Lenny Curry Offers His Draft of Charlie's Democratic Convention Address

By: Jim Turner | Posted: August 31, 2012 11:45 AM

Charlie Crist Flipped

Charlie Crist in the headlights | File Photo

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry has sent a video to Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston -- what he believes the public may hear from former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist next week at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

“You and President Obama have invited our former governor to address your party's national convention,” Curry wrote in a note accompanying the video.

“In a spirit of bipartisan cooperation, I thought it would be beneficial for you to get a preview of some of the messages you could hear from Charlie Crist. I think you'll find Crist's comments of interest.
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"Please don't misunderstand me. If you want to give speaking slots to people who compare President Obama to Jimmy Carter, declare their support for Sarah Palin, and do all this while identifying themselves as "Ronald Reagan Republicans," I can understand why. Because returning to the conservative principles of the Republican Party is the only way we can get our country back on the path to prosperity.

"Less than two years ago, Charlie Crist agreed by saying all these things and more."

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4:41PM AUG 31ST 2012
Hate, hate, hate over Crist. Republicans must be REALLY worried. What did they expect after demonizing and pushing moderates out of the party?

And now they think they're going to get moderates and independents vote this November?

The party that just says "NO" to everything, even their own previous proposals?

The party that says, following in GW's footsteps, you're either with us or agin' us?

The party that attacks blacks, hispanics, women, teachers, unions, firefighters, government workers, Arab-Americans, all non-Christians, scientists and science, including evolution and climate change, but believes in an UN conspiracy to take over the US through Agenda 21 and even states that in their platform?

The party that would deny abortions to women who get raped and become pregnant?

The party that believes it's a fundamental right to have no gun controls and unlimited ammo magazine sizes?

The party that has a platform believing that water is a property right even in states like Florida whose laws state otherwise?

Yeah, once your agenda gets a little more press, ain't going to be many moderates and independents coming your way.

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