John Morgan's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: December 12, 2013 3:55 AM
John Morgan

John Morgan | Credit: flaglerlive.com

“For the People" might be the slogan of John Morgan’s law firm, but John Morgan and his family certainly don’t act like any common person they represent. While they outwardly state they’re “not for the powerful,” the social media accounts of John Morgan’s sons paint a very different picture of the uber lawyer and his family.

At first glance, John Morgan’s son Matt Morgan seems like an average guy: a polished, prim, and proper attorney. His Twitter account seems normal enough. No crazy tweets, no fancy cars, no ritzy vacations. Matt Morgan retweets the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis, who promote messages of goodwill to all men.

But a deeper look at Matt’s Instagram account gives viewers a glimpse into a life of private jets, trips to Paris, fancy hotel rooms, meetings with Barack Obama and private performances by Jimmy Buffett at the Morgan's 18,000 square foot mansion.

It’s a life 99 percent of Floridians don’t have, and quite frankly, a life most Floridians can’t even imagine.

Morgan’s other son, Daniel Morgan, is even flashier on his Instagram account. Daniel isn’t even out of law school -- he’s only 24 -- yet lives the lifestyle of a rich playboy: he hangs out with Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, pops bottles at Las Vegas pool parties, and even rode in the parade for the Boston Red Sox after their World Series victory this year.

In one photo, Daniel Morgan says even his dog -- who appears to be seated comfortably aboard the Morgan & Morgan private jet -- refuses to fly a commercial airline.

“I’m not complaining,” said Morgan in the photo.

Matt Morgan called the private jet the “wings of justice” in a photo of the plane, which is emblazoned with the Morgan & Morgan logo. The plane takes them around the country as they go vacationing.

The Morgans pop bottles on their private jet, smiling as the camera flashes for another shot.

Charlie Crist even makes an appearance in one photo, sitting poolside in shorts at the Morgans' beachfront property, apparently enjoying the plethora of libations provided at the hands of his boss.

Another photo shows Daniel Morgan clad in sunglasses wearing a shirt that says “My Game Is Money.”

The slogan apparently couldn’t be more perfect for the Morgans, who seem to use social media to take every opportunity imaginable to wave their ritzy lifestyle in front of the common man’s face.

In a world of social media, appearances are important, especially for people like John Morgan, who have made it their life’s mission to represent the people of Florida. On top of that, Morgan waves the banner of several high-profile campaigns like the medical marijuana petition and supports former governor Charlie Crist in his campaign to take back his old job.

Morgan has even toyed with the possibility of his other son, Mike, running for Florida attorney general next year. Just this week, he was asking his followers what they thought of Mike Morgan making a run for Pam Bondi’s job. Matt Morgan did the same on his own Twitter account.

But while social media is one thing, appearances are important in politics, too. Gov. Rick Scott has been criticized by Crist and others for “flying his private jet around the state to hold press conferences,” but a search for similar photos of Scott and his family jet-setting “Morgan style” came up dry.

John Morgan is dipping his hand deep into the 2014 elections, but just like anyone else involved in politics, perhaps he should be mindful of public perception before preaching he’s getting involved for the greater good of Floridians and not for, well, something else.

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Comments (18)

9:53AM DEC 13TH 2013
lol at all of Daniel Morgan's posse getting on this article.

U mad, bro?
Hot and Bothered
9:46AM DEC 13TH 2013
Does Dan Morgan have a girlfriend? If not, where do we apply?!?! #DMOSWAG is a hottie!!
9:51AM DEC 13TH 2013
Don't bother, DmoSwag probably won't even contemplate a woman who is worth less than $15 mil. You know, keeping up appearances and all.
9:20AM DEC 13TH 2013
The fact that Daniel Morgan made his Instagram private immediately after this article came out is hilarious. In the age of the internet, nothing is really gone forever, Daniel. Maybe you should stop acting like an embarrassing, spoiled jerk and you wouldn't have anything to hide.
11:47AM DEC 13TH 2013
He's just being Miley
Dmo Swag is my idol
9:02AM DEC 13TH 2013
I heard Dan Morgan, aka, DMO SWAGG- refuses to drink from any glass which is not of the highest quality crystal because he is allergic to glass and plastic. The rumor is, when he was a child- his mother gave him milk out of a sippy cup and he threw it off of his high chair and refused to drink until a crystal sippy glass was obtained. An allergic reaction to glass and plastic has never been confirmed. He is also rumored to be a recording artist with hits such as, "Blowing All My Stacks." In a world of poverty and despair- I find it comforting to know that there is a Dmo Swagg out there someone enjoying the 1 % lifestyle which we all strive for. So to DMO Swagg, I say- Swagg on. Swagg, on.
12:22AM DEC 13TH 2013
DMOSAWG is a wigger
Democrats For Bondi
7:16PM DEC 12TH 2013
I heard they only feed the dog, steak. My friend told me it refuses to eat anything else. The dog has also been
linked to be breeding with the German Shepard from
Wizards of Waverly place. Can you confirm this?
Blew all my money trying to keep up with DMo
7:59PM DEC 12TH 2013
I don't know, why don't you ask "DMo Swag"
5:57PM DEC 12TH 2013
"Morgan & Morgan F the People."
John Paul Jones
5:22PM DEC 12TH 2013
Typical liberal ambulance chasers. The wealth and success would be fine and rightfully respected if it were not the result of fleecing the American economy with endless frivolous lawsuits. Yeah they have helped a few people who were actually harmed, but what a small percent. Now they want to completely buy the Florida government. It is particularly disturbing to see them invoke God in all of their shameless self promotion. The lesson is, we need tort reform, not more plaintiffs' lawyers running our government.
Sad Days
11:36AM DEC 12TH 2013
Like the old joke about God and the devil getting into a legal dispute.

