It's Bill Clinton, Not Obama, Who'll be Democrats' Main Man in Florida

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: April 14, 2014 3:55 AM
Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Expect a two-term Democratic president to hit the campaign trail in Florida, but it’s not the one currently sitting in the Oval Office. 

Last week reports came out that Bill Clinton will be coming to South Florida in early May to help the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) raise money. Whoever wins the Democratic primary, most likely Charlie Crist, should be able to count on Clinton’s help against Rick Scott.

Clinton can be also be expected to pitch in for Democrats in the congressional races across Florida. Having helped out Alex Sink in last month’s special congressional election, Clinton should hit Tampa Bay if she runs against David Jolly. Back in 2012, Clinton pushed Joe Garcia’s and Patrick Murphy’s successful bids to defeat Republican congressmen. With those two Democrats expecting tough fights in November, Clinton will probably be back to help them out. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an old Clinton ally and should be able to count on his support and he might even pop up in North Florida where Democrats have high hopes for Gwen Graham against Steve Southerland.

Barack Obama remains popular with his Democratic base, something Republicans didn’t quite fully realize in 2012. Obama will continue to hit the fundraising circuit for Democrats in Florida and across the nation. But Clinton is much more popular with independents and even moderate Republicans -- something that could help Murphy and other Democrats in Florida. Despite Obama beating Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries, the former president proved an excellent asset for the Democratic ticket in 2012, giving a well-regarded speech at the convention and hitting the campaign trail.

Clinton scores points with Americans on a host of fronts. His eight years in office are still seen as the high watermark of the American economy. While there were some conflicts and military actions during his time in office -- Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia -- essentially the Clinton years were peaceful. Despite his personal failings and the impeachment effort that haunted his last years in office, Clinton towers over George W. Bush and Obama in many Americans’ minds.

Of course, Clinton has other reasons to help out Democrats. Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 -- a position she was in in 2008 before Obama caught her. This time, the Clintons don’t want to be surprised by a primary foe, meaning Bill Clinton will be front and center as he tries to collect IOUs for his wife to cash in come 2016.

As Obama continues to sink in the polls, look for Clinton to be front and center for Democrats. In 2014, and if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in 2016, Obama will be overshadowed by the former president. Just like he’ll be in Florida this year and just like he’ll be in the history books.

Tallahassee based political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

Comments (6)

what baggage
2:50PM APR 15TH 2014
"Despite some "baggage" from the past" like personally receiving drugs in white coolers from Iran-Contra pilots at his Mena AR airport. Hell thats not baggage Dubya and Jeb done it and it didn't even get an honorable mention.

Oh, maybe your was talking about the Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski and other things!
10:55AM APR 15TH 2014
Despite some "baggage" from the past, Mr. Clinton remains very popular, so this might be a very shrewd move. On the other hand, I can't help feeling that, somehow, it seems "racist". Ouch.
1:14PM APR 14TH 2014
So a sexual predator, an impeached President, will be welcomed with open arms by the Democrats.....call me *shocked*.
all smoke and mirrors
1:00PM APR 14TH 2014
The Illuminati CFR - George HW Bush calls Clinton his "adopted son."
Guess all that started with the Mena Airport business.

Wonder what CFR George Soros calls Clinton?

When all these people belong to the CFR and attend the Bohemian Grove meetings like George W. Bush said "tell me who your friends are and I'll tel you what you think!"
11:16AM APR 14TH 2014
But,but,but,democrats love their cheaters and liars.Never will people who
vote democratic change and open their eyes and ears.
Fran k
8:33AM APR 14TH 2014
Lets see here, he lied to congress, got caught cheating on his wife and he gets lauded as a hero.


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