Nan Rich Links Rick Scott and Charlie Crist as Two of a Kind

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: March 25, 2014 3:55 AM
Nan Rich

Nan Rich

Nan Rich has a new strategy as she continues her dark-horse bid for the Democratic nomination to challenge Rick Scott: unite and conquer.

Rich is increasingly looking to cut into Charlie Crist’s lead among Democrats by tying him together with Scott.

Take public education, for example. At the end of last week, Rich punched away at Scott and Crist on the issue, noting her record when she was Democratic leader in the Florida Senate and where her rivals stood.

“As a Democrat, I’ve always believed it is important to speak up when I see the Democratic values of our state being challenged,” Rich proclaimed. “That’s why I’ve taken a strong stand against Rick Scott’s effort to expand private school vouchers yet again. I’ve spoken out, editorial boards have taken positions, reporters have written about the issue. The only person we haven’t heard from is Charlie Crist. Maybe it’s because when he was our Republican governor he expanded vouchers himself.”

Rich has also looked to stand out to her fellow Democrats by emphasizing her position on same-sex marriage and pointing out Crist’s recent apology for his past opposition to it.

“Nan Rich has always supported marriage equality,” the Rich campaign trumpeted last week. “For years, and mostly without popular or political support, this has been her position. Never has she wavered or flip-flopped or apologized for her stance on the equality of all Floridians to marry the person they love.”

In the past two months, Rich has been going out of her way to attack the “Bush-Crist-Scott Republicans” in Tallahassee. It’s a reminder to liberal Democrats and party activists -- easily the most likely voters to show up in the primary -- that she’s always been one of them and Crist hasn’t.

Rich has one more argument she can make, especially after Alex Sink lost her bid in a special congressional election earlier this month. Democrats have put up Tampa Bay moderates for the last three gubernatorial races and they went on to lose each time out. Sink, her husband Bill McBride and Jim Davis all tried to claim the political middle and all went down to defeat. Crist follows the same model. He’s from St. Petersburg and he’s going to try to claim the middle.

Since getting in the race almost two years ago, Rich hasn’t made much ground against either Scott or Crist. But with five months to go, Rich is starting to find her niche. By tying Crist to Scott, Rich can cut into her rival’s leads in both the primary and the general election. It’s a pretty strong message for Rich and, if she can start raising cash, it will serve her well in the coming weeks.

Tallahassee based political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.



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9:07PM MAR 28TH 2014
I didn't vote for Gov. Scott, because, frankly, I was afraid. He seemed like he might be too "conservative". But, I have been surprised by his performance as Governor. Gov. Scott is a BUSINESSMAN, and tries to get results. Mr. Crist, (and Ms. Rich) are CAREER POLITICIANS. Her strategy just backfired on her.
9:38AM MAR 25TH 2014
Fran k, you say "I've never seen a Democrat that has values worthy of defending."

Well you must not be old enough to have ever seen JFK.

While his personal life might have been some what like slick willie clinton's he professional stance against those who continue to this day to destroy the USA and the world was very worthy of defending.

For starters he printed $4 BILLION non interest dollars on the people printing presses and put that into circulation. LBJ's first official act was to recall this money at the orders of the "money changers" the private Federal Reserve Corp owned by the Rothschild's, Rockefellers and others. While the elite did not really invest the two major party system it is perfectly designed to divide and therefore conquer the people.

Nan Rich is right both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are two peas in a pod. They are both graduates of Mel Sembler's Seed and Straight facilites and they are both owned lock, stock and barrel by the Bush dynasty.

Why else do you think Rick Scott appointed Carlos Lopez-Cantera LT_GOV? Why else does Rick Scott support School Vouchers which takes tax dollars from public schools and gives it to private school owned by Jeb Bush for-profit friends corporations, many of which are Muslim Guelen or other Charter Schools set up by Jin Horne and Gary Grappo?

Unfortunately no one else has a change to become governor of Florida. They will use the little Clint Curtis vote fixer chips on the optical scanners (invented for Tom Feeney & Jeb Bush while Curtis was at NASA) to re-elect Rick Scott. Charlie Crist knows they can fix the elections he was part of the GOP insider group with Jim Greer until the fit his the shan!
Fran k
8:03AM MAR 25TH 2014
“As a Democrat, I’ve always believed it is important to speak up when I see the Democratic values of our state being challenged,” Rich proclaimed

She must mean whenever socialism is at risk because I've never seen a Democrat that has values worthy of defending.
12:07PM MAR 25TH 2014
Fran k
7:59AM MAR 25TH 2014
OMG! She's a culture killing Democrat. That alone precludes her from any serious consideration for political office.

All Democrats are PATHETIC!
12:08PM MAR 25TH 2014

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