God finally telling the devil he would just file a suit against him.

The devil responded with where will you get a lawyer?

You can't get any more factual than that.

First it was used car salesmen that sold their souls for a buck.

Now like the cancer greed and narcissism is the sickness has expanded to all areas of human life. Unfortunately the judicial system and the former law enforcement agencies are so corrupted and they are all the public has to rely on for justice. Sad days on the Great Old USA when so many people will sell their souls for a dollar that is not worth the paper it is written on,
William in Tampa
10:37AM DEC 12TH 2013
"FOR THE PEOPLE" indeed - He's been an Obama salesman ever since WHEN? Did'n he throw a half-mil (or MORE) for the Imam's re-election. I don't care whose butts they (all) licked for his status and wealth.

You're for the BIG GUY, plain and simple - but then ALL you big legal firms are DEMOCRATS - You're certainly not for THE MASSES.
He is for the powerful
10:13AM DEC 12TH 2013
Yea David; and likewise being the liberal you are you find it easy to ignore the facts and idolize them dollars and the people who make them no matter no many lives they destroy on that pathway to suck cess!!!
8:39AM DEC 12TH 2013
Wow this article sounds like a liberal wrote it. I guess you think it is wrong for a man who has worked hard to enjoy the fruits of his labor? Regardless of his political views I find it impossible as a conservative to attack a man and his family because they are living the American Dream of wealth and prosperity.
4:50PM DEC 12TH 2013
I am not a John Morgan fan by a long shot but this is ridiculous. He is not an elected official! If he and his family chooses to display their lifestyle then good for them. I am starting to notice how people in our party play the class warfare just as the democrats do.
8:56AM DEC 12TH 2013
There's no denying Morgan is a success story. He came from basically nothing, but that's no reason for anyone to act like this. Rick Scott has just as much money and is painted by Dems as some rich tool and Morgan is basically the same and WAY flashier about it.

Being humble about your success is one thing. Posting it all over the internet like you're capitalizing on the problems of the average Floridian is quite another.
He is for the powerful
8:29AM DEC 12TH 2013
Yes just like the other side of the coin “their game is money!”
Little people don't have money! Money comes from the rich and/ or insurance companies. People like John Morgan fool the little people into thinking he cares about them when all he really cares about is who is paying the biggest settlement!

Absolutely no different than Jeb Bush and his push for bold education reforms and his elite old money family. And plenty of evidence is available to prove that Mr. so called "for the people" is really for the powerful.

Google "Sarah Holder Green Isle Ranch" and you will find a letter written by one of Morgan’s former employee’s to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office inquiring about a report of the rapes of five little boys. Subsequently John Morgan found out that Green Isle Ranch was owned by the powerful Brown family - Lori Costantino-Brown is President and CEO of Bridges of America and run by Lake Sheriff Gary Borders. When John Morgan found this out he dropped his “for the people” stance and dropped his potential client and “just made it all go away.” This incident Lake Sheriff’s case # (09 191988) Come to find out Lake Sheriff Borders has been involved in The Green isle Boys Ranch with the Brown’s since the planning stages and it was soon discovered the sheriff was actually pictured with the rapist reported in the case at the times the rapes were occurring. The rapes were reported to the sheriff’s office on Nov. 21, 2009 but he done nothing constructive on the case until news of the secret rapes and subsequent attempts of suicide of some of the victims was made public by house parents on Feb. 3, 2010 at which time the sheriff and his friends in the justice system faked up and arrest, plea, sentencing and community control of the rapist – documents available on line prove he continued his reign of dating violence for which there was no consequences – proving he was not on probation.

Then just more proof that “for the people” John Morgan dumped a potential client in a case against the powerful Bridges of America family; Google “John Morgan Gary Borders” and you will find an invitation to a political event for Sheriff Gary Borders at the Mission Inn in Howey, Fl. on March 27, 2012 from the host committee which includes John Morgan and his brother Michael Morgan.

Google John Morgan FDLE Jim Greer to get the report about Jim Greer’s remarks concerning Charlie Crist. Read the language used in the remarks of John Morgan concerning the remarks of Jim Greer.
His private jet called the “wings of justice” should be renamed to “THE WINGS OF “JUST US!”
Because just like Jeb Bush and his cronies who claim to be on the right, John Morgan and his cronies are trying hard to build a left leaning liberal machine to legalize marijuana by prescription and everyone has a qualifying illness for that script as in California - that will continue to further destroy the morals and ethics of Florida and eventually the entire USA.

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