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Medical Marijuana Amendment Looks Strong in Florida

September 7, 2016 - 2:45pm

A new poll shows Florida voters are likely to pass a proposed state constitutional amendment expanding medical marijuana use in the Sunshine State while a close Senate battle looms in 2018. 

Democrat-aligned Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a survey on Wednesday showing 70 percent of likely voters support Amendment 2 while 23 percent oppose it. To pass, a proposed state constitutional amendment must get 60 percent support at the ballot box. A similar measure, also titled Amendment 2, polled well early but ended up with 58 percent support back in 2014 though supporters expect better luck in a presidential election year. 

Democrats back the proposal 81 percent to 13 percent. Amendment 2 also does well with voters outside the major parties as 70 percent support it and 21 of them oppose it. Republicans are more divided but a majority--55 percent--back the proposal while 38 percent are against it. 

Looking ahead to 2018, the poll shows Florida Democrat Bill Nelson could be vulnerable if he faces Rick Scott in his bid for a fourth term. Nelson takes 45 percent of voters while Scott pulls 41 percent. 

Scott is upside down in Florida with 47 percent disapproving of him while 42 percent approve. Nelson is in better shape with 41 percent approving of him and 30 percent disapproving of him. But, despite serving three terms in the Senate and having a political career which spans more than four decades, a large segment of voters--28 percent--are not sure what they think about Nelson. 

After his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, who served two terms as governor, is upside down in Florida with 40 percent of voters approving of him and 46 percent disapproving of him. Bush ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination after poor showings in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, pulling the plug on his campaign before heading to Florida. 

The poll of 744 likely voters was taken between Sept. 4 through Sept. 6 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.6 percent. 


By the responses made here to marijuana, it does NOT look like it is a safe bet that this will win in Nov. As soon as people find out how they are being misled, they may rethink voting yes. There are so few people who really need this drug for medical reasons, and they can be helped without the euphoric side affects, so why expose our youth to experiment with it because it is legal? Once this Amendment passes , it cannot be overturned. It is then too late to change your mind after they see the nightmare. Babies born with this addiction, Grandparents having to rise their grandchildren because the prents are addicted or worse they are taken away because both parents are addicted and can no longer be trusted to their care. Marijuana is the gateway to heroin use. If you follow what is going on in Colorado, you can see why the Gov. there is sorry he signed the bill and wishes he could overturn it. The only one who will benefit by this marijuana Amendment are the growers and sellers. Even George Soros is helping to push it besides Morgan and Morgan. Follow the money trail & you will see who really benefits.

Screw you asshole its my right to dexide for myself, not yours to decide for me. Your a holier than tho jerk or a drunk who owns liquor or cig stock. Go away

So it's better for people to be hooked on synthetic heroin/opiades your ignorant it is not addictive like the pain meds mess that exists. Get educated!

Come on Florida! You can do it. We are voting to legalize recreational marijuana to end the prohibition on cannabis in California once and for all. I believe that we will win.

Maker Of Dangerous Opioid Is Spending Big To Stop Legal Pot In Arizona - The Huffington Post - US

I am a native Floridian, born in 1960, have worked in a professional job for over 30 yrs & put 2 kids thru college as a single mom.... Cannabis was the key in getting me off opiates after an accident & 2 surgeries, prescribed by board certified physicians for 10 years. It is non addictive & helps w/ pain & sleep. To those who are concerned about cannabis I urge you to get the facts. Watch Sanjay Gupta's CNN specials on cannabis. This is a plant that needs to be de-scheduled and studied. Thanks to the DEA for approving the vet / PTSD study. More research is key but there is unequivocal evidence that it is safe as not one OD has ever occurred... Ever

Look at all the babies on here wanting Marijuana. Calling names, using dirty words or claiming how smart they are yet showing no respect for someone who opposes the use of Marijuana. These are the very people that should not be allowed near Marijuana. They say Medical yet nothing what medical condition they have where Marijuana would benefit them. Federal Law has Marijuana on schedule one list of dangerous drugs. Until this is reclassified then the pot party is over and our Countries laws enforced.

I for one absolutely respect the people that oppose. I just don't respect why. Especially when they use data and research from from the 1960's. If they had any knowledge on how to turn a computer and give me some facts or data from the 2000's. It's something that i would respect. But if someone is going say on how they don't want stoners walking around then I would hope they don't drink alcohol or take prescription drugs. If not the are just being ignorant hypocrites and that Is something that I would not accept and will call you out on it. It's not about the condition we may or may not have. its discounting the facts that this plant does actually help people with epilepsy, muscles spasm, cancer, and there are even some studies coming out now that it could help with alzheimer's. For the last 65+ years doing research on how it could have help, I bet would have done better for us medically than trying to prove how it hurts. Thanks to the schedule 1 listing.

Go to a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings, learn something or be stupid like the song says. They call it dope for a reason, dope.

Most of the people I have known that go to NA meetings were on legal drugs given to them by doctors, who eventually become addicted and abuse them.

The only people that call it dope, are the people that what you to think that's exactly what it is. i bet more than half of those people at those meeting started with something that is legal (alcohol) and something they can get from there medicine cabinet (prescription drugs). The only way to learn is to not be close minded. Which is a problem you may have. Having the vision the size of a pinhole is what has stopped this country from expanding research on this plant. Well I guess you must be the type of person that medicine was better informed in the 1950's than it is today. Dope.

