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Keith Ellison Couldn't Have Been More Played If He Had Mattel Written Across His Forehead

December 16, 2016 - 8:00am

Let's face it. There is a certain faction of the Jewish community that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever accept Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison as Democratic National Committee Chair, no matter what he does, or how he does it. 

So I get why he accepted an opportunity presented to him by Stephen Bittel, who was feeling the Bern so much so by Our Revolution backing Dwight Bullard in word AND deed, that he decided to play a desperate Keith Ellison like a Stradivarius.

Think about it.

Keith Ellison endorses Bittel, allegedly, seeing as how we have only Bittel's word to go on, and Bittel runs around like the town crier spouting off about his new-found progressive street cred. (We aren't buying that, by the way).

Keith Ellison draws the ire and hate of true progressives, which he has, because we know Stephen Bittel "ain't worth the salt in food" when it comes to being progressive.

Keith, Keith, Keith.

These streets ain't for everybody. That's why they made sidewalks. You should have stayed on the sidewalk for this one!  Bruh! I thought you knew that! You've been out here too long to be played like this.

Keith Ellison
Keith Ellison

Why didn't you call me? We have mutual friends! I could have saved you. Now I hope Tom Perez beats the brakes off of you. And something tells me Stephen Bittel does, too.

If you are willing to sell out prior to getting the DNC post, what won't you do once you get it?

I thought you were a stand-up kind of guy. Your back is bent, and right now, Stephen Bittel is riding it.

You aren't looking like a stallion, my brother. You are looking like a donkey.

Stephen Bittel is trying to kill two birds with one stone. YOU AND Dwight Bullard.

Dwight Bullard is fighting the good fight.

You, Keith Ellison, rolled over like a trained seal.

I'm actually glad you didn't issue a statement. Let your massa do the talking for you.

Because that is exactly what Bittel has become. He owns you now.

I have to say I'm proud of Oscar Braynon and the rest of the Democratic senators in Florida who are preparing for the unfortunate possibility of a Bittel chair by breaking away.

Some say Bill Nelson helped with this Ellison/Bittel "thing".

2018 is going to see Florida lose the aging Bill Nelson as U.S. senator.

We've had enough of his treatment and his meddling. He is going down.

People seem to be afraid of (former) Sen. Bill Nelson.

The black community is not.
We won't forgive and we won't forget, but more importantly ...

We won't be turning out for him.

Leslie Wimes is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


Thanks for posting this Leslie. I wonder who was the messenger who delivered the DEAL that turned Rep. Ellison into a DWS lackey?

Ouch. May be true. But why aren't WE taking on the Jewish lobby that selects, controls and bullies Americans' representatives. I am 1000% over the Zionists who have completely taken over U.S. government, both foreign and domestic policy, banking, and media. I've had it. More than a third of our reps are dual citizens. That is true for those installed in intel and nat'l security, and I already mentioned policy making. We have a big problem, people. And it's INSIDE our government. This must end.

I love it when you get excited Leslie!!!.. You are so kind when you tell Keith Ellison he's looking like a donkey (He probably thought you meant "Democrat" when you actually meant "ASS" (as in donkey (-; ) (Even Louis Farrakand probably chuckling at that one !) Dwight Bullard needs the chance to "come out from behind the curtain" Folks... We're in a whole new "Trump era"... If nothing else, Let's see where it goes... We have nothing to lose !!! The excitement is contageous !

Leslie you are a lackey for the Republican Party and the Sunshine State rag. Democrats laugh at you.

Anonymous go kick rocks. Leslie called it right.

She's still color blind!

WOW,.. your head is up in a deep, dark place "Anon"...It's hard to see things from YOUR "point of view" !

BIttel will make the Democratic Party Great again! Trust me.

If we trusted you "Jim b", Hillary would now be executing the "coup de gra'ce" (the killing blow) upon our Republic !

You're right. You won't turn out. But because it's 2018 and ya'll don't turn out for shit in midterms

You'll see! Don't be surprised now come 2018 "Tommy", because we'll ALL 'be there' to escort "Zippy, the ride along rocketeer Nelson" (don't touch any buttons or switches "Senator Zippy", your 'ride' is almost over) into oblivion.

Truth spoken!

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