Pam Bondi Leads Democrats in Sunshine State News Poll

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: April 8, 2014 3:55 AM
Perry Thurston, Pam Bondi, George Sheldon

Perry Thurston, Pam Bondi, George Sheldon

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi starts off with a solid lead over her two Democratic rivals, in part due to her opposition of President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law which remains unpopular in the Sunshine State. 

A Voter Survey Service poll, commissioned by Sunshine State News, shows Bondi leading both former state Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon and Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, by the same margin. Bondi takes 44 percent when matched up against both Sheldon and Thurston while the Democratic candidate takes 35 percent. While 1 percent of those surveyed back other candidates in the race, 19 percent say they are undecided.
Sunshine State News talked with James Lee, the president of Voter Survey Service, about the poll and the state of the race on Monday.

“Bondi’s numbers aren’t great but you need a wedge issue in this race,” Lee said. “There’s not much in this poll that suggests that there is a wedge issue.” Lee noted that the Democrats would attack Bondi’s defense of traditional marriage and her opposition to the legalization of medical marijuana but said, as of now, those were not enough to topple Bondi.”

When matched up against Sheldon, Bondi holds a strong lead with voters who say there is an “excellent” chance for them to vote in November. Bondi takes 48 percent of these voters while Sheldon garners the support of 34 percent of them. While two-thirds of Democrats -- 67 percent -- back Sheldon, Bondi has the support of 80 percent of Republicans. Independents break Bondi’s way with 40 percent of them backing her while 27 percent support Sheldon.

Bondi leads Sheldon with Hispanics taking 48 percent of them while 26 percent back the Democrat. Almost half of men surveyed -- 48 percent -- support Bondi while 33 percent say they plan to vote for Sheldon. Women go Bondi’s way by a smaller margin, with 42 percent backing the Republican and 37 percent supporting Sheldon.

The poll finds Bondi out front across most parts of Florida, beating Sheldon by double-digit margins in North Florida and the Panhandle, her home base in Tampa Bay, Central Florida and the southwestern part of the state. Sheldon leads Bondi in his home region of Southeast Florida.

Thurston does slightly better than Sheldon with Floridians with an “excellent” chance of voting in November but still trails Bondi by 12 percent with this group. Bondi gets 82 percent of Republicans when matched up against Thurston while 67 percent of Democrats support their party’s candidate in that scenario. Thurston does better with independents than Sheldon but Bondi still leads with these voters, as 34 percent of them back her and 29 percent support the Republican.

Bondi takes 46 percent of Hispanics when matched up against Thurston while the Democrat gets 24 percent of them. Once again, Bondi takes 48 percent of men while 32 percent of them back Thurston. Women break Bondi’s way by a smaller margin, with 41 percent of them backing her and 37 percent of them supporting Thurston.

When matched against Thurston, Bondi has a solid lead across most of the Sunshine State, including beating him by 22 percent in Central Florida. But Thurston, who like Sheldon hails from Broward County, has the edge in Southeast Florida where he leads Bondi by 7 percent.

“The poll shows Bondi’s in pretty good position here,” Lee said.

Bondi has garnered national attention for opposing Obama’s health-care law, including continuing the state’s constitutional challenge to it. Sheldon, a former member of the Obama administration, and Thurston support the health-care law.

The poll shows a majority of those surveyed -- 51 percent -- say they are less likely to vote for candidates who support Obama’s health-care law while only 39 percent say they are more likely to vote for candidates who support it. Among those who have an “excellent” chance of voting in November, 53 percent say they are less likely to vote for candidates who back Obama’s health-care law while 37 percent say they are more likely to vote for its supporters. While Democrats say they are more likely to vote for candidates who back the health-care law and Republicans support candidates who oppose it, a majority of independents -- 53 percent -- say they are less likely to vote for supporters of the law. Only 33 percent of independents say they are more likely to vote for candidates who support the health-care law.

Sunshine State News asked Lee if Bondi’s opposition to the health-care law has helped her build the lead. “It probably hasn’t hurt her,” Lee answered. “She certainly can feel emboldened by her opposition to it.

“It doesn’t look like Obamacare is popular in the state,” Lee added.

Sunshine State News asked Lee if the poll shows if either of the Democrats would present Bondi a stronger challenge. “Nothing in this poll suggests either has a stronger base than the other,” Lee said. “If you’re Bondi, maybe you prefer Sheldon due to a wedge issue in the race like Obamacare.”

