Offering $1,000 Reward, Group Battles School Board over Muslim Outreach

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: April 3, 2012 3:55 AM
Hassan Shibly, Candy Olson and David Caton

Hassan Shibly, Candy Olson and David Caton

The Hillsborough County School Board isn't backing down in the face of an ongoing campaign to halt Muslim speakers from appearing at local campuses.

At least not yet.

A  2 1/2-hour board workshop on Friday concluded with a general sense that current district policies are adequate.

But the Florida Family Association wants school officials to slam the door on the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose local director has addressed classes at Steinbrenner High School.

FFA believes that CAIR is a "terrorist" group that has no business at Steinbrenner or any other campus.

The accompanying video clips of public testimony at earlier school board meetings echoed those concerns.

Hassan Shibly, the local CAIR director, said FFA's comments "feel like we're taking a step back in time to days when people used school board meetings to promote racism against African-Americans.

"It has been very hurtful that, for the past few months, I have been subjected to a character assassination campaign with disgusting and defamatory lies being spread about me personally and my community.

"CAIR is a threat to these people because we counter the bigoted message they wish to promote that Islam and Muslims are evil."

Shibly called it "very inappropriate and sad to see that school board meetings have been used as a platform by anti-Muslim extremists to promote bigotry and hatred of Islam and hard-working American Muslims."

FFA is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with direct information about future campus speaking engagements by CAIR.

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FFA director David Caton, who said his group's email inquiries have been blocked by the district, told Sunshine State News he has received "several" positive responses from the public and some teachers.

"People are watching. They don't like the negative attention," Caton said.

Elaborating on the current, open policy, School Board President Candy Olson stated that "tapping into the resources of our community enhances the educational experiences of our students and enables teachers to bring lessons alive with guests who bring valuable knowledge, skills or experiences to our students."

Adopting Olson's pronouncements, or any other policy, would require a formal board vote. None has been scheduled.

While predicting that the board will not change course, Caton insisted that his group will press ahead.

Arguing that "controversy drives change," Caton said FFA is prepared to hold a "Sharia Symposium" at Steinbrenner to "publicize and educate people about the issue."

"We'll make an example of this school," he vowed.

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Don Kepus
12:18AM APR 4TH 2012
OK folks, turn your eyes to the UK. They have open hatred being spewed in the streets of Lydon UK. they openly tell the Police and people to go to hell and march in the streets to say it. Give it another year of two and the same thing will happen here. Send them all back where they came form. Like our laws and morals and No Sharia or get the hell out of here before we run you out.
5:15PM APR 3RD 2012
What Law Enforcement Says About CAIR:

*"CAIR's Status As A Co-Conspirator Is A Matter Of Public Record" - Judge Jorge Solis HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*"CAIR has been identified by the government at trial as a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization, a conspiracy from which CAIR never withdrew" - U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks

*"The four pieces of evidence...create at least a prima facie case as to CAIR's involvement in a conspiracy to support HAMAS." - Judge Jorge Solis HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*"CAIR Is A HAMAS Entity...It Is HAMAS" - Former FBI Special Agent Expert On Muslim Brotherhood Movement In US

*"You did support Hamas in violation of the law,"... "If the Holy Land Foundation did have a face, it was the face of Hamas." - Judge Jorge Solis Speaking Directly To CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi

*"I think there is something disingenuous about the idea of a representative of CAIR saying, 'We don't know what this is about.'"... "During the Holyland Foundation trial, evidence was brought to bear that two of the founding members of CAIR - who were still in those positions at the time - were related to HAMAS organizers, and the question that was raised was, 'Is CAIR going to be an appropriate liaison partner for the FBI if the two founding members who are still in place are maintaining that relationship with HAMAS, a designated terrorist group...'" - FBI Assistant Director John Miller

*"Until We Can Resolve Whether There Continues To Be A Connection Between CAIR Or It's Executives And HAMAS, The FBI Does Not View CAIR As An Appropriate Liaison Partner..." - Richard C. Powers FBI Assistant Director Of Congressional Affairs

*"You stated it was to help people, but the motive was to support HAMAS," ... "You state that you are innocent, but the evidence shows the opposite." - Judge Jorge Solis HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*“There Is No Question CAIR Supports HAMAS” - Former FBI Special Agent John Vincent

*"The attendees agreed not to mention the word HAMAS but to refer to HAMAS as 'Samah,' which is HAMAS spelled backwards," - Judge Jorge Solis HLF Trial Of CAIR-Texas Founder Ghassan Elashi & Others

*"We Know The Founders Of CAIR Are HAMAS Operatives." - Former FBI Agent John Guandolo
K Knight
12:01PM APR 3RD 2012
Religion has no place in our public schools. While everyone has the freedom to believe or not believe in a religion schools should be used to teach the three R's and not include the fourth R.
9:33PM APR 3RD 2012
So true. Religion should not be part of our public schools. Florida has a failing educational system and they are bickering about a Muslim speaker. I cannot remember clergy from any denomination speaking in school growing up, and they shouldn't be now. Mr. Knight is right, we have forgotten how to teach the basics of education and we are churning out students and sad to say, staff, that cannot write, read, or speak English properly.
8:47AM APR 3RD 2012
That crashing sound is the Constitution crumbling to the ground thanks to David Caton and his group of book burners.

