Marco Rubio's New Tactic on Immigration Reform: Can't Trust Obama

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: October 18, 2013 3:55 AM
Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Break time’s over for Marco Rubio as immigration reform gets ready to move back into the political spotlight, but he might have a new strategy in dealing with the issue which remains unpopular with Republicans.

In the first half of the year, Rubio was the public face of the “Gang of Eight” on immigration reform. Rubio was everywhere on it, from the usual round of Sunday morning talk shows to the weeknight shows on Fox News.

But after the “Gang of Eight’s” bill passed the Senate and the House did nothing with it, Rubio turned his focus to bashing Obamacare. Rubio made the rounds on the same shows, this time calling for defunding Obamacare.

There’s a reason for that. Rubio started off the year as one of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. But, the more Rubio hit the airwaves to plug immigration reform, the more his 2016 numbers started dropping. The likes of Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul leapfrogged Rubio in the polls.

Rubio kept pace with Cruz, Paul and Paul Ryan in voting against Harry Reid’s deal with Mitch McConnell to blow up the debt ceiling cap and end the government shutdown, and once again Rubio hit the television shows. Between that and his war against Obamacare, Rubio was starting to hit his stride to build bridges with Republicans.

But Rubio is about to be forced to deal with immigration reform again. In a nationally televised news event on Wednesday night, President Barack Obama said now that the shutdown is over and the debt ceiling stalemate ended for the moment, it was time to turn to other issues. Obama said immigration reform was one such issue. Speaking in front of the White House on Thursday morning, Obama repeated that immigration reform was an issue that needed attention.

This is bad news for Rubio’s presidential ambitions and he was asked about immigration reform on Fox News on Thursday. Rubio tried to find a balance between supporting immigration reform while not saying he would work with Obama on the issue, which would hurt him with the tea party and conservatives in 2016.

“You have been one of the leading proponents of immigration reform in the Senate. Has the White House contacted you?” Jon Scott from Fox News asked Rubio. “And will you work with them on some kind of immigration reform?”

“Look, immigration remains a big deal in this country that needs to be addressed,” Rubio said. “The Senate has passed a bill. The House will now consider it. And we need to give them the time and space to figure out what they can support. I do think it is important that we be realistic about what the House can support and what they are working on. I think there are areas where a vast majority of Americans agree on: the need to have a legal immigration system that works; the need to enforce our existing laws.”

Rubio tried out a new tactic, insisting Obama and Democrats can’t be trusted after their roles in the shutdown and the debt ceiling.

“There are other areas that are going to be more difficult to find consensus on, quite frankly, even more difficult now, given the lack of trust in government and the way that this White House and the Democrats have behaved over the last three weeks," Rubio said. “We cannot ignore that; that is going to be a factor moving forward in all this. But let’s give the House an opportunity to see what, if anything, they can support with regard to that. And then there will be a further conversation about it. But I certainly think the president’s behavior over the last three weeks has made it harder, not easier.”

Rubio will be hard-pressed to get to the right of Paul and Cruz on the issue. Mitt Romney was able to cut off Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Perry’s right flanks on immigration last time out. As immigration reform resurfaces, Rubio will need to tune his message. For the moment, though, Rubio is betting conservatives are madder with Obama than they are with him on immigration reform.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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George Fuller
4:18PM OCT 21ST 2013
Rubio is toast in Florida........he's going the same way another Cuban Senator from FL......opposed amnesty to get elected then ran the campaign to pass it......Martinez resigned when his poll numbers dropped dramatically.....no reason to think Rubio won't go as well.

As far as running for president......it would be nice if writers of these articles would do some homework.....Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, Haley and Santorum are not natural Born Citizens.......

Don't believe me......google Natural Born Citizen.....google Mario Apuzzo......Publius Huldah........Supreme Court case Venus in 1814.....

If you still think Rubio is eligible then i suggest you learn English........An don't say Obama is not a NBC......that's right......and the republicans kept their mouths shut........ask your congressman why.
9:38PM OCT 18TH 2013
Rubio is like a pregnant women, keep changing his mind.
6:26PM OCT 18TH 2013
OK Rubio has a 60% plus to the not true side of the ledger by all of the fact checking organizations. President Obama has a 60% or more to the true side of the ledger by them. By the by, the Republicans orchestrated the Federal Governmentr shutdown. President Obama and the Democrats defended the best interests of the people. Just as immigration reform would be in the best interests of the people.
2:36PM OCT 18TH 2013
Wow! Talk about the "pot calling the kettle black" but this one takes the cake...

Yes, Obama can't be trusted but neither can Marco. After all, he wanted amnesty for the illegals. We already did that wth Reagan. Can't keep doing that every 10 years. Might as well change our name to Mexico if we do...
2:31PM OCT 18TH 2013
Talk about mistrust. Senator Rubio should look in the mirror. When he was Speaker of the Florida House he refused to allow 5 bills that would have helped us crack down on illegal immigration from even being debated.

