Not Much about 'Gubernatorial Hopeful' Yinka Adeshina's Campaign Reports Looks Legit

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: June 20, 2014 3:55 AM
Yinka Adeshina

Yinka Adeshina

Tallahassee Republican Yinka Adeshina added her name to the list of competitors in the gubernatorial primary this week, but with her filing came bizarre campaign contribution reports where many donors apparently lived in empty fields, Publix stores, Western Unions and even a Best Buy.

Adeshina’s campaign contribution reports initially showed promise -- she had apparently raised $182,000, despite being virtually unheard of, which is even more money than former state Sen. Nan Rich has on hand. Newly-qualified Republican candidate Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder didn't even post as much in her finance reports -- she only collected $17,000 in contributions, $10,000 of which was in loans from herself.

Under Florida law, any candidate who posts over $150,000 in contributions from Floridians can ask for public financing, which Adeshina has already done. The state will match $250 for each contributor, which means Adeshina could walk away with $100,000.  

But that scenario looks unlikely after the pharmacist’s reports began raising eyebrows and made waves via Twitter on Wednesday. Several statewide political reporters played a political scavenger hunt to find out exactly where Adeshina’s donors were listed -- and how many of those addresses were actually legitimate.

Quick Google searches yielded puzzling results -- donors spanned far and wide, from Pensacola to South Florida. Some donors lived at the same addresses but in entirely different cities. Over 30 of Adeshina’s donors were listed at the same “4100 Wicham Street” address, but in both Melbourne and Fort Lauderdale.

As it turns out, there is no 4100 Wicham Street in Fort Lauderdale. The Melbourne address ended up being the approximate location of a UPS dropbox in a Publix shopping plaza -- a particularly odd place for a slew of donors to live.

The fake addresses don't seem to be coincidental. Over half of the donors listed don’t have real residences, and those who do seem to be cozying up all too close for comfort.

Around 20 of Adeshina’s donors are apparently shacking up in a small, 2,000-square-foot townhome in Tallahassee. Several other donors listed at the candidate’s home address have strange names, like Gloria Gloria. Other curious names included D’Baby Goodluck and Baba Ali.

The Herald-Tribune analyzed the slew of donors and discovered at least three of them aren’t even alive, which makes their ability to contribute cash to Adeshina’s campaign beyond doubtable.

With a listed net worth of $8,000, it’s unclear who -- if anyone -- actually contributed to Adeshina’s campaign.

Beyond her campaign finance reports, Adeshina’s Web presence straddles the line between incomprehensible and bizarre.

“Imagine a new world with no pain and anguish,” reads her website. “Strong, yet tender. Friends, live long, but enemies die young.”

Her Twitter account shows tweets where she appears confident she’ll win the primary election.

“Yinka for Governor 2014, here in Florida,” reads one tweet. “Just came out of a conference. Went well. Expect win this primaries. You bet.”

“Win Campaign now,” reads another.

Adeshina seems to have higher political ambitions -- she filed on Christmas Eve of last year to run as a Republican for president in 2016. She filed to run for the position twice before -- in 2011 and in 2010 as a Democrat.

Adeshina posted this comment on a CNN story about Al-Shababb:

“screen always. I'm unhappy with this unrest. Africa must stay a barest of its political storm. You know, a nation cannot stand without strength. Africa is visible world wide, ensures a voice in global stability and must stabilize soon. A rich for the United States at this time is impossible. But all the embassies are aware of her current stance. I think, a return to the books is necessary. How we as a people stayed strong, relearned and perhaps we can move into the future carefully, slowly. My extreme knowledge for that ready for change and I expect to be there and available for discussions and any enquiries. The drones were put together in the turn of the new millennium, 1999 going into 2000. These drones could be dangerous, so stop its use. People see and feel human compassion immediately. This is better for today's conflict. Thank you. I hope all take heed immediately.”

According to Florida law, any campaign treasurer, candidate, or political committee chair who willfully certifies the correctness of any campaign report while knowing that such report is incorrect, false, or incomplete commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Sunshine State News attempted to reach out to Adeshina via the phone number listed on her website, but it turns out it’s not a working number. SSN then emailed Adeshina, who said she’d rather email instead of speaking on the phone.

When asked directly about the potential issues with her campaign contributions, Adeshina had not responded to SSN’s email at the time of this story’s release.

Reach Tampa-based reporter Allison Nielsen at Allison@sunshinestatenews.com or follow her on Twitter at @AllisonNielsen

Comments (6)

Just want to know
8:05PM AUG 17TH 2014
Is this women related to Tunde Adeshina?
9:44PM JUN 20TH 2014
It is a sad time when partisan politics bites ya in the posterior. With all the hype by SSN Scott, refusing to even acknowlede the other gop candidates makes him look like a hypocrit. Another do as I say, not as I do situation. OPPS!
10:17PM JUN 20TH 2014
Also, where is the republican outrage for the obvious election fraud? Or does a republican get a pass? I have often seen posted comments here on SSN where uninformed folks blame all election fraud on democrats, while facts fail to support that claim. Shows a lot of hypocrisy by you folks. Shame on ya.
She sounds better than Rick Scott
4:29PM JUN 20TH 2014
And CharLIE Crist as well.....

Hey Rick Scott works for a penny a month and he's all over the place doing this and doing that, just announced he's giving $13 Million to the qualifying sports complexes in the state of Florida......

The Dems say they have caught him with part ownership in some oil project running in the everglades, what you want to bet just like his little partnership in the Texas Rangers with Tom Hicks and George "Dubya" Boosh; in this little oil scam he's got a Boosh partner sure as the world!

That's how he can "service us" [farmers definition} for free!

I would just as soon have "Yinka Adeshina" take ole Rickey Poo out in the primary and I'll vote for her if she promises to go to her own home, stay there and keep her mouth shut and don't do one thing as governor of Florida and we'll mail her the check for the job she's not doing instead of having an un-convicted convict working for us for free!

Want do you want to bet, in one year we would save billions!!!

But, if CharLIE Crist beats her in the gereral we'd still be better off that having this Dallas, Tx Bush family, Oil and Hospital lawyer Rick Scott working for us for free!
Your Announcer
7:58PM JUN 20TH 2014
The preceding was a paid political message brought to you by the Florida Democratic Party.
C Breeze
11:58AM JUN 20TH 2014
Yinka Adeshina: a practiced "wack-job"; They 'walk among us'..and they vote. A non-comprehensive education can be a dangerous thing, and we already know that a wasted mind is a terrible thing. Election fraud MUST be prosecuted and "Voter Identification Cards" issued to EVERYONE lacking proper identification: DEAD PEOPLE must be kept from polling places !

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