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Rubio Bows Out After Losing to Trump in Florida

March 15, 2016 - 8:30pm
Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

After losing to businessman Donald Trump in his home state of Florida, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., bowed out of the presidential race on Tuesday. 

“We are on the right side but, this year, we are not on the winning side,” Rubio said. “I still remain hopeful and optimistic about America.”

Ripping into “fear and anger” as motivations, Rubio spoke to supporters in Miami on Tuesday night, saying there was a “political storm” which helped lead to Trump’s rise. 

“We should have seen this coming," Rubio mused. “People are frustrated."

Rubio mused over the economic turmoil in 2007-08, immigration and foreign policy, insisting they all set the stage for the current political climate. Taking aim at the “political establishment," Rubio called for a healthy “conservative movement” to fight for free market principles, a strong foreign policy and defending traditional values. 

On Tuesday night, Rubio announced he was suspending his campaign but did not throw his support behind any of the three Republican candidates still in the race. 

After serving four terms in the Florida House, including as speaker, Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010, defeating then-Gov. Charlie Crist in the Republican primary and eventually chasing him out of the GOP. Rubio is not running for a second term and will be out of the Senate following the general election. During his term in the Senate, Rubio drew fire from the right for his role in the “Gang of Eight” in pushing immigration reform and for his focus on foreign policy. 

Rubio placed third in Iowa, claiming some momentum in the first caucus. But that momentum quickly fizzled in New Hampshire as Rubio stumbled badly in a debate when he drew heavy fire from Gov. Chris Christie, R-NJ. Rubio placed fifth in New Hampshire but bounced back to come in second behind Trump in South Carolina. 

As Trump and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, claimed big victories, Rubio had a hard time, especially on Super Tuesday. Rubio carried Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Rubio placed a distant second in Florida on Tuesday, losing by 18 percent as Trump claimed the 99 delegates on the line in the winner take all primary. 

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Oh Kevin, how your story title does NOT describe what really happened in yesterday's Florida vote. Trump soundly defeated Rubio, Trump easily crushes Rubio, or even Trump eliminates Rubio, but instead you chose a softer title. We're all adults here and it's time to take the 'nancy blinders' off and call it as it is. The people of this country are absolutely tired of political rhetoric and empty promises which have been made by current and former elected officials, including Rubio, who was as worthless a senator as he was in the Florida House! Washington's so called political insiders had better wake up and be prepared as the guy who will end the bs is well on his way. Trust Hillary? Why? She's lied about almost every detail of her life including her marriage to Bill, one of the better Presidents of our time. Those thinking a vote for Hillary gets two presidents for the price of one are simply just not thinking! Hillary's general attitude to be commander in chief is far more important to her than to worry about important issues to the American citizens. Trump, who clearly loves our country, is the only guy who will shake things up to the core and, at the very least, breathe life back into the entire country! GO TRUMP!

Hopefully Rubio will go back and do the job the voters in Florida elected him to do. Maybe if he does and shows us that he is serious, we might consider Rubio as Trumps running mate.

It is great to see more Republicans dropping like fly's. None of them have been for WE THE PEOPLE. They are all about party and their own ego's

HUH?!?.. WHUT?!?..WTF?!?.. (You must be sampling the "medical marijuana" ALREADY...before it's even considered legal; OR, are you of the "Black tooth Meth Tribe"?...)

The only people for "We the people" are the Republicans the Democrats are for destroying the country. The Democrats have not followed the Constitution on anything. Glad to see Obama go.

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