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Ken Sukhia Wins Conservative Straw Poll in CD 2

May 16, 2016 - 7:30pm
Ken Sukhia
Ken Sukhia

Congressional hopeful Ken Sukhia beat out his Republican primary rivals in a straw poll held at the end of last week by conservative group Florida Family Policy Council.

The straw poll was held after a debate in Tallahassee on Thursday. Sukhia, who served as U.S. attorney in North Florida under President George H.W. Bush, took 42 percent of the vote with Tallahassee attorney Mary Thomas in second with 28 percent. Dr. Neal Dunn and businessman Jeff Moran are also running in the Republican primary. 

“I thank the debate attendees who cast their ballots for me and hope they’ll join in my fight to fix Washington and return conservative values to America,” said Sukhia. “Our district deserves someone with a proven conservative record who won’t back down to the Washington establishment. I’m ready for the fight!”

Sukhia entered the race at the end of March. He has reeled in the support of some prominent figures including conservative author Peter Schweizer and former Congressman Bill Grant who ran for the Senate in 1992 against Bob Graham, the father of current incumbent Gwen Graham who is retiring after a single term in Congress. 

After the latest round of redistricting, the seat became far more advantageous for Republicans. No Democrat has stepped in to replace Graham yet though there is talk that Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda who currently represents parts of Leon County in the House and is term limited in November, could run. Libertarian Rob Lapham is also running. 

Under the new map, the district takes all of Bay, Calhoun, Dixie, Franklin, Gilchrist, Gulf, Jackson, Lafayette, Levy, Liberty, Suwannee, Taylor, Wakulla, and Washington counties, less than half of the population of Leon County, most of Columbia County and fractions of the populations of Marion and Jefferson counties. 


Ken won because he had the room packed with his church members who all voted for him. Not necessarily a representative vote based on performance.

I was there and intended to vote for another candidate. Ken's performance changed my mind.

Riiiight. Brilliant performance, especially the part where Ken flip flopped on term limits. Brilliant!

Just like when Mary was all for climate change when she worked for Charlie Crist?

Who's that with Charlie Crist? Oh, Ken Sukhia:

Who's so afraid of her association with Crist that she has a 2.5 year void in her career?

Ken Sukhia was a US Attny from 91-93 and that's his claim to fame. Since then, crickets. That's a 23 year void in his career. Except for a few of those years when Ken was Charlie Crist's personal attorney. Hey now!

During the so-called "23 year void" Ken, fought planned parenthood defending Florida's Parental Notice of Abortion Act, fought for the right of the military to cast their vote, defended educational freedom and the Florida School Voucher program, assisted in the case that went to the Supreme Court challenging Obamacare, fought for the passage of the Internet Decency Act protecting our children, testified before Congress for a Stronger Criminal Justice System, fought to save Terri Schiavo from forced death, testified against President Obama's across the board reductions in Federal Drug Sentences, organized the state's first joint Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Task Force, and testified against planned parenthoods sale of fetal body parts. During that time Mary Thomas was suing counties for violating Charlie Crist's green climate change agenda, and oh ya, she also started a petition.

You clearly haven't done your homework, Ms. Mary Thomas intern. George W. Bush's federal counsel during the 2000 recount. Beat Planned Parenthood in defense of Florida's Parental Notice of Abortion law Defended Florida voucher program in court The list goes on and on -- all conservative causes.

If he can keep this up he'll have a legit shot at beating Dunn.

Don't get too excited Ken, if straw polls were predictors, Ron Paul would be President.

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