Ousted After Arrest, Jada Williams Seeks to Recapture Madison Supervisor of Elections Seat

By: Jim Turner | Posted: March 17, 2012 3:55 AM
Jada Williams

Jada Williams | Credit: electionlawcenter.com

Removed from office last November by Gov. Rick Scott, former Madison County Supervisor of Elections Jada Woods Williams has announced plans to reclaim the position.

In an ad placed Thursday on the Madison Florida Voice’s website, Williams focuses on her six years of service as elections supervisor and her background in the community.

“I appreciate the opportunities that you have given me to lead and serve the voters of this county,” Williams states in the ad. “The commitment, dedication, and support that you have given to me throughout my years of service to our community has strengthened, motivated, and encouraged me to lead our county in the right direction for future endeavors.”

There is no mention by Williams, a Democrat, of being removed from her post by the governor after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced her arrest Nov. 1 in connection with alleged voter fraud.

Williams was not immediately available for comment after messages were left on a phone number listed for her Madison home on Friday.

Williams, first elected to the countywide office in 2006, was one of eight, including Madison County School Board member Abra Hill “Tina” Johnson, charged in connection with alleged voter fraud that allowed Johnson to win a runoff election last year.

Madison, a county of nearly 20,000, sits along the Georgia state line east of Tallahassee.

Williams, 34, was charged with 17 counts of neglect of duty and corrupt practices for allegedly allowing absentee ballots to be illegally distributed.

According to the county’s election website, Williams joins Republican Thomas R. “Tommy” Hardee, an insurance agent and volunteer fireman, in the race.

Hardee, 37, was appointed by Scott as the interim supervisor in December.

Lane Wright, Scott’s press secretary, said the legal team for the governor’s office is going to review what options are available if Williams is returned to office.

Democrats in the rural, mostly lower-income community hold a better than 3-1 advantage over Republicans among registered voters.

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Comments (3)

12:22AM MAR 31ST 2012
This person does not deserve to hold this office due to the allogations that she commited during her tenure in office. How can you trust someone with an office of that stature after this?
I.C. Mobley
2:43PM MAR 28TH 2012
Jada was not found guilty, she was accused of, voter fraud. The courts have not found her guilty.
4:29PM MAR 19TH 2012
Jada, If you were found guilty and put out of this office, how can you run again. Why are you doing this?

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