As Obama Sinks in Polls, Democrats Turn to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Help

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: August 19, 2014 3:55 AM
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

As Barack Obama continues to poll badly across the nation and Hillary Clinton looks ahead to 2016, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is playing a bigger role for Democrats on the campaign trail.

In her role as chairwoman of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz came to Iowa this past weekend to help Senate hopeful Bruce Braley against Republican Joni Ernst. As other races start slipping away, Democrats need to keep the seat, which is currently held by Tom Harkin, if they want to have any chance of retaining the Senate. During her time out in Iowa, Wasserman Schultz went on the attack, trying to paint Ernst as out of the mainstream.

Wasserman Schultz has increasingly become a mainstay of the campaign trail. Back in July, she hit Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, stumping for Democrats and raising money for them.

Most politicians who tramp around Iowa and New Hampshire are instantly the subject of presidential buzz. But Wasserman Schultz was one of Clinton’s chief allies in 2008 and will be back at her side if she runs again for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Even if Clinton stays out of the 2016 race, there would be little room for a Wasserman Schultz campaign since Elizabeth Warren would take up much of the oxygen she would need. Wasserman Schultz might have higher ambitions but they are directed toward ending up as speaker of the House or at the other side of Capitol Hill in the Senate.

Clinton is increasingly showing signs of getting active for the fall, including returning to Iowa for an event with Harkin. But there’s still plenty of room for Wasserman Schultz to help Democrats -- and herself -- out. Wasserman Schultz is only 47, far younger than Steny Hoyer who is 75 (and older than Nancy Pelosi who is 73). That gives her plenty of time to collect IOUs and build contacts with Democrat congressional hopefuls in a bid to replace Pelosi as the party leader in the House when she steps aside.

It’s not like the Republicans are going to mount much of a challenge against Wasserman Schultz this time out. After she thrashed Karen Harrington the last two times out, beating her by 22 percent in 2010 and 27.5 percent in 2012, not surprisingly the Republicans were left with an unimpressive choice of candidates.

In 2012, Harrington took more than 48 percent of the Republican primary in a five-candidate contest, blowing out the likes of Joe Kaufman, who came in second, and Juan Eliel Garcia. Both Kaufman and Garcia are back for another round this time out and they meet in next week’s primary. Neither of these also-rans is expected to give Wasserman Schultz much of a contest in this secure Democrat district.

Safe at home, Wasserman Schultz will be hitting the road in the fall, trying to help Democrats avert disaster come November. With Obama politically poisonous in several of the key states of this election, Democrats around the nation will be calling on Wasserman Schultz to help their candidates -- and with her history of gaffes, that could help Republicans even more.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News.