Asked about 40 percent of the voters surveyed being 65 and older, Lee pointed to the 2010 election as a roadmap for the new poll. Even with Florida voting on a proposed state constitutional amendment on medical marijuana, Lee said he did not expect younger voters to come out in droves, noting that the proposal in the Sunshine State was not as broad based as the one in Colorado. “In nonpresidential years, seniors do make up a disproportionately higher portion of voters who turn out,” Lee said.

The poll of 800 Florida voters was taken from March 31-April 3 and had a margin of error of  +/- 3.46 percent.

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Comments (43)

Ann M Josephson
6:03AM APR 10TH 2014
It's incomprehensible that a media supposedly interested in presenting all major alternatives should ignore Libertarian candidates, depriving voters of a true choice in the upcoming election. Could it be that media is only interested in maintaining the status quo, not offering real solutions to the ever-increasing problem of too much government, too little personal freedom? Bill Wohlsifer, Libertarian for AG
Allan Lee
11:02PM APR 9TH 2014
Bill Wohlsifer needs recognition, chumps.
10:24PM APR 9TH 2014
Bill Wohlsifer , Libertarian for AG
Carl Loser
10:14PM APR 9TH 2014
Wow how can we trust your news to give us the whole truth when you leave out a 3rd Party Candidate. Bill Wohlsifer is in the race and you keep leaving him out. I say we all boycott.
Claudia Griffiths
5:56PM APR 9TH 2014
You left out another major candidate: Bill Wohlsifer. We, the People, need to know all the options and I for one am really tired of the media picking who is running for the various offices. I am unaffiliated with any political party. Have been for decades. I now see very little difference between the Democrat and Republican parties or the candidates the (and the media) put up for a vote. Poll for at least 3 parties, please. Give us, the People, a real choice. Let us know our all options. Stop supporting the elites in government and the 2 major parties.
Thank you.
David Taylor
5:37PM APR 9TH 2014
You forgot Bill Wohlsifer!
Michelle Martin
8:09AM APR 9TH 2014
I am voting for Bill Wohlsifer...he is a great candidate! Wonder why the media seems to be trying to hide him from the voters?
IF you are tired of the same old choices....there is a 3rd option but I guess you will have to go looking, as it isn't being reported on here.
Here, check him out!
wohlsifer4ag dot com
Wanda Duncan
3:46AM APR 9TH 2014
Why did you feel the need to leave out Bill Wohlsifer?? Scared are we? It's way too shady and one sided of a story for me. This is totally unacceptable to your readers.. at least for the ones who expect the honest truth and not bias reporting! SMH!! Big fail!
James M. Ray
11:32PM APR 8TH 2014
Our state's "news" media sucks the big one. They know they're being biased when they exclude Libertarians from polls, and they even cringe a bit because they know we'll flood their comment sections in their idiotic mulletwrappers. But they think we don't matter, and they think their agenda-bias will go un-noticed by voters. Maybe so, it's worked in the past, but google "The Snitker Paradox" to see the suckitude we're up against. I mean, it's gotten to the point of a hard vacuum, FFS!!!
glenda wells
10:29PM APR 8TH 2014
Why leave out Bill Wohlsifer? Are you trying to influence voters? How about fair and objective reporting so we can make up our own minds?
10:03PM APR 8TH 2014
Why is Bill Wohlsifer missing from this? Bondi is bad for Florida. We have one clear choice for AG and that's Bill.
Steve Moulden
9:28PM APR 8TH 2014
If your chosen profession requires you to report the news, then report it, especially during elections. Otherwise, you really do come across as biased and about as worthless of publication as the National Enquirer. Leaving Bill Wohlsifer out of your polling is both unacceptable and unprofessional.
9:25PM APR 8TH 2014
Where is the Libertarian Party candidate?
Edward Hove
8:43PM APR 8TH 2014
Where is my candidate for attorney general in your news story??? Bill Wohlsifer is a candidate that had to pay the same fees that Bondi paid to be a candidate. Your coverage is skewed to say the least.
8:06PM APR 8TH 2014
Where is Bill Wohlsifer?
matthew macik
7:57PM APR 8TH 2014
what about Bill Wohlsifer Libertarian candidate for Attorney General
Jason V
7:21PM APR 8TH 2014
Why was Bill Wohlsifer left off of the candidate list? Report all the candidates, instead of pandering to the broken two party system.
6:52PM APR 8TH 2014
If they are Pro_Medicinal Marijuana, they get my vote too !
William (Bill) Wohlsifer
5:16PM APR 8TH 2014
The SSN poll states that it was taken of "800 Florida voters . . . and had a margin of error of +/- 3.46 percent." I suggest that it had a margin of error of +/- 28.46 percent, since it omitted 25% of the candidates running. With all due respect for all offices of government, the Attorney General's candidacy is a bit different than the rest. It is similar to the requirements for judgeship.