To be completely honest I do not like CAIR and I do not trust Hassan Shibly. However, he is promoting his views and his religion which he has a right to do. What I want to know is why David Caton is not demanding equal time in the classroom? Why are not the Jewish and Catholic leaders demanding equal time?

Could it be that all Caton wants to do is destroy the rights of others? Once he has finished with Hillsbourgh County Schools he will then move on to someone else "HE" disagrees with and their speech.

He is just as dangerous as Hassan Shibly and in some cases more so.
9:03PM APR 3RD 2012
>To be completely honest I do not like CAIR and I do not trust Hassan Shibly. However, he is promoting his views and his religion which he has a right to do.

I find it amazing that you do NOT like or trust CAIR, yet you are OK with them using their powers of persuasion on our young and impressionable children. Would you also send child molesters, burglars, con artists, wife beaters, etc. to make their case before our children?
You make gross errors in logic and the purpose of school, which is to teach our children the basics, and prepare them for life away from home, perhaps going to college. To start them with the necessities of life. We do teach somewhat more that the 3 R's of days gone by, but I'd be OK with that as opposed to teaching junk
And Islam, the teaching of in in our PUBLIC schools is a bad bad bad idea.
These opposed it know what they are talking about and you are just closed to the very idea that there could be evil in the world.
There opinions and facts are backed up here; CAIR and all:
google for "Team B II the threat to america" and read the links.
Patriot 2010
1:44PM APR 3RD 2012
BM, he does not have the right to do it in our schools! Where are all the Rabbi's, Ministers and Priests the School Board claims they ask if they would like to speak to the classes also. They are liar's and should not be in charge of our children. Hillsborough County is a socialistic zoo and if the citizens of that county cannot see what is happening I will pray harder for them. In case you have not read the Constitution lately it does not state anywhere that schools in the name of free speech should be allow someone who represents a terrorist group come into our schools. Shibly can spew his Islamic information anywhere he wants to in public but not inside our schools.

You sir are as brain washed as the socialistic school board. Mr. Caton is not against "free speech" however he and many parents are against someone from a terrorist group being allowed into the classrooms.
8:57AM APR 3RD 2012
No BM, FFA is not promoting his religion but he is trying to stop the school board from pushing islam. CAIR is a terrorist front organization and it is folks such as yourself who will do the damage to this country by keeping your head in a very dark place.
1:22PM APR 3RD 2012
Exactly what I said TAP. He should be demanding equal time. CAIR certainly has been linked to terror, however are all members terrorists? Do you remember the book burnings because they epoused items we did not agree with. How about the witch burnings? No doubt there were some really, really bad witches, however were not good witches burned as well?

Whart are you and the others going to do when a student from CAIR is choosen to give the "inspirational message" at graduation or a football game? Are you going to protest that as well? You guys wanted that bill signed into law.

Let me ask just how many "followers" does this book burning, bible toting man of God have and how much money does he make off of them to fight "the cause"?

As far as a dark place is concerned. There is no darker place than the inability to express ones views for fear of comdemnation by those who are "better" than everyone else.
Patriot 2010
1:47PM APR 3RD 2012
No, All Muslims are not terrorists but anyone who belongs to a terrorist group such as CAIR would not belong if they did not think the same.

Take the time to read the Koran - simply put, you either believe in the Koran and the teaching you are to be dead! No other religion openly stattes that and Islam is the Muslim faith! There are no choices.
Don Kepus
12:21AM APR 4TH 2012
Contrary to the rhetoric being spewed here, ALL MUSLIMS are radical and want to wipe us out. Check out the video of LYdon, UK. They will tell you so. And these are the typical residents of the city, not the leftist radicals. ALL Arabic muslims think the same way. They lie and laugh at you all the way to the mosque.
Robert Lloyd
8:24AM APR 3RD 2012
>>back in time to days when people used school board meetings to promote racism against African-Americans.<<

When people promoted racism? Or would it be better stated of when people were free to warn of the Black and Hispanic destruction of our culture?
Patriot 2010
2:02PM APR 3RD 2012
Robert, I am sorry but I must respond to this! If you want to be honest and fair I will gladly give you history of which they do not want in our history books but is the truth!

White southern Democrats are what tried to destory the Black race and also started the "African-American" lingo so that others would look at it and think "they really are not part of America". The only citizens in this country that hypenates themselves and this is another Democratic White push to make the black race continue to stand-out and be different.

Your remark was very racist and by the way, as a norm, you do not hear people of the Hispanic culture using the hypen! The White Dems also have continued to tell the black Americans the way to go is to live off of the country, you cannot aspire to be better, you will never get out of the ghetto - these are all lies.

If they spent the same amount of time encouraging them and telling them they were smart and could set goals for themselves then guess what - no more ghetto's - smart black or hispanic people! Yikes! Scary huh?

Who do you think came up with the title Hispanic to lump all of Spanish origin into one pot? This was not to destroy their culture - it was to destroy their self-confidence, drive, self-respect - they have to keep the culture to make it be attached to the lack of succeeding.

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