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New GOP Primary Poll Could Indicate Trouble in Texas for Ted Cruz

February 24, 2016 - 6:30pm
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz is leading the pack in his home state of Texas before the Republican presidential primary, but his fellow GOP candidates Donald Trump and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are both closely nipping at his heels, polling only a few points behind him.

There’s less than a week left until the GOP primary in Cruz’s home state, and the latest poll of the potential Republican presidential nominees finds Cruz with a slight lead in the race. 

According to the Emerson Polling Society’s latest survey released Wednesday, Cruz takes 29 percent of the vote, slightly edging out Trump and Rubio, but only by a few percentage points.

Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner, took 28 percent of likely primary voters, while Rubio, who bested Cruz in South Carolina over the weekend, trails only four points behind at 25 percent.

The poll has other troublesome implications for Cruz. 

When asked about how they view the candidates, it was Rubio who rose to the top of the pack, with 64 percent of likely GOP primary voters saying they viewed him favorably versus 29 percent who say they view him unfavorably. 

Cruz’s favorability rating is less than Rubio’s, coming in at 56 percent favorable and 41 percent unfavorable. 

Trump is the only one of the three candidates whose favorability rating is topsy turvy, with 45 percent of likely primary voters viewing him favorably compared to a 50 percent unfavorable opinion.

Worse for Cruz is how potential GOP voters view his honesty -- 37 percent of voters say he’s the candidate who has been the least honest about his record, followed by Trump who comes in at 35 percent. 

Rubio came in third for voters who view him as the least honest, receiving nearly 17 percent of the vote. 

The Texas Republican primary takes place next Tuesday, with a total of 155 delegates at stake. Voters are very familiar with Sen. Cruz, who has been a senator there since 2013. Prior to serving as a senator, Cruz was the Solicitor General in Texas. After the GOP candidates leave Texas, they’ll then battle off in several states during March. 

The Florida presidential primary will take place March 15. 

The Emerson College Polling Society poll was conducted from February 21-23, 2016. The GOP primary consisted of 446 likely primary voters, with a margin of error of +/-4.6%.



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If on the phone, or in person, people will say "Yea, I'm for the home boy...But when they close the curtain, they will pull TRUMP'S lever! Rubio is a Clown, and Cruz should just hang it up. I don't trust either, but Cruz reminds me of a Lying Dirt Bag!

That the government has run amok is fact, not theory. The sooner we are rid of Obama the better, but no doubt he will do as much damage as he can before he leaves. File a suit against the government, eh? Trump could but you and I can't. I have long thought that all prosecutors be held to account. If they file a suit against you, if they drag you into court charged with a crime - of any garden variety - and they lose - then the state has to pay all associated costs as well as established damages. Make the old saying " A prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich" a little less relevant if there were consequences to their capricious behavior. Think Duke Lacrosse. Go Trump!

Rubio is as big a liar as Odumbo, Killary, Bill and as delusional as Bernie. I will take Trump over any of them. All but Trump are bought and paid for and if any of the above (not Trump) wins the favors are going to have to be paid then it's we the people that get screwed all over again.

YUP. Donald Trump, is not a true Republican or a Democrat. But he is an unabashed true American. And after reading about the Clinton family and the Bush family it should be no surprise that Mr. Trump is in the head of the pack. I fully anticipate regretting many things about his presidency. On the other hand, I'm sure they'll be many things I celebrate about his presidency. Really haven't felt good about anybody's presidency since the first two years of Ronald Reagan's. After he got shot he became figurehead for a dynamic process that he had already started in these first two years in office.

If Ted doesn't win big in Texas, he is toast. Then your choice are Rubio and Trump. -------------------- Look how bad the repub party has become that these are your best shots to lose not only the presidency, but likely the Senate and maybe even the house, especially if Trump wins and so many repubs stay home and riles Dems up to beat him.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If Trump doesn't win, most of his stay home. Either case repubs lose along with a lot of congressional races like Rubio's seat.------------------------------------------------------------------- And just what tit will Rubio suck on after he loses? He has never has a real job, just sucking off the government tit like writing a book that only 1 or 2 were printed for $50k tax money. Teaching jobs he only shows up a couple days/yr yet gets a big salary!!---------------------------------------------------- But after kicking JEB!, he won't get much here after he loses both the Presidency and his Senate seat to Dems!!!

Job-hopping tyros Ted & Marco should get back to DC to do the job (and to LEARN it!) Texas & Florida elected them to do. Who do they think they are, risking their GOP Senate seats & endangering their party's Senate majority like that? (And where were the Preeb & the RNC to advise them of it?) Because NONE of the GOP aspirants were hip to the "mood" ("AMERICA AGAIN!"; Trump's closest to it though not quite there), Republicans are left with only ONE "president-ready" candidate, OH Governor John Kasich (not an ad for him). MR. STICKAROUND (B.O.)* must be offin' on the tee with delight ("HEAVY, dude!"), though he'd best beware the Party (the disciplined & diligent faction of B.O.'s Party-Islamism-Ferguson alliance) doesn't switch to Betty Bigbutt (maybe a deal has already been made, Betty to pick someone like Van Jones or even Tranny Annie -Mrs. B.O.- for waddling mate?). *Options: Obregon, Fidel, Ortega (there's an HR bill; unlikely though) or Kirchner (the likeliest).

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” This means that if the government infringes on your rights, you are entitled to mount a timely and meaningful defense of those rights in court. It’s one of the cornerstones of our entire legal system, with roots dating back at least as far as the Magna Carta, which declared, “No free man...shall be stripped of his rights or possessions...except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land.” Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prefers a less venerable form of justice, as the Supreme Court will hear next month during oral arguments in the case of Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency. At issue is the EPA’s enforcement of the Clean Water Act through so-called administrative compliance orders, which are government commands that allow the agency to control the use of private property without the annoyance of having to subject its actions to judicial review. The case started four years ago when a married couple named Mike and Chantell Sackett received an EPA compliance order instructing them to stop construction on what was supposed to be their dream home near Priest Lake, Idaho. The government claimed their .63-acre lot was a federally-protected wetland, but that was news to the Sacketts, who had procured all the necessary local permits. Their lot, which is bordered by two roads and several other residential lots, was in fact zoned for residential use. Candidate for US Senate Florida 2016

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