Justices Hand Blind Trusts Lawsuit to Circuit Court

By: Sunshine State News | Posted: May 22, 2014 3:55 AM
Leon County Circuit Court

Florida Supreme Court justices on Wednesday handed off an "emergency lawsuit" challenging elected officials’ use of blind trusts to the Leon County Circuit Court.

The suit claims a broad ethics law passed in 2013 is unconstitutional, that it violates Florida's Sunshine Amendment by allowing an officeholder's investments to be hidden from public inspection.

Jim Apthorp, former chief of staff to the late Democratic Gov. Reubin Askew, filed the lawsuit with Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte on May 14. Apthorp denied the suit was timed to harass Gov. Rick Scott -- the only official who has a blind trust. He said he did it to honor Askew, considered the father of the 1976 Sunshine Amendment. Askew died last year before he could do it himself, Apthorp said.

Earlier Wednesday Apthorp's attorneys had filed a motion asking for oral arguments in the Supreme Court. But shortly after, justices sent the case to the lower court.

It is not immediately clear whether the case can be heard before June 16 qualifying begins. D'Alemberte wanted the law allowing blind trusts dissolved by the qualifying period.

After the case was passed to the circuit court, Apthorp issued a written statement.

"We are confident our attorneys and ethics advocates who have joined our case will prevail when the case is tried in the circuit court," he said. "We urge the circuit court to expedite legal proceedings in this important case."

On Monday, the League of Women Voters and several Florida newspapers filed letters of support for the suit. Attorney General Pam Bondi, Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford filed to have the case dismissed.

Scott has said he will follow the law, whatever the courts decide.

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it never ends
10:19AM MAY 22ND 2014
"Attorney General Pam Bondi, Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford filed to have the case dismissed."

So what we have here is conspiracy to subvert the laws that demand disclosure of finances by the two top lawmakers and the Attorney General of Florida who is supposed to be enforcing the laws of Florida instead of conspiring to subvert them!

When will the people of Florida get tired of paying these goons to play their own personal games with our money?

All three of the criminals should be charged with MALFEASANCE.

And if Rick Scott who already took the fifth 75 times in 1995 to cover up his Medicare Fraud crimes doesn't want the people of Florida to know his finances he should immediately resign from office. But, if he did that would make Carlos Lopez-Cantera who was Jeb Bush's hand picked Lt Gov for Rick Scott the governor of Florida. Imagine that another person born of Cuban exiles who ws born in Spain in Florida government like the former supreme court justice Raoul Cantero III - now working for the Florida legistorstrying to defend their criminal activity in drawing the congressional districts! It never ends, it's nothing but a circle jerk!
Calvin Crowell
2:21PM MAY 22ND 2014
You didn't read the last paragraph? The governor is going to follow the law, whatever is decided. He has been following the law right along. You just want to spew about a governor you don't like and have invalidated your argument by not reflecting your remarks on the whole story.
he said what?
8:08AM MAY 23RD 2014
Scott follow the law? Is there really anyone out there in their right mind that believes Rick Scott is capable of such an act?

He doesn't even follow the law on public records requests!

He does not follow the law when over 70,000 petitioners request him to have his special prosecutor Brad King take the suspicious death of St Johns County resident Michelle O'Connel before a grand jury!

BUt, he says if the court rules he had to open his blind trust he will follow the law! This man has never followed the law in his life!

Did he disclose to the people of Florida that he was formerly a Dallas Texas Bush family lawyer? Why not? He was a partner in the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush and Tom Hicks! Why wouldn't he be proud of that?

Instead of dragging his donut making moma around by the arm last time and this time cuddling his little grandson.

Mr. Richard L. 'Rick' Scott
Bar Card Number:17909700
Texas License Date:11/06/1978
LAW SCHOOL - Southern Methodist University---
Former Law Firm – Johnson & Swanson – Dallas, TX

Does anyone out there think that if Rick Scott's little grandson had been one of those five little boys at the the Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders and friends Green Isle Boys Ranch that was sexually abused in Nov 2009 and the sheriff covered it up until house parents leaked it to Orlando TV stations - then the sheriff and his criminal justice friends in the 5th circuit of Florida covered it up some more - when people complained to Gov Rick Scott he brought in his FDLE major crimes cover up unit and piled more sand on the twenty years of the history of horrors at the Green isle Boys Ranch in Lake County Florida.

Yes it was all a spin off of Mel Sembler's Straight, Inc to begin with. But now Mel Sembler has changed horses in the middle of the stream - he is supporting Rick Scott this time instead of Charlie Crist!
But, the trouble of it is
7:53AM MAY 23RD 2014
Calvin! You are right about one thing I do not like Rick Scott!!!!

I worked for over one year to help him get elected the last time and I as well as hundreds of others who was blinded by his blind lies intend to work twice as hard this time to get this RICO criminal out of the governor's office.

Because you see it is not the personalities we do do like (such as you professional trolls would like to prove) it is the culture of corruption that the likes of Rick Scott and his long ties to Jeb Bush and the Bush family criminal dynasty that we the people do not like.

Now! come on back and explain to us why it was Jeb Bush who push the creation of Common Core on no only the people of Florida but the entire USA? Explain how a so called self anointed compassionate conservative want's to indoctrinate our your on Islam and homosexuality!

Then when the people rise up, Rick Scott wants to change the name of Common Core so the ignorant people will think their is "diversity" between him and Jeb Bush.

It was George W. Bush who said "You can fool some of the people all of the time , and those are the ones we want to concentrate on!"

But, if he's sobered up a little more he might have realized you can't fool all of the people all of the time! that's the problem with drunks and drug addicts they see the world through rose colored glasses!

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