To qualify to run for AG, the candidate must be at least 30 years old and have lived in the State of Florida for the past 7 years. This is similar to other public office requirements. However, the AG candidate must additionally have earned a doctorate degree, passed the Florida Bar exam, passed the Florida Bar background check, passed a multi-state ethics exam, and have been a member of the Florida Bar in good standing for at least 5 years.

In at least 7 states, D.C., and some U.S. territories the AG is appointed, not elected. (In 2012, the Kentucky Senate passed a bill that would make their AG a non-partisan position.)

Unlike gubernatorial and presidential candidacies, which tend to attract 50 or more persons who file papers to run, but never actually conduct a campaign, the 2014 AG race has, thus far, only 4 candidates from 3 parties. If there were 3 Democrats running against the Republican incumbent would the poll have included all 3 to reflect 4 candidates? You bet it would. If there were 6 Democrats running against the Republican incumbent would the poll have included all 6 Democrats? Probably so. Would the poll include 6 Democrats and 1 Republican and still omit the Libertarian candidate? Based I what I see today, I am afraid so.

What has become of the media in our Sunshine State? This is America! We are an America State, not a Red or a Blue state. We are people of compassion, who cherish freedom and liberty. We enjoy our First Amendment protection against government infringing on the free press. Do we need another amendment to protect us against infringement by special interests? Do I have to declare myself a Republican or a Democrat to be included the political debate? (Not an option.) I am paying the same $7,738 Qualifying Fee that Pam Bondi, Esquire, George Sheldon, Esquire, and Perry Thurston, Esquire, are paying. Of course, there is no legal recourse against pollsters and debate hosts. They have no liability to the candidates, only to their readers and viewers.

I respect this private publisher and its hired pollster’s right to pick and choose who they want to write about. What bothers me is that just yesterday, April 7, 2014, SSN ran an article titled, Sunshine State News Kicks Off 2014 Election Surveys, and right on top of the article they inform their readers that:

“Back by popular demand is the Sunshine State News Poll. . . . The statewide voter surveys will cover a wide range of races -- including the hotly contested governor's race and the election for Florida attorney general.”

