republicans by conducting a scorched-earth campaign that will make it impossible for anybody wearing the red party label to win in 2016. What the story shows is, even some conservatives have their doubts about Jeb.

I don't.   

Imitation might be the highest form of flattery to most people, but not to a presidential candidate. Negative publicity -- that's the ticket. That's what tells you all you need to know at this point. Especially when it comes from the Fifth Estate.   

I hope you won't deduce from this that either I or Sunshine State News is backing Jeb. Down the road, who knows? We've got probably nine more months before we know who Hillary Clinton's opponent in November is and I'd like to think I still have an open mind.

But there's no denying right now Jeb is the man to beat. Besides the newspaper-headline giveaway:

He has connections up the wazoo.  Thanks to his family’s deep network of supporters and his long career in politics, he can reel in the best of the best in GOP strategists, consultants, organizers, whatever his campaign needs, wherever he chooses to use its resources.

He has an unmatched reach into Republican Donor World. Again, chalk it up to family connections and nearly 10 years out of office to prepare for this day.

He knows how to play the money game. Before he declared his candidacy -- as campaign financing law allows -- Jeb crisscrossed the country raising money for a super-PAC called Right to Rise. The PAC is believed to have raised $100 million that eventually will be spent helping him and attacking his enemies. Even Marco Rubio, with a list of well-heeled ultra-conservative supporters, can't come close to Right to Rise results.

“It’s an advantage. No question,” Fred Malek, a prominent GOP donor who chairs the Republican Governors Association’s finance committee, told Politico. “I think Bush will be able to raise three or four times as much as anyone else.”

Jeb is a Bush apart. Forget the family name issue. Certainly he loves his family and identifies with them, but ultimately Jeb is smarter than the whole Bush clan put together. He has none of George W.'s folksy, Texas ranch-hand charm or  George H.W.'s New England aloofness.  If voters see and hear enough of him, something else might trip him up, but it won't be the family name.

He sounds presidential. Whatever you say about Jeb -- and you might not like all his policies or you might remember cringingly, as I do, what a control freak he was in office -- he is one of the most creative, thoughtful, and disciplined minds in American politics. As governor, he wanted Florida to be a cut above. He dreamed big and worked hard to make it all happen. The Central Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) was one of Jeb's key priorities as governor. Later, his attempt to wean Florida off dependency on a primarily real estate-ag-tourism-based economy and create a leading biotech network -- something that one day would eclipse North Carolina's Research Triangle -- was an ambitious feat few governors would have attempted.

No GOP presidential race has been successful without a Bush on the ticket since 1972. Strange, but true. 

I won't deny it -- Jeb Bush's campaign is bigger and bolder and scarier than anyone else's in the race. But think about it, isn't that good for Republicans, not bad? Already a dozen candidates have declared for the presidential race on the GOP side and four more probably will soon. That's another clown train whistle-stopping its way through early primary states, just as it did four years ago. I'm not saying all on board are clowns, but certainly some need to look realistically at their support, check their campaign coffers, weigh their chances and decide fairly early if they can win. If Jeb's campaign is out there huffing and puffing, it's going to blow down some candidates' houses built on a wing and a prayer.

Seth Masket made the point in the latest issue of Washington Weekly: A Jeb "scorched-earth" campaign isn't going to give Republicans anything they can't handle, he said. "Even though the losing candidates and their supporters will be angry, they won’t be so angry that they’d be willing to hand the White House keys to Hillary Clinton."

Better we find out sooner than later who can hang with the Jeb Bush Machine.

Read Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


NO, NO, Nancy. You make a good campaign manager for Bush. I am involved in Repub. Party, and almost none of my acquaintances will vote for building a bigger Bush Dynasty. That kind of stuff is from old Europe. Not our Constitutional Republic. We are not 'subjects' to any dynasty. We are free citizens of America. The GOP elitists (RNC) have abandoned the Constitution just like their hero Obama has. We must get out of the bushes. Come out in the open with Conservatives like Scott Walker, Rick Perry. At least, they do not have the globalist background like the Bushes.

Jeb Bush, Your FIRED! Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

In your dreams, Nancy. You are so wrong!!!

Your argument over the "inevitability" of Jeb Bush is based on the same logic with which you argue against Hillary Clinton. I am a staunch Republican and all of my conservative associates will never vote for Bush because he is every bit as "progressive" as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He is also ruthless in that he chose to engineer a destruction of parental rights and sovereignty over their children's education with the Federal Takeover of standards, curriculums and testing, all to impose an untested scheme of educational governance and practice that was designed by people with no teaching experience and imposed in a manner with no testing. He did this to enrich himself. In the process, he imposed over $ 5.0 billion dollars in unfunded mandates on Florida's School Districts (taxpayers). I will never vote for him. He is a dangerous, dangerous man who would threaten the very well-being and future liberty and prosperity of your children. But then of course, Nancy is just writing what Justin Sayfie wants her to in regards to Jebbie.

