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Neil Cavuto on Sunshine State's Elections: 'Florida is America in One State'

October 30, 2014 - 7:00pm

From his perch on the Fox Business Network, where he serves as senior vice president and the managing editor of business news, Neil Cavuto is one of the most influential journalists on the national scene. Cavuto currently hosts Your World on Fox News and Cavuto and Cavuto on Business on the Fox Business Network.

As voters hit the polls on Tuesday, Cavuto will be watching the results come in, hosting election coverage on Fox Business Network on Tuesday night starting at 8 p.m. With the gubernatorial election in Americas largest swing state getting national attention, Cavuto offered his thoughts on Floridas elections to Sunshine State News.

Sunshine State News: What do you see as the chief issues in the Florida elections?

Cavuto: Pretty much the issue its been in all states the economy. Floridas rebounding, no doubt about that, but, like whats going on in the national economy, not enough people feel it or appreciate it.

Sunshine State News: With Florida's economy traditionally relying so much on tourism and new home construction, the national economy often seems to have a greater impact on the Sunshine State than others. Is Charlie Crist getting too much blame for the economy under his watch and Rick Scott getting too much credit for the rebound under his tenure?

Cavuto: Because Florida also served as Ground Zero in the real estate meltdown, its particularly sensitive to housing. There too, new home sales and existing home sales will go a long way toward determining voters moods. Whats remarkable is how little credit or electoral bang for the buck Gov. Scott is getting for the clear improvement. Perhaps its not enough of an improvement for Floridians, I cant say. What I can say is that just going by statistics, they were a lot worse under Charlie Crist. Im not saying that was all his fault nationally things were imploding as well, but the media seems to have a case of economic amnesia at least making straight comparisons.

Sunshine State News: Polls show Americans loathe Congress but only two of Florida's 27 congressmen are expected to face close contests. Why are we seeing voters hating Congress while keeping their congressmen in Florida?

Cavuto: Because they always hate Congress, but refuse to take it out on their congressmen. They generally like him or like her. Its a local familiarity thing. But again, not when it comes to the collective body in which they serve. But remember, if voters are frustrated enough, and angry enough, history proves they do know when to say enough is enough. Remember how Democrats scored huge gains after Watergate in the midterm elections of 1974, and Republicans returned the favor in the Reagan wave of 1980? It happens, but generally tectonic shifts are rare.

Sunshine State News: With its large senior and Hispanic populations, Florida is often seen as a snapshot of America's future. What do the 2014 elections in Florida indicate for the nation's future?

Cavuto: Florida is America in one state. Its a battleground for a reason its this countrys melting pot all within its borders. No candidate can win the presidency today without winning Florida and in the primaries, without doing well in Florida. Todays winning candidates have to appeal to a broad base of the population. Florida is that.

Sunshine State News: Florida is the largest swing state in presidential elections. What do the 2014 elections in Florida signify for the 2016 presidential election?

Cavuto: Im always leery of assigning some lasting significance to a single election beyond just that election year. Four years ago, in the last midterm election, Republicans romped and took control of the House. President Obama and Democrats seemed on the run yet two years later, not only was he re-elected but Democrats boosted their majority in the Senate. Sometimes we overstate the significance of an election. Remember the Nixon landslide of 1972? Two years later, he was gone.

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