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Miami Herald Calls for Repeal of Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966

April 18, 2016 - 8:00pm

The Miami Herald has sided with U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and shamed the Senate for its refusal to repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.

"Give Sen. Rubio an A for effort on this one," reads the editorial. "Give the Senate an F."

The Cuban Adjustment Act was enacted under President Lyndon Johnson and created what essentially became a separate immigration policy for Cuban migrants coming to the country.

Cuban immigrants can adjust their immigration status to permanent resident after just a year under the act.

The federal policy came under fire from Rubio, who urged the Senate to repeal the act. Rubio's own family came over to the U.S. from Cuba in the late 1950s before Fidel Castro came into power. Rubio's parents applied for citizenship after naturalization in 1975.

The Miami Herald editorial acknowledges persecution in Cuba still exists but points to time and changing immigration policy as a consideration in keeping the policy around in 2016.

A report from the U.S. Department of State released last week found persecution still continues, with many Cubans still being arrested by political motivation. These prisoners are often denied fair trials and Cubans are still not allowed to choose their own political leaders. Some religious groups are still not allowed to congregate and worship in the country, which has been ruled by the Castro regime since 1959.

Rubio has spoken out on the Act, which he says has become heavily abused in recent years since Cubans are eligible for welfare benefits shortly after arriving in the country.

Another Florida Congressman, U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., has also called for a repeal of the policy in the House of Representatives. Like Rubio, Curbelo is also the son of Cuban exiles who immigrated to Florida.

"As many of you know, I am the son of Cuban immigrants," the Miami Republican told Congress. "I live in a community where Cuban exiles have had an indelible imprint in our country, on the state of Florida and in South Florida in particular. And yet I stand here today to say that this provision of law, this distinction, is no longer justified."

The editorial also recognizes the path to leaving the Castro regime is often a complicated affair for Cubans, but said the policy is a "relic of the Cold War."

"These days, real dissidents are able to leave Cuba and make a case for political asylum in the United States without relying on the Cuban Adjustment Act," read the op-ed. "As long as the Castro regime is in power, U.S. immigration law must remain generous for genuine Cuban dissidents and political exiles."



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Pretty great post I just stumbled upon your forum and wanted hudhfgdfg434tgag tumblr com/

Marco Polio,.."Champion of the Illegal Invader", spokesman of "The Gang of Eight".. Who knew?.. WE ALL DID ! ! ! Now he's just one more pontificating panderer (But ONLY until January. Adios Marco, Vaya Con Dios ! )

How about the 35,000 with Order of Supervision. They committed a crime in this country, they must be deported back to Cuba. How about the Cubans that just arrived and are over 65 years old and receive free Social Security, and other benefits without ever worked in this country. America wake up! These are our tax dollars. Stop the abuse!

It is past the time to CUT THE WELFARE for ALL immigrants. They want to be here, fine, WORK!

Political grandstanding. Cuba is no China, yet we accept billions in loans and allow free trade from the country with the history of the worst civil rights record for its people. Why? because cash is king to politicians...nothing more, nothing less...classic.

Cuba, Cuba, Cuba !,.. Cuban politicians, "Marielitas", "toes on the U.S. beach Cuban refugees", Cuban refugees coming across our border with Mexico, etc., etc... WHAT NEXT?!?!?..."Cuban Lives Matter" demonstrations??? America is being FORCEFULLY OVERWHELMED by irresponsibly wielded "political extortion". YES, 'legitimate' American citizens of Cuban extraction who achieved that citizenship through the "naturalization process" have done much to enhance our "AMERICAN" culture over the past 54 years! For the ever increasing numbers of "ILLEGAL INVADER CUBANS": you are destroying, or at least hurting your, own image and America's perception of your plight to escape a 'certified' Communist/Socialist country; Keep "pushing" and you will convince America that Cuba's ONLY valid contribution has been the "Cuban sandwich"... Keep succumbing to your 'version' of "community organizers" (and media "flame throwers) in Miami , and you will be regarded in the classification as Detroit, Chicago, Bedford Stuyvesant, The South Bronx, etc., etc., etc... and your economy will also diminish in the same manner and you will have successfully fomented and created a new '"Ghetto" in South Florida. You are now "on the bandwagon" of societal suicide, and "cooler heads" better get you off before the damage is permanent...

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