Mitt Romney Active in Florida, Other States, Amid Buzz of 2016 Run

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: August 14, 2014 3:55 AM
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., went to bat for a Republican congressional hopeful in Florida this week and will turn his attention to flipping a seat for the GOP in the U.S. Senate in the days to come as buzz continues that he will make a third try for the White House in 2016.

On Monday, Romney, the GOP’s presidential nominee who came up short against President Barack Obama in 2012, endorsed Miami-Dade School Board member Carlos Curbelo who is running in the Republican primary to challenge U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla., in November. Garcia is considered a top target for Republicans.

"I am proud to stand with Carlos Curbelo, a young conservative leader who will work hard to reform our government, balance the budget, and improve the quality of life for the people of Miami-Dade and Monroe counties,” Romney said in his endorsement on Monday. “As an education reformer, Carlos puts students first. In Washington, he will put his community and our country first. I urge my friends in Florida's 26th Congressional District to vote for Carlos Curbelo.”

"Gov. Romney is a great leader who has dedicated many years of his life to serving our nation, with a vision for future generations, and always striving to make us better and stronger,” Curbelo said. “In the last election he earned the support and respect of many millions of Americans.  I am honored to have his endorsement, and I share his vision for a smaller, limited government that will lead to more freedom and a robust economy for every American.”

Romney doubled down on his support for Curbelo on Tuesday, emailing supporters in an attempt to rally behind the Florida Republican.

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to Carlos Curbelo and letting him know that he has my full support in his campaign against Joe Garcia in Florida’s 26th Congressional District,” Romney wrote. “South Florida deserves strong leadership -- something that has been missing under Joe Garcia.”

Romney called on Republicans to support Curbelo with their checkbooks.
“Nancy Pelosi and her super-PACs will spend millions of dollars to smear Carlos' name and retain the seat,” Romney insisted. “We can't let them do that.
“I am proud to endorse Carlos Curbelo’s campaign,” Romney added. “It is clear to me that though our country faces many challenges, we can count on Carlos Curbelo to be part of the solution.”

Democrats pushed back against Romney’s endorsement, noting he lost the district to Obama in 2012 and trying to link Curbelo to Gov. Rick Scott.

“Carlos Curbelo’s favorite Republican pal isn’t really Mitt Romney – it’s Gov. Rick Scott,” said David Bergstein, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). “Curbelo endorsed Scott’s draconian cuts to Florida’s schools and supported cutting hundreds of education jobs himself – all while funneling millions of tax dollars to his corporate campaign contributors. Just like the Rick Scott Republican that he is, Curbelo puts himself, his political cronies and his dysfunctional politics first – which is exactly why South Floridians can’t trust him in Congress.”

Recent polls have found Romney to be increasingly popular, with some surveys showing him beating Obama if the election were held today. Romney has grow increasingly active on the campaign trail in recent months, including backing GOP hopeful Joni Ernst as she looks to win the U.S. Senate seat currently held by the retiring U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s, R-Mass, efforts to defeat U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., in New Hampshire. Iowa and New Hampshire, of course, start the procession of state contests that determine the presidential nominee, leading to speculation that Romney intends to launch a third bid for the presidency.

In the days to come, Romney will be turning to West Virginia where the GOP hopes to flip the Senate seat held by the retiring U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and pick up a congressional seat.

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Comments (5)

11:54AM AUG 26TH 2014
You know one of the actions you can do to get the senior votes is take the federal income tax off social security. Seniors just cannot make on social security these days. Seniors are having to work enven into their 70's .If you run you have my vote.
Alice I. Stevens
6:43AM AUG 17TH 2014
I will always stand behind Mitt. If he would have been
elected in 2008, we would still have the respect of the
other countries , instead of being the laughing stock with their
hands out. Mitt also looks Presidential and loves this country.
Go Mitt !!!!!!!!!
Eliza Owen
10:21PM AUG 16TH 2014
Forgiveness is great isn't it, Romney lost in part because one he's a big liar and two, he's a crook. He doesn't like his own country, he hides his money in foreign banks to avoid paying taxes. One of the best qualities for a Republican, a liar and a criticizer.
He is not the right one
3:09PM AUG 15TH 2014
Mitt Romney is close friends with Mel Sembler who ran the pedophile organizations for the Republicans for years. Sembler got Charlie Crist started in politics and Jeb Bush even made Charlie Crist Florida Atty General to keep Sembler from being prosecuted for his child abuse operations which continue to this day through various names, Sembler funds the Pasco County Jewish Boys home which just recently took in a load of boys from South America. Mit Romney and the Bush's have been involved in these niigh tmares for decades.

Let's see if we can find someone who can see something wrong with people sexually abusing our children and who have not been sucked in by these perverts.

There are several persons out their who have not been goomed by the New World Order people. It's just going to be hard to elect them because these rats control the voting machines with their Clint Curtis voter fixer chips.

If the American people survive this massive destruction of our children with the pedophile farms and ranches and Jeb Bush pushing his Common Core NWO programming for our youth. And Mitt Romney looks presidential alright but he is just another Bush (wolf) in sheeps clothing.

George W. Bush looked like a president and because he was untold numbers of people in this world died or come home with missing limbs ans gray matter. And what did he do all that for? It must have been for the oil - for the life od me I don't recall the taxpayers of the USA putting leins on all that oil production and recovering our billions spent along with enough money to staff our VA hospitals so they don't have to keep more than one waiting list and let our vets die who served this country in spite of the fact they were fighting wars for a bunch of war mongers who have had their hands in every war since WW1. That would be Samuel Bush purchasing munitions for the US government with one hand and running Remington Arms with the other!
6:36AM AUG 14TH 2014
Hope Republicans wise up and vote for him as they should have done prior. I personally think he will be an asset to our country to help get us back on the right track. With all the corruption that Obama has caused it will be a job for whatever Republican wins. My prayers are that many of the bad apples in our government will be gone.

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