Liberal Groups Sink Money into Alex for Congress

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: January 22, 2014 3:55 AM
Alex Sink

Alex Sink

Despite signing a pledge to “put Pinellas over politics,” former state CFO Alex Sink continues to rely on super-PACs and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), as she aims to win a special congressional election.

On Tuesday, the DCCC launched a new commercial attacking Jolly’s record as a lobbyist. “David Jolly’s proud to be a lobbyist,” the narrator of the ad says. “Is Jolly proud of lobbying for special interests that received over $3 million in taxpayer-funded earmarks? Or the firm lobbying for hundreds of millions for a dictator in Pakistan?”

The ad will be running through the weekend, as the DCCC drops $200,000 on it.

In the meantime, Sink is also getting the support of other outside groups. Emily’s List is blasting mailings hitting Jolly and reports emerged Tuesday that House Majority PAC, a Democratic super-PAC, is planning to spend around $650,000 on ads in February. Allison Tant, chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, also sent out a fundraising email on Sink’s behalf Tuesday.

Republicans pushed back with Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), pointing to the pledge Sink signed last week and insisted the Democrat is not living up to it.

“Alex Sink is willing to say and do anything in order to distract voters from learning about her support of Obamacare, which is already hurting Pinellas families and seniors,” Prill said. “If Sink really wants to put Pinellas over politics, then it’s time for her to stop hiding behind Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat super-PACs and own up to her support of this devastating health care law.”

Jolly himself insisted Sink would be relying on outside groups as the race continues. Pointing to a new poll from Jim McLaughlin, Jolly insisted his lead would force Sink to go on the attack. The internal poll from the well-regarded pollster shows Jolly leading with 43 percent followed by Sink with 38 percent and Overby with 4 percent. The poll of 400 likely voters was taken from Jan. 16-19 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percent. A poll from St. Pete Polls unveiled last week had Jolly ahead 47 percent with Sink at 43 percent.

In a memo attached to the poll, McLaughlin offered this: "The fundamentals in this survey favor a Jolly win, leaving the Democrats with one option: trying to buy this race with big money from Washington and outside groups. The Jolly campaign can expect an onslaught of negative attacks from the Sink campaign and her liberal, Democrat special-interest allies. With the necessary resources, considering David Jolly’s lead, he should be in good shape for the special election."

Besides claiming the “momentum is on our side," Jolly agreed with McLaughlin.

“This means that the Washington establishment behind Alex Sink is going to continue to commit millions upon millions of dollars to try to distort my record of service to Pinellas and take away our momentum,” Jolly wrote. “The Democrats know that Hillsborough County resident Alex Sink’s stance on Obamacare is bad for Pinellas and they know this is a real problem for her in CD 13.”

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Susan Brereton
7:31PM FEB 5TH 2014
As a Republican, I must say after all the negative ads I will be voting for Alex Sink.. I do not want a lobbyist as our Congressman
8:00PM JAN 22ND 2014
Funny how "local" Congressional District elections today, attract so much outside interest. Let's move the campaigns exclusively onto the internet, and let the whole world vote. I mean, that makes as much sense as what we're doing now.
11:24AM JAN 22ND 2014
Many (including 2012 Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney) have repeated: "What is sauce for the [filtered word], is sauce for the gander." Thanks to Citizen's United, elections are influenced by cash and outside interests. Anyone who doesn't tap the funds is unnecessarily putting themselves at a disadvantage. Thank you Judge Roberts. Then it puts the pressure on the Representative to "return the favor' to those who step up. Its bad for both parties. We need to fix Campaign Financing laws.

Is Mr. Jolly a Lobbyist. That might be important for the voters to know. Does Alex Sink believe the ACA is good for Pinellas? The voters need to know. But they have their own personal views on ACA.

Mine includes having a great job at a progressive company that provides exceptional health insurance. I don't need it and would have preferred Single Payer personally. My conservative, values-voting, Republican sisters on the other hand have reluctantly but under no uncertain terms signed up for "Obamacare" and are quite relieved they may benefit from its many good offerings.

Our millionaire representatives of both sides of the aisle have forgotten what it is like to not have access to insurance, be laid off from a job that provides livable wages and facing old age with threats to Social Security with every budget vote.

My sincere hope is that the voters of Pinellas at least vote their interests and pay close attention to messaging that is intended to scare them, vs messaging that is meant to inform them.

Look at Michigan, West Virginia (12 indictments against former GOP Governor "Vaginal Probe" O'Donnell and his wife) and lets not forget Christie's "pay-to-play with Superstorm Sandy Relief money" New Jersey to see what these guys DO once they are in office, not what they SAY.

It is a very sad day to be a registered FL-R. My vote and donations are heading to Alex Sink.
12:20AM JAN 23RD 2014
Having been a military wife of 20 yrs. plus I'm just fed up w/ the lack of stability of Congress in General. This last stunt of funds with held is CRAP!!! My 1 son still goes to Afghanistan for his civilian job after retiring from the USAF. And I can tell you this--people are just really concerned about what is going on. People are so confused about Health care what is this or that. And to see our government not help in the right directions is frightening. How about a TV piece explaining exactly what health care is & how our social security works. That's what Alex Sink can give the people--honesty, integrity, and the guts to make it happen!!!
12:20PM JAN 23RD 2014
Spor on! Why do people continue to vote for Republicans that have as a core priciple that government does not work and then make sure it does not work , especially for the folks. The Republicans do however make sure that their narrow special interest supporters get rewarded with tax breaks and plenty of no bid government contracts as well as other largeese.
9:24AM JAN 22ND 2014
The term "Liberal" is a socially acceptable name for socialist or communist. Call it for what it is.

The fact they support Ms. Sink is reason alone to NOT vote for her for anything. Is telling into how she too must think.
1:11PM JAN 22ND 2014
Franc, is ignorance bliss? Apparently not as you seem not to happy while promulgating falsehoods.

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