NRA, RPOF Open Up on Gun Control Charlie Crist

By: Jim Turner | Posted: December 21, 2012 3:55 AM

Charlie Crist and Marion Hammer

Charlie Crist and President of the NRA Marion Hammer

As former governor Charlie Crist continues to reload his political views with his newfound Democratic Party affiliation, the Republican Party of Florida and National Rifle Association have fired verbal buckshot into his new stance on gun rights.

Crist, who was often rated highly by the NRA during his run up the ladder of state elected offices, told the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday that “some restrictions” are needed in light of the mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

"What do you need a 30-clip magazine for? Not to go hunting deer. I can tell you that because I hunt deer," Crist told the Times.

With Crist expected to challenge Gov. Rick Scott in 2014, and as a poll was out Wednesday that gave Crist better favorability ratings than the incumbent, the RPOF quickly unholstered a list of Crist-isms on gun rights,

From telling the then-St. Petersburg Times in 1994 that he was “a very strong defender of the Second Amendment,” to his opposition on assault weapons in 1998 to supporting the ‘Bring Your Gun to Work bill’ in 2008.

“If this latest move by Crist doesn't take the cake for crass political opportunism, we don't know what does,” the RPOF stated in its latest installment of “Two faces of Charlie Crist.”

Meanwhile, the NRA , which often gave Crist stellar marks for his gun rights advocacy, wasn’t surprised he “is now joining the gun ban chant of anti-gun Democrats.”

“Recently, Charlie Crist has been systematically turning his back on many things in which he has claimed to believe,” NRA President Marion Hammer told the Miami Herald.

“He currently claims to be a deer hunter. I suspect that the only thing he has actually ever hunted is political office."

Scott, a gun rights supporter, has directed Florida’s public schools to review their decade-old emergency procedures and further devise means to make campuses safer.

“If somebody has an idea on how we can improve things, I want to hear them,” Scott said Wednesday while on WNDB 1150 AM in Daytona Beach.

“We have to make sure our schools are safe places for our kids, and our parents need to know that.”

He would tell Newsmax during an interview on Wednesday he may be open to the suggestion by state Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, to end the state ban on guns in schools.

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3:36PM DEC 21ST 2012
Wayne LaPierre proved beyond all reason that he and his organization are ammoral beasts in his hectoring speech today. Hope it results in his and Marion Hammers unemployment and anyone that solicits the backing of the NRA'a craven cowards.
Glenn Kirby
11:22AM DEC 21ST 2012
Let's take some ideals and thoughts from a stupid person.
Guns kill no one. There has to be a reason to use one. Reason no. one I believe that the American people have so much preasure on them. You have to get a government permit to change toliet paper. The senate is running wild with no direction. Congress is lost in tax haven.
To much red tape for anyone to follow, with new so called laws pased daily. A so called president that has complete control of the people in this United states of America. Did I say United??? hummmm. I say so called president because that is what he is. No prof of his eligiable to run for president. We little peons set back with so much pressure that someone can't stand it any longer and the can blows . Just a mass murder like we just had. I beg the american people to stand up for whats right and quit following a president that is lost also. Lets get back to the consitition. Its worked for over 200 yrs. And God bless the people that looses control of their bearings.
12:35PM DEC 22ND 2012
Sad . . . . just sad . . . . .
10:43AM DEC 21ST 2012
Another day, another anti-Crist SSN news attack . . . . didn't you learn anything with your daily attacks on the three justices . . . .

Pathetic . . .
The UnFrank
11:13AM DEC 21ST 2012
At least Sunshine News pummeled Charlie Crist in 2010. I don't see them flipflopping. How about you, Frank? Be honest now. Were YOU Charlie's boy in 2010?
12:52PM DEC 21ST 2012
As I've stated before, I voted for Crist before, and I'd vote for him again, depending on what he's running for and who he's running against . . . . .

My reminders are not about a flipflop, the comments are about the apparent right-wing need for constant attacks two years out on an un-announced candidate (this also appears to be the demonizing strategy being used by Tea Party Republicans against possible national cabinet level appointments . . . . even against a potential REPUBLICAN appointee like Chuck Hagel) . . . .

That SSN once-a-day constant attack strategy was tried by SSN against three Florida supreme court justices . . . .and the result included moderate Republicans voting FOR the three justices . . . . good luck with that strategy this time around . . . . I just don't believe there should be any confusion about WHY this is happening . . . . it's pure partisan politics, typically in the "Big Lie" spun headline style used against the three justices. . . . .someone must be real concerned about Charlie Crist . . . . . certainly an awful lot of right wing press time being spent to attack someone who's not even a declared candidate . . . .

Pathetic . . .
10:24AM DEC 21ST 2012
This is a stupid thing when one of those anti gun jerks had someone break in to there house the first thing they do is call 911 so the guy with the gun hopefully gets there instantly it is completely ignorant to so that giving up gun is a good thing I dont no about you america but I dont like being helpless and defenceless ill die before giving up my second ammendment rights
7:16AM DEC 21ST 2012
Crist is not smart enough to think for himself. He takes sides with who ever will pad his pocket the best. This time it is Obama and the Democrats. He needs to go stick his head in the sand and shut up as most of us wouldn't believe anything he says.
10:45AM DEC 21ST 2012
Just keep thinking that . . . .just like you did with Mitt . . . . we love it!

Pathetic . . . .

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