Then, the very next day, they publish their first poll result and leave my campaign for attorney general completely out of the polling and the article. Great survey? I don’t think so. If this is the kind of coverage that meets the “popular demand” of their readers, well then I guess they serve their market well. If not, shame on them.
2 Party system only is Authorized by the elitists
8:04AM APR 9TH 2014
Bill, first let us say thanks for running for AG. Lord knows we need an honest, ethical one that is not owned and controlled by the establishment. Not only AG, but governor and all other supposed to be elected positions former filled by the will of the people at the polling places.
While many well meaning people just head first into politics most don’t have a clue what they are really up against. You see both the Republican and Democrat parties are owned and controlled by the same establishment. It is well known and documented that former Florida Democratic Chairwoman Karen Thurman was receiving an under the table salary of $100,000. Per year from the Bush machine.
This political structure can best be explained by comparing it to the marriage of a husband and wife. They believe what they do is their business and can operate quite well without outside intervention. They can stand right there (many times in front of the kids and scream all kinds of accusations at each other for hours, then go and dine at the same table and sleep in the same bed that night. Many have even referred to it as sleeping with the enemy. This they can do for decades and while it might be a rocky road all is well as long as everyone else keeps their noses out of the family and the family business.
The two party system was enhanced in favor of manipulation of the issues back and forth. But, like a family brawl when that third party intervenes and gets their two cents in (so to speak) it throws the entire game off kilter.
Never in recent political history have we seen clearer proof of this than beginning around April 2009 when the Tea Party began to organize and rise into being. Most all of these third parties were originated because the founders could not stand what they were seeing in their parties. But much like some churches which spin off by disgruntled former attendee’s for the life of me I do not recall ever seeing a city with “The Second Baptist Church of.”
The hard core politicians immediately began to dismantled the Tea Party’s in various manners. Their best movement was the created a non-profit out west who infiltrated the Tea Party’s and convinced many of there “so called leaders” they could get them elected to congress without fail. When this didn’t work they had other schemes to defraud and schemes to divide and conquer. Now it seems when all else failed they sent in the IRS to audit them.
The establishment is well connected. Money is no object and with $17 Trillion and counting their friends who use the taxpayers printing presses to print money and loan it back to the USA have no interest in cooling down those presses.
In the 2010 Florida Governor’s race former GOP Chairman Jim Greer had a press conference in Orlando Florida and told everyone there would be no 2010 GOP authorized primary for Governor. At that time Charles Bronson, Sec. of Agriculture wanted to primary Bill McCollum, but the powers that is refused his support for a simple primary election where there was not sitting governor. (Remember Charlie Crist was running of US Senate)
Then out of no where along comes Rick Scott with $70 MILLION of his own money to run for Governor of Florida. Now it is apparent that something happened with the establishment and Bill McCollum.
Come to find out later Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott was not just a Donut Shop Entrepreneur, but was in fact also a Dallas, TX lawyer with Johnson and Swanson specializing in OIL and Hospital law! One of his biggest clients was Tom Hicks (#3 on GW Bush’s pay to play and succeed donor’s list) Among other things Rick Scott was a partner with Tom Hick’s and George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers. It has been said by many who claim to be in the know that Rick Scott (#65 on GW Bush’s pay to play and succeed donor’s list) and Richard Rainwater (#10 on GW Bush’s
2 Party system only is Authorized by the elitists
8:03AM APR 9TH 2014
pay to play and succeed donor’s list) was able to take over the remnants of IMC (International Medical Centers) when Jeb’s friend and cohort Miguey Recarey ran into troubles with Medicare Fraud and was charged with (at the time) the largest Medicare Fraud in US history. Well apparently Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater not only picked up the South Florida Hospitals but the well organized Medicare Fraud billings systems as well. That organization become Columbia/ HCA and would wind up paying $1.7 BILLION in fines for Medicare Fraud, but much like Lot who fled Sodom and Gomorrah for the safety of Zoar. Rick Scott fled Columbia/ HCA, but unlike Lot’s wife – Rick Scott never looked back! He was protected by his Bush family connections, and he knew he had nothing to worry about!
When Rick Scott is asked about the fraud his company committed, he always answers that he was never charged with any crimes. Correct. But to try to convince Americans that he was unaware of his company's activity is a stretch. That's like a coach trying to claim ignorance about which plays his team runs on the field.
George W. Bush with Karl Rove[r]’s genius (compassionate conservatism, religious-rhetoric, strategized staging) and huge corporate contributions (no campaign limits in Texas), Bush was elected Texas’ first Republican governor (January 17, 1995 to December 21, 2000) since Reconstruction. Campaign wizardry diverted voter-focus to moral issues (not the government’s business). Bush said he was “humbled and honored” that so many people responded to his message. Rove[r] took a drunk who much like Obama had never done anything constructive in his life and made him into the “ah shucks” image of Ronald Reagan. They don’t call him the architect for nothing!

Ken Lay and Enron attorney, Joe B. Allen, were Bush’s “top fund- raisers” and would be Bush’s “top corporate contributors” in 2000. Thomas Hicks, of HM Capital Partners LLC, had donated $146,000 to Bush’s gubernatorial campaigns. Richard Rainwater had donated $100,000. Hicks paid lobbyists ($50,000 to $110,000) to enact legislation to create the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO), a Public-Private Partnership, privatizing the university’s abundant financial assets of $13 billion. Hicks was already on the Board of Regents due to his contributions to Governor Ann Richards. Hicks gave Bush a belated $25,000 for which Governor Bush appointed him the UTIMCO chairman. Other board members had contributed between $7,000 and $141,000.

Under Hicks’ direction and without public oversight, $525 million was invested into crony corporations including:

Carlyle Group, Maverick Capital Fund ($210,273 to Bush’s gubernatorial campaigns), Bass Brothers Enterprises ($215,000 to Bush, financed Harken Oil’s Bahrain venture), Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (joined Hicks in a $1.5 billion takeover of Regal Cinemas), Evercore Partners (joined Hicks in a $900 million buyout of television stations), American Securities Partners (received UTIMCO funds several months after selling 11 radio stations to Hicks).