I beg to differ with the one who begs to differ. First three points are his family connections to money. Money that got its roots by grandpappy Bush financing both sides of WWII including the Nazi Third Reich. Then on to the dynasty name. It's enough to make me vomit in my mouth to see his family "tics" and mug, the same turkey bobbing head that characterizes his brother the war crimminal. We don't coronate kings or queens because of their family connections. Looking at you too Hilary.

Remember this Florida. All the hype about Bush money, name, governor, blah ,blah, blah, means nothing when the many that have been on the sidelines, the disillusioned voters for Obama including but not limited to the Hispanic, and black vote, independents etc. go to the polls. It's sad but true if Bush would ever be the GOP presidential candidate it is like handing the keys for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. over to the Pant Suit Panther. we don't need a legacy name again in the WH. They were part of the problem. There needs to be sweeping changes in DC and no one other than Dr. Carson has a plan other than more of the same, maybe a bit less. Not enough! When the first GOP debates occur on August 6, this year we will see the frontrunner explode out in front. Pay special attention to Frank Luntz's moving graphs.

JEB: As FL GOV. he was "pushing" legislation to allow "Illegal Aliens" drivers licenses (More than a dozen "911" attackers used Florida driver's licenses to get on airlines and turn turn those planes into weapons). Jeb refused to endorse Romney in Florida because Romney opposed "Amnesty". Jeb kept doing press releases saying Romney's statements on "Illegal Amnesty" was "harsh. Jeb calls illegal immigration "AN ACT OF LOVE"... NO JEB,...NOT IN THIS DECADE ! (READ: "Adios America" by Ann Coulter [new where books are sold now] ) ...WE CAN DO BETTER NOW FLORIDA !

It seems to me it's the conservative media that is attacking Bush. Can't wait to see him debate The Donald.

The fix is already in with the RPOF leadership, the Jeb apologists. Even before Bush announced they lectured committee members about their loyalty oaths, in a nutshell "You can support any Republican candidate you want during the primary. But once the Republican nominee is selected, everyone has to work to get the GOP nominee elected. Even if it's not your favorite candidate." Too bad the RPOF leadership isn't worried about candidate's loyalty to the party. Anyone can run as a Republican. That doesn't mean they believe in the party platform and the party certainly doesn't hold them responsible when they betray the party members. The RNC isn't totally Bush-centric. Yet. With its co-chair from Florida, a huge Jeb-apologist, they will goosestep eventually. Jeb can't beat any Democratic nominee. His dastardly Common Core is hated by all. Everyone assumes Hillary will beat her primary contenders. She didn't in 2008. The GOP fought hard to keep her from being elected, but discounted her contenders. Look what he ended up with! Satan sneaked his minion right through the backdoor. This is it, America. We cannot survive with a Hillary or a Jeb.

BTW, Nancy, every liberal newspaper is trashing Bush every day not because he is Conservative but because he is BUSH.

The only way to stop JEB is to get Cruz, Paul, Walker, Perry, Rubio and Fiorina, locked in a room with no food until they decide among themselves who will be the Conservative in the race. I am fed up with the Republican RINOs in charge of the Party picking our candidates. We (the Conservatives) have been screwed over by Boehner and McConnell, who would rather have Hillary a Democrat win, than allow a legitimate conservative gain a foothold on their power over the GOP.

Here's the problem. Everyone in the news media gets access to cheer who they want to be our next President while not giving actual fair time to each and every candidate so that the people get a fair chance to choose who to vote for. Have heard the T.V. wise guys say Donald Trump will probable make the top 10 of who gets to go to the GOP debates. Then they say if he does go then Trump is taking a spot away from one of the other republican candidates, nothing about the other 9 candidates taking a spot away. Then they say Trump should run as Independent. Not saying that if he did he would give the race to a democrat or republican like they always say. Yea Bush has his money machine of 100 million dollars, but he doesn't have 9 Billion dollars or a plan to repay the $18.3 Trillion dollar national debt.. We have all heard read my lips no new taxes from the Bush's but never anything like Trump has proposed to get money to repay the debt and finance America. Bush had better start talking along with Clinton on Plans for America instead of the same old political runaround that all politicians say and do. Donald Trump opened many eye's to what he says and America like what he says. Trump holds interviews in the Trump Tower, That's a beautiful 1st class building. Trump built that President Obama along with many other beautiful world class building along with beautiful world class golf courses. What other candidate build anything besides politics for themselves!

As a progressive Vs repubs regressives, especially Bush, I can only say yeah!! Fact is Bush can't even beat Hilary here in Fla !! Is Bush really the best you can bring? And you can say whatever you want Bush's policies on taxes, regulation, energy, economics are the same that gave us 2000-2008 economic disaster proving beyond a doubt how fiscally and morally bankrupt repubs are. Except for Paul, they all back these same failed policies, thus all fiscally and morally bankrupt. Vs Clinton economics that gave a great economy and even a $250B surplus which Bush's, repubs policies turned into a $1.1T deficit in just 8 yrs!! And she'll hit him or other repub time and time again on that. Doesn't what the repubs are doing to our economy make sick? And not just the US but took down the whole world's economy. Terrorist damage is not even a rounding number compared to the damage repubs policies, economics have caused. And you support these Nancy? Why? No real fiscal conservative would.

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