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Move Over Iowa and New Hampshire! Here Comes the Comic Book Straw Poll

September 6, 2011 - 6:00pm

Besides reading about Batmans battles with the Joker and Spider-Man saving New York City from the Green Goblin, comic fans will be able to follow other epic adventures this fall when Ron Paul battles Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman dukes it out with Mitt Romney in the comic book straw poll.

Noted comics publisher Boom! Studios will be releasing the Decision 2012 series of comics featuring President Barack Obama and some of the Republican candidates who could be taking him on in 2012 -- Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Huntsman, Sarah Palin, Paul, Rick Perry, Romney and Santorum. Supporters have between now and Sept. 29 to order the comic with their candidate, either through the publisher or local comics shops. In November, the publisher will print comics featuring the candidates who garnered more than 1,500 orders. The politician who generated the most orders will be declared the winner of the comic book straw poll.

"The Decision 2012 line of comic books has something for everyone," Chip Mosher, director of marketing and sales for Boom! Studios, said Wednesday. "For those political junkies that love a good horse race, we have comic books first straw poll. For those voters and our young soon-to-be-voters, we have some great nonpartisan biographical comics on all the major candidates -- announced and waiting to be announced -- in the 2012 presidential race. And finally, for the comic book collector, we have a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime collectible. The Decision 2012 comic line and comic books first straw poll is a great way to spotlight the upcoming 2012 election and get people excited about voting!"

The new line of comics is getting the praise of at least one political guru -- Brett Schenker, who worked for various Democrats over the years including John Kerry and Chris Dodd.

"I'm really excited about collecting all these comics and this new straw poll," Schenker said. "People can use these comics to teach about the political process and learn about the candidates.

Schenker contrasted the comic book straw poll with other events -- including the Iowa Republican straw poll in Ames that Bachmann won back in August.

Unlike the Iowa straw poll, which only Iowans can participate in and costs $30, these comics are affordable at $4 and available to all, providing a great way for the grassroots supporters at the national level to show off their enthusiasm, said Schenker. I wish this was around when I was working on presidential campaigns.

Reach Kevin Derby at or at (850) 727-0859. When not covering politics, Kevin can be found in the 31st century reading his favorite comic, the "Legion of Super Heroes."

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