NRCC: Nancy Pelosi's Fingerprints All Over Gwen Graham's Campaign

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 15, 2014 3:55 AM
Gwen Graham and Nancy Pelosi

Gwen Graham and Nancy Pelosi

Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham is drawing fire from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for going after Washington, even as she follows a game plan honed by national Democrats and used by their candidates across the nation. 

Graham, the daughter of Bob Graham, who served three terms in the U.S. Senate and two terms as governor, is running against U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Fla. Despite serving as an aide to her father and two Democratic presidential candidates in the 2004 election cycle, then-U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and former Gov. Howard Dean, D-Vt.. Graham is stressing she is a political outsider.

Toward the end of last week, Graham took a pledge against congressional perks and hit Southerland.

“Today I pledged to reject the wasteful congressional perks being exploited by those in Washington,” Graham said on Thursday. “Rather than ending the squabbling that has prevented any progress, this do-nothing Congress is more concerned with protecting the taxpayer-funded perks they receive just for getting elected.

“When our Congress, including Congressman Southerland, is more concerned with a gym discount than the welfare of our people, change is needed,” Graham added. “I will be a watchdog of our tax dollars against Washington’s waste and abuse.”

Calling on Southerland to take the same pledge, Graham insisted she would put taxpayers first.

“I will refuse to take a salary for missing a vote without registering an official absence with the clerk of the House,” Graham promised. “I will vote to end wasteful perks including taxpayer-funded first-class flights, private jets, car leases, and the taxpayer-funded gym. I will refuse to take any special taxpayer subsidy for health care not available to the public. Congress must stop abusing our tax dollars to help themselves – and I pledge to bring North’s Florida’s common-sense approach to ending this blatantly wasteful spending in Washington.”
Graham called for "reform of congressional perks like those abused by Congressman Steve Southerland" and said “getting elected rather than ending their squabbles and getting things done was “not the North Florida way.”

But the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) noted that other Democratic congressional hopefuls were taking the same pledge. The NRCC claimed that the plan came from groups tied with U.S House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Despite taking money from groups affiliated with Pelosi, Graham has refused to say if she will vote for the California Democrat to be House speaker.

“Gwen Graham released her anti-perks plan today but one tidbit that Gwen forgot to tell reporters is that her perks plan was copied and pasted from Nancy Pelosi’s campaign committee,” the NRCC insisted. “Gwen is the ninth Democrat challenger to copy and paste this same plan and present it as her own work.”

Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the NRCC, looked to tie Graham to Pelosi as well.

“It’s deeply troubling that Gwen Graham is already acting like a career politician and pretending a plan written by Nancy Pelosi’s cronies is her own original work,” Prill said. “If Gwen is already comfortable with deceiving voters as a candidate, there’s no telling how dishonest she will be if sent to Congress.”

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Frontline Fighter
4:23PM JUL 17TH 2014
why, this is no surprise! Lying is a daily exercise for Democrats.
4:50PM JUL 15TH 2014
If Graham's campaign will just stop putting up those handpainted juvenile signs up calling Southerland names...those are an eyesore and obnoxious. This isn't inner city Chicago for christs sake
C Breeze
9:56PM JUL 15TH 2014
Tim,...I think you meant "Crist's" (as in "the tuna's" sake) sake).
12:39PM JUL 15TH 2014
"Perks" is a rather general term. What is an acceptable "perk?" What is an unacceptable "perk" and has Rep. Southerland actually gotten one? Who, aside from Rep. Southerland, has gotten one?

Now, as to a real issue: Even moderates don't believe in continual deficit-spending. Would Ms. Graham take the pledge to withhold support from any budget that isn't balanced?
C Breeze
3:08PM JUL 15TH 2014
You ask for too much from the girl Bill;...Gwen has "stars in her eyes" in anticipation of latching on to the "government mammary" (just like 'Dear Old Dad) to ensure HER future security (perks and all...good or bad). One thing is certain...Gwen can't accuse Southerland of employing 'nepotism'; BUT Gwen can't deny "playing the 'nepotism' card". (What exactly is it with politician's kids and actors kids?...they ALL think they are entitled, when in fact, they are all wait-staff and retail clerk children of former wait-staff and retail clerks...it just 'ain't in the genes' kids...it is what it is: N E P O T I S M ! )
11:24AM JUL 15TH 2014
Do nothing congress? Correct, that would be in the Dem controlled Senate.
Via The Blaze:

Aside from the several resolutions and less-critical bills that the Senate passes by unanimous consent at the end of the day, the Senate has held roll call votes to advance or pass legislation just 21 times in 27 weeks — less than one a week. And a full one-third of those votes have failed amid GOP complaints that they have no input into the process.

Of the 14 votes that succeeded, most were on major “must pass” bills on issues that required House-Senate coordination — like the budget and spending deals and the so-called Medicare “doc fix” — or on issues that generated easy bipartisan cooperation, like eliminating a cut to cost-of-living adjustments for U.S. soldiers.

Most of those 14 bills originated in the House, or at least were the product of significant House-Senate cooperation.
C Breeze
11:01AM JUL 15TH 2014
Geez Gwen,..you sound so petty and inexperienced; against "Congressional perks", really?... Bet if you win, your hairstyle will resemble Pelosi's (right out of the "Congressional hairdresser's" stall). Give me a break Gwen,...your affiliation with Howard "the cackler" Dean and John "Fonda" Kerry are more than sufficient to keep you from "crossing the border" to Washington DC (no matter "who's your Daddy").

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