Marco Rubio Names Veteran Conservative Cesar Conda as Chief of Staff

Longtime Beltway staffer served under Dick Cheney and Spence Abraham
By: Kevin Derby | Posted: January 29, 2011 3:55 AM

Cesar Conda

Cesar Conda

A day after announcing his committee assignments, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio named conservative stalwart Cesar Conda, a veteran of Beltway politics and policy, as his chief of staff.

“After a long and exhaustive search, I am pleased to announce that Cesar Conda has agreed to come on board as my chief of staff,” Rubio said Friday. “During the campaign, Cesar was a valued policy adviser and as we transitioned into the Senate, his counsel was fundamental in putting together our staff and ensuring that our offices in Washington and throughout Florida were open on day one. Cesar brings a wealth of policy, legislative, political and management experience that will greatly aid our office’s mission of serving the people of Florida.”

Conda worked with the Miami Republican during the 2010 election cycle, serving as a policy adviser and on the transition team.

The new chief of staff has a wealth of experience in politics and in the Senate, working for former U.S. Sen. Spence Abraham, R-Mich., and former U.S. Sen. Robert Kasten, R-Wis.. Conda also worked under Kasten on the Senate Small-Business Committee -- which Rubio announced on Thursday he was joining. Conda also advised Bob Dole’s presidential campaign back in 1996 and Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2008.

A member of the board of Empower America, the think tank associated with William Bennett and the late Jack Kemp before merging with another group in 2004, Conda also served as executive director for the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, a conservative public policy organization. Conda has also been associated with the Susan B. Anthony List, a PAC dedicated to electing female candidates who are pro-life.

Conda also served in George W. Bush’s administration, working as domestic policy assistant to Vice President Dick Cheney from 2001 until 2003. During his tenure with Cheney, Conda worked on creating tax cuts for all Americans which were recently extended by Congress.

On Friday, Conda stressed the conservative agenda that both he and Rubio share.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with Senator Rubio as he pursues conservative alternatives to the policies coming out of Washington that are taking our country in the wrong direction,” said Conda. “From day one, Senator Rubio’s staff has been working throughout Florida on behalf of all Floridians and I look forward to joining this incredible team.”

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