Liberal Media Make a Mountain out of a Molehill in RPOF Vote

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: June 5, 2014 3:55 AM
Leslie Dougher

Leslie Dougher

The liberal media are breathlessly reporting that Leslie Dougher only getting more than 60 percent of the vote to become chairwoman of the RPOF this weekend shows that Rick Scott is in trouble -- and, as usual, they are barking up the wrong tree.  

“Florida Republicans elected a new leader, but the split vote underscores the challenges Gov. Rick Scott faces from within his own party in his re-election effort,” Dara Kam from the News Service of Florida wrote.

Unlike Michael J. Fox in the “Back to the Future” films, the media don’t need the services of Dr. Brown and a DeLorean to blast off to the distant past. In fact, the media could have only looked back four years. Dougher won 61 percent of the vote to become RPOF chairwoman this past weekend. In February 2010, John Thrasher was elected RPOF chairman over Sharon Day. Thrasher won ... with 61 percent of the vote.

How did Republicans do in 2010 after the RPOF chairman vote? Despite an ugly primary between Scott and Bill McCollum, Republicans held on to the governorship. They won the other three Cabinet races, burying all the Democrats by double digits. Marco Rubio destroyed Charlie Crist, who bolted the GOP in 2010, and Kendrick Meek, for an open U.S. Senate seat. Democratic congressmen like Alan Grayson, Allen Boyd, Suzanne Kosmas and Ron Klein were turned out of office and Lori Edwards and Charlie Justice fizzled in their efforts to beat Republican incumbents. The GOP expanded its hold on the Legislature, winning veto-proof majorities in both chambers.

There were plenty of “challenges from within the party” for the Republicans back in 2010, namely the Rubio-Crist contest and the Scott-McCollum primary. Thrasher getting 61 percent of the vote to become RPOF chair wasn’t one of them.

The same holds true with Dougher. Sure, there are people who aren’t pleased with the new leader. That’s always the case when someone new takes the reins. There are certainly arguments to be made against Dougher’s leadership. She led the GOP in conservative Clay County, not exactly a battleground. There have been a few too many RPOF chairs from North Florida lately: Dougher, Lenny Curry, Thrasher, Dave Bitner. But whatever opposition there is to Dougher has nothing to do with Scott and how the GOP will fare in November.

One of the more underrated stories of this election has been how Republicans are sticking with Scott. To be sure, there are grumbles as conservatives bemoan how Scott hasn’t cut spending and has not brought an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida. But Scott has caught Crist in the polls and one of the chief reasons is that Republicans are backing their candidate. Having a turncoat like Crist as the main Democrat in the race helps.

Even so, Scott has made major gains with Republicans. Last spring, polls showed more than 40 percent of Republicans wanted somebody else besides Scott as their candidate. Now Scott gets around 80 percent of Republicans behind him. That’s not something to be taken lightly, especially after the 2010 primary and its aftermath, when McCollum refused to endorse Scott, not to mention Crist running four times for statewide office as the Republican candidate.

Rick Scott has his challenges, to be sure, this election year. But the margin of Dougher’s win isn’t indicative of any of them.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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Fred Gottshalk
1:42PM JUN 5TH 2014
I do not believe that Rick Scott is in trouble. The split vote means that the FLGOP is in trouble. Everyone should donate to their candidate of choice, because the FLGOP will only give money to their hand picked RINOs, especially under MS Dougher. She believes folks in her position are the 'elite'.
Your are Right
3:17PM JUN 5TH 2014
Rick Scott is not in trouble as long as the Jeb Bush machine has got the clint Curtis optical scanner voter fixer chips!

IN fact Rick Scott is is such good shape he's not even politicking to the Repubs on the ground, only the so called public servant elites!

Just yesterday he made a top secret slide into first base like run in Leesburg. Even some of the local Repub mover and shakers didn't know he was coming to town. But he showed up at a Leesburg kitchne business owned by a Lake County School Board member Bill Mathias and the entire Lake County Bush machine was their to endorse him.

Then they made a public announcement in the local mullet wrapper!

All of this political stops are top secret now because he does not want documented video proof that his people on the ground support is gone.