Then, when he ran for the Senate, he ran on not supporting illegal immigrants, amnesty, or path to citizenship but once elected he turned around again.

(No surprise to me, but it puts him in the same category as the President he speaks against.)
Susan K Foddrill
10:46AM OCT 18TH 2013
"Sanctuary City USA" and Obama's cronies in San Antonio TX are toast.

San Antonio TX Mayor Castro ( Obama campaign co-manager) , city attorney Bernard ( brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard) and SAPD Chief William McManus are being sued in Federal Court for Constitutional violations after they banned a law-abiding citizen from City Hall and public meetings for almost four years in an effort to conceal public/police corruption. Along with Councilman Diego Bernal, Councilman Cris Medina, IT Director Miller, etc .they have been reported to the DOJ, HUD, the FBI, etc. for helping cover-up decades of grant fraud, bond fraud, theft, falsification of government documents, perjury, obstruction, theft/misuse of 911 funds ( 25% failure rate for emergency calls) , Open Meeting violations, two” frauds upon the court” - 2009 and 2013 financed with tax dollars, HUD theft/fraud where city persons submitted false statements to federal investigators in case HL-10-0465, etc…Sadly the Feds look away and help Obama protect the guilty .

The Free-Speech / Freedom of Assembly lawsuit is moving forward and former City Telecommunications Manager John E Foddrill Sr obtained the representation of a Dallas TX law firm. US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez has denied the City’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit …5:13-cv-00051…stating- " Each day that Plaintiff was allegedly barred from accessing public facilities he suffered a constitutional injury" and “the fact that for close to four years Plaintiff was prohibited from exercising his rights to free speech and assembly".
2:37PM OCT 18TH 2013
And you have no relationship to John Edward Foddrill Sr., who from various blogs around the net, appears to be on the one pushing such accusations, correct? . . . . or is this just another misused pseudonym on SSN? . . . . irrelevant to the Rubio-immigration topic at hand, potentially self-serving, and clearly . . . . . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Liberal Frank
2:41PM OCT 18TH 2013
"Pathetic Frank" will almost always resort to the democratic party proven method of debate, "The Personal Attack"

...and practice and practice and practice he does
6:51PM OCT 18TH 2013
More SSN Eric-style fan club want-to-bees without a thing to say . . . . wonder what zip code this new pseudonym comes from . . . . I'm surprised you're not discussing Iranian politics . . . it would be about as germane as the Foddrill comment above . . . . but context never matters to Libertarian Mad Hatters who are far from right and just . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
10:01AM OCT 18TH 2013
How do you know when Obama is lying??

When he opens his mouth...
2:20PM OCT 18TH 2013
Your nine year old on-the-playground chant is once again . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Liberal Frank
2:39PM OCT 18TH 2013
Liberal Pathetic Frank....

Your posts all have a similar core flavor.
6:51PM OCT 18TH 2013
Yes, accurate, cutting and truthful . . .

Pathetic follower. . .
9:54AM OCT 18TH 2013
Nothing is impossible when you have
God by your side....
You can believe it.....
9:38AM OCT 18TH 2013
Seems being popular is more important than doing the right thing. And trying to blame dems for the shutdown is plain wrong. Republicans wanted it, got it, complained about it, and now want to disown it. That is hypocrisy.
jack lee
7:53AM OCT 18TH 2013
Rubio had our full support before he supported amnesty, he lied to all of us in florida on imigration, ted cruz is 10 times more trustable then rubio. Rubios imigration bill would be the death of th republican part.just like reagons amnesty was the death of the california republican party
Brian Willliams
4:51AM OCT 18TH 2013
Rubio supported the OBAMA illegal alien amnesty bill in the senate. Notice Rubio still supports OBAMA amnesty , but doesnt trust Obama? Rubio is really not making any sense.
1:50AM OCT 19TH 2013
Not only Rubio, the whole republican party makes no sense. Republicans want to serve the members of the tea party and the bunch of rednecks (the only ones who support them nowadays) while pretending to be working for all of us.
Let's see if they learned a lesson with the shutdown and help to pass an immigration reform.
Brian Willliams
4:47AM OCT 19TH 2013
Its self hating, phony Black men like Obama who is a disgrace by supporting amnesty for illegals. It will cause massive wage depression for Black men and women, also for Whites. I dont see rednecks murdering Blacks and raping Black women here in LA, I see Mexican illegal alien gangs such as Florencia 13, 18th street, South Los, The Avenues, murdering our Black children.
7:42PM OCT 19TH 2013
Written like a true phony pseudonym . . . . wonder if this comment actually originates from a LA zip code . . . . or somewhere a lot, lot closer . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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