New Law Allows for Veteran Designation on Driver's License

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll: State wants to recognize those who defended America
By: Marcus Joseph | Posted: July 13, 2011 3:55 AM
Jennifer Carroll, Julie Jones and Mark Alvarez

Jennifer Carroll, Julie Jones and Mark Alvarez

Some 1.6 million veterans across the state of Florida will now be recognized and honored for their military service through their driver's license or identification card.

Gov. Rick Scott signed HB 1165, allowing veterans who have served their nation honorably and live in Florida, the privilege to add a veteran designation to their driver's license.

At a Tuesday news conference hosted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles at their headquarters in Tallahassee, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll announced and issued the first Florida veteran, Commander Mark Alvarez of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3308, with a new identification card.

"I am pretty honored, of course, for being the first receiving this," said Commander Alvarez. "As District 2 Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, we are always looking for ways to improve veterans' lives here in the state of Florida."

Carroll said the new feature on the driver's license is just one way the state can show its appreciation to military veterans.

"The new feature gives veterans an easy way to show proof of their veteran status, which is not always an easy task," said Carroll. "We hope that retailers and restaurants that offer discounts to military veterans will accept the license with the "V" on it as proof that someone is a veteran."

The lieutenant governor and Gov. Rick Scott are both U.S. Navy veterans. Carroll also previously served as executive director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.

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The veteran designation on the driver's license or identification card will be a blue "V" at the bottom of the card.

DHSMV Executive Director Julie Jones explained what veterans should bring with them when they visit a driver's license office to replace or renew their credentials:

They should do the following:

Present their DD-214, which shows their honorable discharge from active duty.

Pay a one-time $1 fee, in addition to the replacement or renewal fee.

Visit to make sure they have all the other documents required.

To add the "V" to a license or identity card, veterans can visit any Florida driver's license office, including those operated by county tax collectors.

Florida is the third state to recognize veterans through its driver's licenses.

"The Department is honored to provide this service to our military veterans as a way to show our gratitude for their service to our nation," Jones reiterated.

Reach Marcus Joseph, a Sunshine State News intern, at, or at (850) 727-0859.

Comments (8)

David Knudsen
3:15AM DEC 26TH 2014
i did 2 tours in Vietnam and receive a disability rating. I left with an honorable discharge. I then join a connecticut police department for 28 years, driving sometimes 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. In 2009 I decided to take. Break from driving and soi would not be tempted, voluntarily turn in my license Recently I went to have it reinstated and was told I had to have a doctor fill out a form.i have personally viewed a gentleman approach his car and no lie, it took him about 3 minutes just to get behind the wheel. I walk a couple of miles q days and use a stationary bike . Florida claims it wants to help vets. Sure they applauded vets returning now and they deserve it while when I came home, we were hated.i just want to go into your office and have my license reinstated,,thank you for reading this and I hope you can help a Vet
Doug Mac Arthur
2:18PM FEB 8TH 2014
I guess my retired military ID is not enough. My DD- 214 is 50 years past.
Just Got Mine
11:12AM JAN 3RD 2014
I just hope that retailers are savy enough to recognize the "V" status and provide me with the well deserved discount.
Lee Tym
4:16AM DEC 2ND 2013
I'm happy to see the state honor its veterans; however, I don't understand why we have to go through the hassle of obtaining our DD214's. The V.A. issues cards to veterans who receive veterans medical benefits. You must be honorably discharged to receive those benefits and the I.D. card. Why can't we just show the card?
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Oath Keeper
8:22AM JUL 13TH 2011
Is this a way of honoring veterans or a way of alerting law enforcement officers that they might have a potential domestic terrorist on their hands? Am I being paranoid?
John Swift
2:33PM JUL 23RD 2011
I believe that most people consider veterans as a whole to be no more of a threat as potential domestic terrorists than the population in general. Many law enforcement officers are veterans, especially new officers that are vets of Iraq and Afghanistan. But you are not being totally paranoid. A Department of Homeland Security report dated April 7, 2009 states: "Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists," it says. "DHS/I&A is concerned that right-wing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize veterans in order to boost their violent capacities." Therefore, Oath Keeper, you have justifiable reason to be a little paranoid.

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