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Valerie Parkhurst
5:30AM AUG 25TH 2014
I seriously dont know how DWS gets the press or has the staying power that she has. I havent read a complimentary comment about her for years. To include that her district is "secure" is frightening. As far as voters in her district goes 99% couldnt tell you one thing she has done for her "district" other than have (D) in front of her name. She has mentally checked out of Florida long ago in her quest for higher power. DWS is the poster child for "doing the same thing and hoping for a different result" adage.
4:10PM AUG 19TH 2014
So the "you didn't build that" cheerleader is the answer. Hillary is just the bait and then switch. Fake being a little conservative, blow the primary and then give us the real nut. If make a loser man schlut gets elected how much worse could it get?
9:49AM AUG 20TH 2014
Every week Obama is in office things are getting worse. American getting beheaded by ISIS. Ferguson, Mo. What has Obama do, send Eric Holder to the battlefield. Then we have the Southern Border, enforce the laws already on the books, but no we see more destruction from our southern countries entering the U.S. and American citizens have their hands tied to do anything under this administration. This November boot all of these liberals out.
Ana Gomez-Mallada
3:23PM AUG 19TH 2014
As Obama's chief apologist, how does she explain his increasinglehostike attitude towards Israel? I think that is something her constituents need to know
The Swampfox
2:31PM AUG 19TH 2014
Thanks Connie not bad yourself the truth silences the left however, the republicans are not up to delivering the right message because they do not understand the sleigh of hand aka. spin the democrats are so crafty doing. They latch on an issue and fool the republicans like Wyle Coyote gets fooled you know the blink, blink of his eyes when poor Wyle realizes he's several inches over the cliff's edge that the roadrunner just pointed out to him, then poof...he's gone to the canyon floor below. Funny in carton but no so funny when you are dealing with millions of people's future. I would like to give Boehner a slap in the back of the head, and tell him to sit down for a couple hours and let me explain to him what needs to be done. I clearly understand Obama's psychological profile he's a street fighter like me except I didn't drink the Kool-Aid. He has a resentment, disdain for America, whites and capitalism which he is on a mission to destroy camouflaging all of it all in the name of fairness, compassion and all the buzz terms the left uses to deflect away from their real intents. Case in point, didn't Obama to some extent campaign more to the right, don't all the phony's campaign to the right simply to get elected? Good point Connie if you're not informed you shouldn't vote which brings this to the "hanging chad" syndrome YOU NEED ID TO VOTE DONE! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ID YOU ARE EITHER A CRIMINAL ON THE LOOSE OR AN ILLEGAL VOTING FOR YOUR FREE GIFTS COMPLIMENTS OF HARD WORKING AMERICANS!!! In either case you do not have the right to vote. Its not racist to prevent anyone who can't prove who they are not to vote, its common sense. Anyone who believes that someone should be able to walk into a voting booth claiming they are someone but cannot prove who they are cast a vote is absolutely crazy. I show my ID when entering a gated community and my guests do the same when they visit me I wouldn't want it any other way. Yet with all the logic the republicans have the "Wylie stare" attempting to confront such a moronic idea instead of shooting it down like a scud missile! When confronted with the racist card they cower in the corner like a fighter getting the crap beat out of him. Instead of saying "this is the way its going to be" this our country's rules and everyone abides by them. If you want to vote get ID. I'll bet if you said if everybody that's not working wants their welfare benefits you need to get ID the problem would be solved. Here's the test Who is eligible to vote: Ans. American citizens need anymore be said. God Bless America!
Connie Good
11:40AM AUG 19TH 2014
The people in Wasserman's district...What the hell is wrong with you. You should not even be allowed to vote. You have no clue what is going on. Why would you have this liberal Commie representing you. Get off the kool-aid or better yet, do America a favor and quit voting...It makes you look like stupid idiotic sheeple.
The Swampfox
9:30AM AUG 19TH 2014
Kudos CS!!!! What is it with the east coast of Florida, Alcee Hastings Wasserman Schultz. When she talks its like fingernails on a blackboard! Remember voting for Debbie Wasserman Schultz is like giving Obama another term in office. STICK WITH ME ON THIS FOR A MOMENT. Even the left leaning democrats are squirming over that after his "stupid, idiotic, lack of experience" decisions on Obama Care, the middle east mess that he created by a total lack of leadership, the border crisis, unemployment, and one of the most important issues that "Everyone" seems to be missing is Obama, with the help of Eric Holder, has driven a wedge in the black white relationship of our country throwing us back to the days of resentment that is a disgrace. However, this was done for a purpose and that is to stimulate the racism in this country giving the Al Sharpton's, the Jessie Jacksons a venue to espouse their inflammatory diatribe's of unfairness toward people of color THIS IS THE POINT TO BE MADE. This is what the democrats, community organizers do! Create a negative situation, then ride in on their white horse (non racist comment) and claim to fix everything. THIS, I'LL REPEAT, THIS, IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN CASTING A VOTE FOR INDIVIDUALS LIKE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ Alan Grayson, Alcee Hastings here in Florida. You are keeping the same disease in office that is claiming to be the cure! It is the democratic way of window dressing up their agenda This is about " Removing the Pretty Face of Liberalism, and exposing the Ugly Truth that has hoodwinked many good individuals about the democratic party. Hopefully, the democratic residents of Florida will come out of the either and make a vote for their children, and grandchildren's sake and not for some last minute psychobabble ad that touts fairness, women's rights, the leadership of this administration and all the crap they drag into their ads in waning moments of elections. This November's vote is about out country's security, our heritage, our children! Vote smart.
Connie Good
11:41AM AUG 19TH 2014
The Swampfox...You are the man...couldn't have said it any better.
11:08AM AUG 19TH 2014
Great post and on point! Unfortunately, I believe O has dumbed down this country into voting for the "free stuff". They would rather trade their freedoms for the free stuff. That's why I termed this next generation "The Instant Generation". Everything now regardless of the end result.
10:48AM AUG 19TH 2014
I honestly do not think that one thing needs to be said to elaborate, so all I can say is, I am glad you wrote the truth on this blog. Very poignant!!! Excellent post! And thank you for taking the time to post it.
8:34AM AUG 19TH 2014
Debbie is a bigger fibber than the bobble head. I hope she campaigns herself and a few other Dems out of office this fall. No one is safe in their seat anymore. We the people are ready to vote everyone out.
10:51AM AUG 19TH 2014
Well, there may be one who deserves to stay. Maybe two. I cannot name them right now though :)

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