Lois Frankel Should Cruise to a Second Term

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: March 28, 2014 3:55 AM
Lois Frankel

Lois Frankel

Lois Frankel faced a strong Republican opponent in 2012 but this year it’s a different story as she appears set for a second term. 

Frankel has been on Florida’s political stage for almost 30 years now. She burst upon the political scene by winning a Florida House seat in 1986. Moving up the ladder, Frankel served in the Democratic leadership before rolling the dice on a congressional bid in 1992. She won the first round of the primary but was beaten by Alcee Hastings in the runoff.

After losing to Hastings, Frankel looked to get back to Tallahassee, but her former aide Mimi McAndrews was holding her old seat. Frankel bested McAndrews in an ugly primary battle back in 1994 and went on to serve four more terms in the House, eventually rising to become Democratic leader.

Frankel turned her attention to local politics, serving two terms as mayor of West Palm Beach. She won impressively both times, including besting Mayor Joel Daves in the Democratic primary. Even before redistricting in Tallahassee, Frankel set her sights on running for Congress. Frankel beat Kristin Jacobs in the Democratic primary to face Adam Hasner in the general election.

Republicans had high hopes for Hasner who won conservatives over during his time in the Florida House including serving as GOP leader. Hasner spiked a U.S. Senate bid to run for the newly crafted seat. But despite national support, Hasner was running uphill in the strong Democratic district and Frankel went on to win by 9 percent.

Hasner was urged to run against Frankel again in 2014 and also pushed to challenge Patrick Murphy in a neighboring congressional district. Bowing out of both options, Hasner is staying on the sidelines this year. With Hasner out of the equation, Frankel appears headed for a second term. While there are three Republicans seeking their party’s nod against Frankel, it’s hard to imagine the likes of Andrea Leigh McGee, Jeremy Rodgers and David Wagie succeeding where Hasner failed. Republicans will probably look at other pick-up opportunities -- namely Murphy and Joe Garcia -- in Florida while trying to protect Steve Southerland and David Jolly.

Frankel hasn’t gotten much notice in her first term but then she is a freshman from the minority party. Still, Frankel is on some impressive committees including Foreign Affairs, and Transportation and Infrastructure. She’s a shrewd legislator and a political veteran. Look for  Frankel to easily win and continue her time on the political stage.

Tallahassee-based political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

Comments (4)

Patricia Conlon
5:21AM JUN 12TH 2014
Eric Cantor thought the same thing. She's got to go.
Mark is right
6:33PM MAR 29TH 2014
This political dynasty BS has got to go. mark you are right if they haven't done anything to prove they support the constitutions of the USA and the State of Florida in one term and they continue to play this "elitist BS" thjey need to go. The problem is a lot of people in the know claim Jeb Bush and his cronies have computer chips that will fix these elections for the ones they want and these same people say that's not always democrats.
12:47PM MAR 29TH 2014
Too bad. Doesn't matter which Party they belong to, CAREER politicians need to get OUT and find an HONEST JOB! Frankel happens to be a minority party member (democrat) but every sitting politician in Tallahassee and Washington D.C., who has been in office more than one term should be let loose to begin earning their way amonsgt us!
Albert J. Shalhoub
9:24AM MAR 29TH 2014
I live in Congresswoman Frankel's district an have asked where she stands on different positions. I asked about 2 different things an have received an answer to only 1 an that took OVER A MONTH TO GET AN ANSWER.
When I asked when she would hold a town meeting I was told she would have 1 by telephone where she could reach more people. It seems she is affraid to look us in the eye an answer questions. My former Congressman held regular meetings an looked you in the eye, an was not affarid to answer questions, that man was Ted Douich. I may not have agreed with all his answers, but he was always respectful, even when a person next to me said I sounded like a Republican he said to that person let him speak it's his right. He listined to me an answered my question.
Ms. Frankel seems to have no reguard for the people she represents, the sooner she is gone the better C D 22 will be.

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