You can only rob the real public servants retirement benefits and raises so many times until you (Rick Scott) are known for the crimes you commit. But the Jeb Bush machine will reelect Rick Scott with their fantasy illusion election and the real people will never be invited to the party. The Republican Party that is!
1:00PM JUN 5TH 2014
When you haven't had the legislature in 17 years and the governor's mansion in 15 (technically, Wind Sock Charlie's term doesn't count), you get desperate.
and the truth is
8:25AM JUN 5TH 2014
The political arena is rigged like the closed shop union that it is. They love to fling around winning percentages, the higher of course the better. What they never tell you is how many people was allowed to vote! Like they never tell you the percentages of voters turn outs in primaries and general elections anymore either. All they want is enough voters to turn out so they can get the numbers to manipulate the outcome of the elections for their chosen ones!
“Dougher won 61 percent of the vote to become RPOF chairwoman this past weekend.”
That is she won 61% of the votes cast of those who were allowed to vote in this closed shop election!
I have sit in an REC meeting and watched first hand the local county REC Chairman manipulate the votes to elect himself by eliminating votes cast by member whom he said did not sign their pledge of office by some magic date he concocted. Had he not disqualified those who voted against him he would have lost the county chairmanship.
The political arena only allows the people to have two authorized (recognized) political parties. The electoral college process makes it totally impossible for anyone to ever be elected president of the United States other than a Democrat or a Republican. Because it takes the state delegates to vote in the electoral college process and how many none major party delegates have you ever met?
Actually people are dropping from the two only authorized parties like flies. But in reality like the dead atheist, they are all dressed up with no place to go!
Where would a truly honest, moral, Christian person go to find a party who shares their interest today? No third party will suffice. The so called Libertarians’ do not fit this bill.
A huge number of honest, moral, Christian Republican’s can see their party has drifted so far to the left they do not recognize it anymore. Many of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s massive charter school conversion programs have been directly connected to such Bush friends as Gary Grappo once appointed Ambassador to Omen by George W. Bush. Other Bush push charter schools in Texas and Florida have been directly connected to the Gulen – Muslim charter schools. Bush insider Ray Sansom is VP of Rader Group Charter Schools.
Both Rick Scott and Jeb Bush can run from Common Core and Scott can change the name of it, but remember Jeb and friends copyrighted Common Core Standards. It is what it is and the evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Common Core is a sinister plot to allow the federal government (once again by passing congress) to absorb total control of the education of America’s youth thereby allowing them to effective convert our former education systems into nothing less than youth programming!
This coupled with the Republican party’s massive funding from people like Mel Sember and Paul Singer to homo-a-nize America’s youth has brought a lot of people to realize, they don’t care what going on in Denmark; there’s something rotten right here in Florida and the United States that’s more important. And that is their plan to move in and finish their takeover of and destruction of the rights of the people and the programming of our youth for their so called New World Order.

By the way. You can expect Obama to spiral into such a contemptuous leader and continue to do such obviously stupid things as we have recently seen, all designed to fast track the Muslim movement on one hand while making yet one more Bush look like a savior on the other hand.
1:09PM JUN 5TH 2014
Libertarians quite fully fit the bill of being live-and-let-live Christians but not do-as-we-say Christians.
C Breeze
8:10AM JUN 5TH 2014
Move on folks,...nothing to see here.
Scott in a "landslide" ! Democrats (from the White House to State Houses across this Nation) in a "blind tizzy" weeping and gnashing their teeth and circling (like the lemmings they have become), searching for cliffs to 'run over'. This Democrat malady has been painfully obvious during the last decade; the fact that THEY can't see it is evidence of the need to "out them" and oust them.....
COL (Ret) Chuck Winn
7:56AM JUN 5TH 2014
A deeper analysis of the total votes cast reveals the real story. If the 35 appointed members’ votes and the 4 abstentions are subtracted from the victor’s total of 106, the conservative challenger who was nominated from the floor would have won by 2 votes.

Martin County’s State Committeeman Eric Miller polled an impressive 39% without ever campaigning. This can be attributed to the respect he has gained among his fellow elected colleagues during his five year tenure on the State Committee. Eric has championed such issues as a State Party Platform, accountability of Republican Party funds, and holding elected officials accountable for adhering to GOP principals. More recently, Eric has played a leading role on the State Committee opposing such dangerous initiatives like Common Core, All Aboard Florida and Seven 50. Hopefully, our senior GOP leaders have taken notice of Eric’s strong showing. Fellow Constitutional Conservatives on the REC most indubitably are sharing my pride in my fellow Airborne Infantryman’s leading the charge on these issues.

The 35 unelected members of the State Committee are appointed by the Governor, Senate President, House Speaker and sitting GOP Cabinet Officers. These members were added to the RPOF State Committee in a 2007 change to Florida’s election statutes driven by then Gov Charlie Crist and his hand-picked Chairman Jim Greer as insurance against leadership favorites being upset by challengers. Unfortunately, this statutory feature that dilutes the voting strength of our elected State Committeemen, Committeewomen and County Chairmen has never been repealed.

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