Online Voting Begins Monday on New License Tag Design

By: Jim Turner | Posted: November 24, 2012 3:55 AM

Florida License Plates
Florida is driving toward a new license plate design expected to make it easier for law enforcement and toll collectors to read, and starting Monday residents can offer their preferences.

Four potential new license plate models will be offered on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles webpage Vote4FloridaTag.com as part of a three-week poll.

The site goes live Monday and will continue to take votes on the tags that will also increase the number of characters from six to seven.

License Plate Designs
The redesign, which would seek to make certain characters more distinguishable from one another, such as the ‘Q’ and ‘O’ or ‘B’ and ‘8,’ is intended for public safety and to increase by $4.8 million the total collection from drivers running toll booths.  

The state estimates that 10 percent of motorists run SunPass and other toll booths without corresponding transponders.

"The improved fonts and the simplistic graphic will also improve readability for the human eye, thereby improving the accuracy of information provided to and used by law enforcement,” according to the agency’s study on the redesign. "These changes improve toll enforcement and red light enforcement, but also serve as an important safety initiative for law enforcement and all drivers on Florida’s roads."

License Tag Designs
The state agency, which is currently accepting bids from companies interested in producing and distributing the plates starting in 2014, continues to review plans to replace the 15 million plates already on the road.

The initial plan was harshly questioned by county tax collectors in October for potentially increasing costs for motorists and reducing customer service by changing the business model to a private vendor that could be out of state.

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Comments (6)

Warren ^T
6:22PM DEC 8TH 2012
less color the better. Maybe dump the orange and put a small mexican flag. Just kidding!
5:13PM NOV 25TH 2012
Who approved toll systems that can't read plates?

Sunpass tolls are less than standard tolls because Sunpass "costs less"... does it really cost less when you have to redesign all your plates? Perhaps Sunpass users should be charged extra to defray the cost of new plates.

A basic system requirement is to be able read existing plates. Who approved this system that can't read existing plates? They and the vendor have some explaining to do.
11:41AM NOV 25TH 2012
This is intended to help with camera violations which has been challenged in court and potentially will not be legal. The State should defer the change until all issues are addressed. This has no impact on the residents of florida except additional cost. Only addvantage is to the State.
Bob H
6:25PM NOV 24TH 2012
Why don't state DMV's see these problems before they start ordering plates that "Look" pretty to other motorists. One would almost say this is only a ploy to make Florida motorists pay some money to keep some state agency alive.
Jean Rouleau
2:22PM NOV 24TH 2012
All 4 choices are legible and acceptable.
Does this mean the many choices for specialty plates would be eliminated? There are too many. If there are any specialy plates, they should be related to the state of Florida and not for every organization who wants a part of the till. If someone is so into certain organizations, they can easily make donations.

11:14AM NOV 24TH 2012
I fail to see how this will help when Florida has like a bazillion different plates out there--many of which are totally unreadable!

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