Ousted House Democrat Speaks Out Against Caucus Purge of Moderates

By: Eric Giunta | Posted: June 12, 2013 3:55 AM
John Patrick Julien

Former Rep. John Patrick Julien

The Florida House Democratic Office is "shooting itself in the foot" if it goes through with an attempt, led by Rep. Jim Waldman of Coconut Creek, to introduce rules that would penalize moderate Democratic legislators who vote against caucus positions without the blessing of leadership.

So says former Rep. John Patrick Julien, a one-term North Miami Democrat who was ousted during his party's primaries last year after running afoul of party leadership and teachers' unions for his votes in favor of small business, school choice, and the right to life of the unborn. One Republican strategist at the time referred to his defeat, along with that of fellow Rep. Mack Bernard of West Palm Beach, a "political ethnic cleansing" that rid the Democratic Party of almost all its elected Haitians, who for cultural reasons tend to learn more toward the center than their white and African American counterparts. 

Asked what he thought about the new proposed rule, Julien -- who remains a member of the Democratic Party -- shared these thoughts with Sunshine State News:

During the two years that I was in the Legislature [2010-2012] I felt as if the Democratic Party in the State of Florida – I can't speak for it nationwide – is that leadership wants you to simply be a puppet. They're not necessarily looking for someone who is willing to represent his or her constituents.

We can all be Democrats, but that does not mean that we all follow the same ideology. Each individual has to be given the ability to represent his or her constituents. As I've stated before, and as I've argued with leadership in the past while I was there – and I would continue to do it if I was there now, but unfortunately it just didn't work out that way – I think that the Democratic Party is really shooting itself in the foot. It's trying to be a party of one [ideology], I don't think that's what the party needs and I don't think that's what this country needs.

I think it also says a lot as to why the people are so disenfranchised and feel disappointed with their elected leaders. They don't feel as if they're being represented by anyone. Everybody is just so busy looking to leap-frog into the next leadership position, either become a chairman or become a vice-chairman, or become someone of importance, that they forget that they were sent there by people to represent people.

House Democrats are expected to vote on the package of proposed rule changes at their annual Jefferson-Jackson Gala this weekend, June 15-16.

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10:46AM JUN 12TH 2013
Yes, it's not like Julien ever referred to the Democratic Party as being a slave owner, and women of his own race who undergo abortions as committing genocide against themselves . . . . as he failed to obtain the voters' approval to be their candidate in his district . . . . one wonders how that could possibly be . . . . perhaps he should look to himself and his unpopular views and votes, rather than blaming his party and “boleteros,” or ballot-brokers (i.e. anybody but himself) for his primary loss . . . . . . . unless, of course, he also just thinks that the voters of his district were also only obedient sheep being directed by the Democratic party caucus . . . .

And were he to switch to the Republican Party, which he has previously discussed doing, he'll find the shrill Tea Party and Libertarian branches far less forgiving to his viewpoints than anything he believes the Democratic Party has done to him . . . . it is the GOP far right that seems to accommodate no deviation from their rigid ideological pure thoughts, not the Democratic Party . . . . but it is true that use of hot-button, loaded descriptive terms like slave master, puppet, and genocide fit right in there with similar demonizing Republican declarations that those not like themselves are anti-American, Communist, Socialist, and the like . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
3:22PM JUN 13TH 2013
What is pathetic is that the so called 'tolerant', 'open tent', Democrats want their members to be good little puppets and not think or vote for themselves.
6:51PM JUN 13TH 2013
More truthiness from a partisan right winger . . . do you support Senator J.D. Alexander's dictatorial demands that the University of South Florida allow Poly Tech to be independent or be cut in the budget by up to 70% (even though the majority of Republicans were against the independence), solely because he was Your Glorious Leader in dictatorial control of the Budget Committee (even Nancy Smith complained) . . . where was the 2/3 vote there . . . oh, that's right, like most things run by the GOP leadership, those matters AREN'T subject to a Caucus vote, because it's inherent in the leadership's long standing it's-my-way-or-the-highway GOP politics . . . can you ever write anything that evens smacks a LITTLE of the truth . . .

Pathetic . . .

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