Tell your story to K-12 schools, athletics directors, athletic teams & individual athletic members across America, police officers, those that have jobs in transportation from taxi cab, bus, & truck drivers. Tell them how impairment is good for people. Ever notice the difference between a stoner and someone that does not use marijuana react in an emergency situation? In a Business transaction? It's called dope for a reason and you trying to spin this is a sure sign that you are impaired. Marijuana can be a dangerous narcotic to American citizens.

Dangerous, how? Please explain. Alcohol and prescriptions drug have been far more dangerous to our society than cannabis has ever been. Fact, no has never OD'd from cannabis use. But there has been over 47K deaths that have come from Prescription drugs in 2014 and the number climbs every year. Plus I haven't even gone into alcohol repeated deaths. Athletes smoke all the time after they play as it helps them with the pain from the recovery of the game for your enjoyment. The only thing impaired here is your judgement as you have never even looked at any research or studies on the plant. The fact that you call it dope only tells me your over the age of 60 and still believe in reefer maddness. Hence giving you absolutely no creditbilty in my eyes and the eyes of many people reading your comments. Please put down the encyclopedia and turn on a computer as what you will read is updated.

Federal Law on Schedule One most dangerous drug list. Has been for 45 years and was revisited by Congress this year and they continue to keep it right where it is. Marijuana is Illegal by Federal Law. You don't like this doesn't change the fact Dean, that it is still an illegal substance.

You are absolutely right. It is still a schedule 1 drug. Now being the most dangerous is definitely is not. Now if you can see the special interest influence that caused the decision that's not some thing I can help you understand. Personally speaking I think the FDA should be the only one with the right to make that decision or at least jointly with the Dea. As the FDA as already recommended for it to be declassified. But will not be made public as it will probably cause a shit storm. States do have their own rights and they have been following what the people have voted. After this year elections more than likely over 50% of the states will pass some form of legalization. Just as the federal government has passed a bill where they can NOT go after and prosecute people who follow those state laws. Thank tou for trying as I have done more research and look at more data than most people have bothered to do.

Anonymous, you are a paranoid idiot, who has done absolutely no research, whatsoever, into the benefits of medical marijuana. There are a lot of people with debilitating illnesses who suffer taking addicting and harmful opiates and other pharmaceutical drugs, who may be able to tolerate marijuana, which is generally considered safe. (There is absolutely ZERO recorded instances of anyone dying from the use of marijuana. Can you say the same about other drugs?) Why do you feel it necessary to tell others what they use to treat their illnesses? You would probably be the FIRST person to object to Government interference in any other aspect of your life.

Attend a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings and listen to those that thought Marijuana was cool and fun and see for yourself what research actually means. Get ready for the shock of your life.

I have done more research on Marijuana over the last 46 years than you have ever researched Marijuana and you can take that to the bank. As long as Marijuana is on the Federal schedule one list of most dangerous drugs then our laws need to be enforced. Like it or not!

For 46 years of research you have claimed and not 1 shred of knowledge did you share in those 46 years in your comment. Yes we all know it's a schedule 1 drug. Even though the US Goverment holds the patent on cannabis medical use. You should try to peel back the onion, it would be interesting what you would find. But the federal laws are not being enforced when it comes to cannabis in states where it is legal. Have you not stepped out of your house from all that research since 1996. Did your research context come from an encyclopedia. There is good and bad in everything, from to much religion to eating to much chicken. You must be the type of person that likes being TOLD what to do instead of having a freedom to choose. Which is why our constitution was written to begin with.

The last thing Florida needs are stoners on our highways and stoners causing problems for everyone else. Stop this November 8th and vote no on amendment #2. No you are not entitled to walk around stoned or driving around stoned.

But they have the right to walk around drunk, right? You are an idiot. The for medical marijuana, anyway, NOT recreational. Go back to bed.

Smoke Marijuana every day for the next 20 years and come back on here and let's see who the Idiot is.

I'm still smarter

And who the fuck would care if someone walks around stoned ? It impacts you in no way whatsoever. It sounds like you have some real personal problems.

Law Enforcement does, we have laws against public intoxication for very good reasons.

You're a goddamn idiot, if you actually did any research before opening your mouth that every state that passed a medical law also state that you will receive a dui if you drive stoned. Most patients aren't idiots such as yourself and wouldn't endanger themselves or somebody else.

It's you that needs to do the research. Colorado for example is having a major increase in D.U.I. and these are the ones getting caught through accidents. Accidents kill people and the last thing we need are stoners out there killing innocent people. Here in Florida too many senior citizens are medicated driving cars. It's not all about you, it's about everyone else around dopers like you.

With the theory you suggest then we should ban alcohol, cell phones, prescription drugs, and Senior citizens. I'm sure there is plenty more on that list. Because all these things kill people when behind the wheel of a car. Once you get your head out of the sand and see this country (government) is all about money and donations on their personal interest you will then realize why it's been illegal for so long. The alcohol industry and pharmaceutical company feel threaten by this plant that's been here for thousands of years. Since you brought up Colorado did you know that since it has been legalize there prescription drugs have deceased substantially and in same case as much as over 40% in medication for pain. Saving Medicare over 65 million dollars. This is a losing battle for people that still believe in reefer madness. Google is an information highway, you should try it sometime. You may actually learn something.

YES on 2. ForThePatients!

Get a State Issue Medical Marijuana Card and then find out that The BATF has issued a ruling that you can no longer purchase a handgun for Self-Defense. Upheld by the 9th.Circuit Court of Appeals. Your NICS Background Check will be denied. Forget about getting a CCW Permit.


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