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Nancy Smith

Just Sayin'

October 22, 2016 - 6:00am

This column is a vehicle for a number of items in a bits-and-pieces, strictly opinion, sometimes irreverent format. Look for "Just Sayin'" to run once a week in this spot. Consider this a pilot.

Obama's Exiles

President Obama endorsed a baker's dozen Democrats running for seats in the Florida Legislature. Good for them. See the list here. But conspicuous by their absence were Rep. Daphne Campbell in Senate District 38 and Sen. Dwight Bullard in Senate District 40.

Surely nobody believes the president could pick any of his 13 choices out of a lineup. Everybody must know this list of down-balloteers reached the White House via the Florida Democratic Party office. With maybe a little help from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

So let's ask ourselves why Campbell and Bullard didn't make the cut. Here's my best guess, considering Campbell didn't return my phone call and Bullard says he has no idea but hopes it was just "an oversight."

Campbell is Haitian. If you're part of FDP leadership, Haitians are the moderates you want to exterminate. And they just can't seem to cleanse the party of Campbell, who is loudly antiabortion, which upsets progressives no end.

Plus, her life is messy to say the least. Before she ran for office, she operated a chain of group homes with her husband and son, where four clients died under strange circumstances and rodent droppings and dead roaches were found. (She has denied any wrongdoing.) Then there was a waterfall of tax liens filed against the family. It prompted the FDP to ask her to resign her House seat in 2012. Campbell's son Gregory was subsequently convicted of multiple charges of Medicaid fraud in 2013.

Here's what slays the party: Campbell soared to victory in the August primary over five opponents: well-funded first-time candidate Jason Pizzo, former Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Gongorra, teacher Don Festge, businessman Anis Blemur, and former North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns. They plain can't get her voted out. So, OK, the non-endorsement comes as no surprise there.

But Dwight Bullard? Why does Bullard get the shaft? I know the party was miffed because he "told on" Andrew Korge for bribing him to get out of the primary (Korge lost big). But Bullard is a huge Obama loyalist. It's all over his campaign website. 

Surely it can't be because he supported Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. (Can it, Debbie?) Bullard is in a tossup district. Do the Democrats really want to see Republican Frank Artiles, who is embarassingly outspending Bullard, win the SD 40 seat?

Then they must believe Bullard, a high school teacher, is actually as anti-semitic and pro-terrorism as Artiles paints him in campaign ads blanketing the airwaves. Come on, guys. Dwight Bullard? Pro-terrorism?

In May Bullard took a trip to the Middle East with members of the Dream Defenders, a group affiliated with Black Lives Matter. It was, he had hoped, an opportunity to learn.

But unbeknownst to him, he said -- and I always believed he had no idea until later -- his tour guide was affiliated with the anti-Israel BDS movement, a pro-Palestinian group linked with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Oh, and did I say, the party desperately wanted Ana Rivas Logan, a Republican-turned-Democrat and a Latina who was better at raising money than Bullard, to win in the primary?

For all or any part of that, Senator, get thee to Siberia. No presidential endorsement for you. 


The Tax Return Bros

Donald Trump, Patrick Murphy. Two guys with a secret.

Actually, you just know they've got a lot of secrets in common. But the one the Tampa Bay Times exposed Friday is this: Neither wants to release his tax returns. 

Funny, that. Because the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate has spent a lot of time and more than $1 million dumping on Trump as a strategy to beat Sen. Marco Rubio. Making the Trump-Rubio connection is about all he's got. But when push comes to shove, Patrick  -- not Marco -- is the one cut from the same Donald cloth. 

Murphy the hypocrite told the Herald he would spill his tax rate (32 percent), but he wouldn't release his actual returns. And as you know, Trump isn't going to release his until after Nov. 8, if at all.


How Whack Is Our Voting System?

According to the Pew Research Center:

  • 24 million voter registrations -- one in eight -- are no longer valid, or are significantly inaccurate.
  • More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are still listed as voters.
  • Approximately, 2.7 million voters have registered in more than one state.

Meanwhile, researchers estimate at least 51 million eligible U.S. citizens are unregistered, or more than 24 percent of the eligible population.

Yet, we've got flocks of Democrats strutting around Florida like peacocks, clapping themselves on the back for making democracy whole. And so few real lawmakers calling for election reform.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


What a mess of an article...more sour grapes without substance...classic.

Read the State Attorney Close-Out Memo -- Bullard asked Korge to raise him money. Korge said yes. Then bullard accused him of a bribe. Bullard is a dirty politician, and according to NBC News he is a terrorist sympathizer who meets with groups that murder innocent people.

Dwight Bullard met with terrorists overseas. President Obama rejects that. Bullard and his friends are probably being investigated by the FBI as we speak for meeting with terrorist groups like hamas.

CBreeze. Sea breeze must whistle straight through your head-nothing in there to stop it.(unless you count racism and bigotry) Once again Nancy. Not fair to bring up medicare fraud without giving the Governor equal time. (I'd say 15-25 years)

When nothing else works for you liberal Democrats, you scream insults, and "racism" and "bigotry", and THEN you vote yourselves another four years (sometimes eight,.. thats how "kool-ade" soaked you are) of poverty and diminishing freedoms. I feel sorry for you "Jack"... Your type can't help yourself, so why do you keep wishing for the same crooked progressives to even care about helping you? They don't !

Obama's 'endorsements' should be the "kiss of death" to Democrat candidates (ask any Italian about the "kiss of death" and "mal occhio"..). Haitians SHOULD rightly HATE Democrats after what the Clintons did to Haiti by "helping them out" in the face of disaster,.. in order to enrich "The Clinton Foundation". "JUST SAYING"...

Everything about D'rats is manufactured. They script / rehearse all interviews. They control what is and isn't reported. Personal experience. When Obama was first running and they were making up support for him, they would claim all the free tickets were gone. Just before he was to speak in the Tampa area, we received a call offering us as many tickets as we wanted. We declined because we are Conservative and they hung up! Same exact scenario when he was running for re-election. No more tickets But we got another call for as many as we would take. That's how they get a crowd; make it seem like you are "special".

First lets say clearly Nancy is a republican shill of the first rank......... And you can bd sure dems will do election reform and republicans will try their best to block it. ........ you've got some balls saying dems ars the ones the problem is with as the court have ruled against republican tactics trying to keep people from voting and rigging the districts time and time again . ...........Just how many seats will republicans lose now districts are fair, not rigged? .............Even as republicans pollute your home and steal your taxes for corporate welfare like the minion you are helping these thieves ........ What's up with that? .........As a conservative doesn't that bother ypu to the core?

"jerryd",.. By any chance, are you one of the "Lyndon Johnson, Democrat created, ghetto dwellers" representing his "New Society plot" against blacks? (You sure do "speak the rhetoric" of a self proclaimed 'victim' at every turn). Hard to see you behind any rational thoughts or comments...

Just grow up, Jerry! GO TRUMP!!

I grew up 40 yrs ago.......... And you, your manchild spoiled brat Trump need to give it, reality a try.

Nice to get more in depth info.

Great column, thanks

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nancy smith


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