Marco Rubio: Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Stunt Economic Growth, Stifle Job Creation

By: Sunshine State News | Posted: January 2, 2013 3:55 AM

Marco Rubio

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio | Credit: Shealah Craighead

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, one of eight senators to reject the fiscal-cliff deal early Tuesday, released an unapologetic statement explaining his vote.

“I appreciate all the hard work that went into avoiding the so-called 'fiscal cliff.' I especially commend Senator McConnell's efforts to make the best out of a bad situation. Nevertheless, I cannot support the arrangement they have arrived at. Rapid economic growth and spending reforms are the only way out of the real fiscal cliff our nation is facing. But rapid economic growth and job creation will be made more difficult under the deal reached here in Washington.

“Thousands of small businesses, not just the wealthy, will now be forced to decide how they'll pay this new tax, and chances are they'll do it by firing employees, cutting back their hours and benefits, or postponing the new hire they were looking to make. And to make matters worse, it does nothing to bring our dangerous debt under control.

“Of course, many Americans will be relieved in the short term that their taxes won't go up. However, in the long run they will be hurt when employers pass on to them one of the largest tax hikes in decades. Furthermore, this deal just postpones the inevitable, the need to solve our growing debt crisis and help the 23 million Americans who can't find the work they need.”

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, as expected, voted for the deal.

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7:39PM JAN 4TH 2013
rubio will pander to any group, at any time, for any reason, if he thinks it will get him elected president. this time it just happens to be the hard right. just wait a week, he'll throw them under the bus again.
Torrey Craig
10:08AM JAN 3RD 2013
Who isn't in favor of apple pie and Mom? We all are including Mr. Rubio. The problem Mr. Rubio fails to confront is specificity. Many have concluded that spending needs to reduced, Mr. Rubio has not stated how he would achieve that goal. Certainly everyone is in favor of economic growth, Mr Rubio has yet to present specfic plans to achieve this laudable goal. As the old saying goes - The Devil is in the details. Unfortunately Mr. Rubio has been very short of details.
Bruce Ballister
10:27PM JAN 2ND 2013
Absolutely disagree with Senator Rubio on this. There were so many positives for working class people in this bill that it is REALLY hard to consider that it is bad for Floridians. Most of us do, after all, work. On the other hand this bill did very little for spending reduction. I agree that there need to be formulaic changes in federal spending. I would start first with the sacred golden calf, the military. I know that the the F-35 is a big deal for a few hundred people in the panhandle, but do we really need to have a half billion dollar fighter? We waste far too much money on military boondoggle. I'd rather spend that on serious job training and rehab for the returning vets who will find no civilian job equivalent to riding in the gunner seat of a HumVee. Bless them all.
We will have yet another show-down with everyone stressing at high political pheromone and hormone levels in two months. Marco, I would trade you in for a real person with a soul in a miami minute!
7:24PM JAN 2ND 2013
I read where all the senators & congress got raises. Was the president buying their votes? I think he needs to be stopped getting everything he wants by executive order. What-ever happened to majority votes? If things keep going the way they are, our country is going down. Save a lot of money by not allowing Obama so many vacations.
John Lindquist
7:20PM JAN 2ND 2013
I have paid taxes my whole life.I have never been broke or in deit if i didnt have the money i did not buy it , When i ran my business if i couldnot afford to give my self a raise i didnt take it , so all of you in congress and the excutive branch that is a parasite living off the private sector and retires sould be ashamed of theirselfs . and as far as Bill Nelsons goes I call his offfice 2 weeks a'go and ask his office do they belive in the CONSITUTION Of The UNITED STATES AND I WAS TOLD THAT THEY COULD NOT COMMENT ,so i take it that we have a US Senator from the state of fla. that Does not belive in the Consitution of The United States , so in my opion he should be inpeached for not up holding the laws and Consitution of this land .I serv, my country as for some one that serviced my country with honor as of now I will not invest in this country .Because what ever i have to invest i am punished to invest. So as far as i am concern this country can go broke i dont care anymore , All the answer is more taxes from the people , I called your office 2 years ago to discuss unfair hwy. usage Tax to homeowners in the US AND GOT NO REPLY FROM YOU.
5:46PM JAN 2ND 2013
ROBIO IS RIGHT!! One of the last sane senators we have. Every senator and rep took an oath to uphold our Constitution against all enemies, forgeign AND DOMESTIC. We need them to fight these communists!!
5:45PM JAN 2ND 2013
Are Jack Lee and Mark's comments a little crazy below?? OMG, we are headed for a communistic collapse right out of the history books and you are still defending the communist muslim disctator. It would serve you both right if YOU lost your job or lost your business first.
Jack Lee
4:24PM JAN 2ND 2013
Good job Marco !!! Florida Supports you !!!

Marco Rubio For President 2016 !!!

Rick Scott 2014 !!!
11:55AM JAN 3RD 2013
Yeah, like either one of those are going to happen . . . . have about as much a chance of electing shrill Sarah Palin or "Communist in every closet" Allen West as President . . . . .the nation and Florida will have moved on and ignore science denier and creationist Marco Rubio . . . . and lame duck "I didn't do no voter suppression" Rick Scott . . . .

Pathetic . . .
3:15PM JAN 2ND 2013
Rubio obviously learned nothing from the election. He better moderate quickly or he will be as irrelevant as the other Tea Party nuts
12:43PM JAN 2ND 2013
Rubio votes against the American people, again.

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