Carlyle Partners II, the defense contractor’s fund, got $10 million. Bush worked for Caterair, a Carlyle subsidiary, the year before. George H. W. Bush was also associated with Carlyle.
2 Party system only is Authorized by the elitists
8:02AM APR 9TH 2014
Hicks undoubtedly received sufficient management fees through these “investments” for his 1998 purchase of the Texas Rangers for $250 million. All assets, public or private, are vulnerable to politically-facilitated transfers into corporate coffers. President Bush has repeatedly attempted to privatize Social Security.

In 1997, Bush signed legislation authorizing Texas cities to “impose new taxes to finance sports facilities.” Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk and City Manager John Ware promoted this tax bill which cost voters $230 million for a new upscale arena for the Hicks-owned Mavericks and the Dallas Stars. Richard Rainwater (Crescent Realty) had a stake in the Dallas Stars, principally owned by Ross Perot Jr. Afterwards, City Manager Ware went to work for Hicks. Mayor Kirk’s wife owned $500,000 in stock options in a Hicks company. Within six months, the Bush political fund received: “$37,000 from Hicks, $11,000 from Rainwater’s Crescent Realty and $5,000 from Ross Perot Jr.” Hicks and Perot developed hotels, stores, restaurants, and office space on the fifty acres adjacent the arena.

In addition to “funneling” UTIMCO money to cronies, the Texas’ Teacher Retirement System (TRS) which manages the pension fund (over $100 billion) for the state’s 800,000 public school teachers was also targeted for Bush cronies. On September 5, 1995, Bush appointed Ronald G. Steinhart of Dallas as the presiding officer of TRS. Without any public bids on two of the sales, the Fund sold two office buildings and a mortgage on a third to Rainwater’s Crescent Real Estate Equities Company (created 1994) in 1996 and 1997 at a $70.4 million loss. “At the time of at least one of the sales, Bush owned about $100,000 worth of Crescent stock.” Harvard Management Company, a Harken investor, also benefited from bargain real estate from the Texas Teachers Retirement System.

Bush’s 1998 gubernatorial re-election fundraising efforts set a record – $25 million. He was the first Texas governor to win consecutive four-year terms. Corporate contributors depended on Bush to protect and even lie under oath for them. “By the end of 1999, the Bush campaign had raised $69 million, which exceeds the total amount raised by both Clinton and Dole (not counting Federal matching funds) combined for the entire 1996 presidential race.”

The Texas Chemical Council (TCC) and it members contributed $2.2 million in the Texas elections of 1996 and 1998. More than $1 million went to members of the Texas legislature. Governor George Bush received the most TCC-affiliated money ($115,871). The Senate Natural Resources Committee Chairman got $24,900. TCC members paid $8.7 million to 222 lobbyists just in 1999. DuPont (released more than 40 million pounds of toxins in Texas water, land and air) paid 21 lobbyists up to $1.2 million. According to the EPA, the TCC trade group released 187 million pounds of toxic wastes into the Texas environment in 1996. Despite their claims, power-seeking politicians don’t care about the environment.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed HB 999, a bill so detested by a host of environmental groups that they brought in former Sen. Bob Graham to try in vain to stop it. Scott’s action disappointed environmental advocates, but did not surprise them, said Estus Whitfield of the Florida Conservation Coalition.

The bill that Scott signed into law contains more than a dozen provisions, including:
2 Party system only is Authorized by the elitists
8:01AM APR 9TH 2014
• Blocking the Florida Wildlife Federation from suing to overturn a controversial decision by Scott and the Cabinet to grant 30-year leases to 31,000 acres of the state’s Everglades property to two major sugar companies. THAT US SUGAR SWEET DEAL AGAIN, and; José Fanjul (Palm Beach, FL) The First Family of Corporate Welfare, the Fanjuls control a third of Florida sugar production, collecting $60 million a year in federal subsidies. Their Everglades land was drained at public expense, an environmental nightmare that costs taxpayers $63 million a year to maintain. The Fanjuls invest heavily in politicians!

• Preventing water management districts from cutting back groundwater pumping by any entity that builds a desalination plant to increase its potential water supply. “I don’t think we should be tying the hands of the water management districts to better promote conservation of water,” former Florida Governor Bob Graham said.

That’s how the socially-incestuous, tit-for-tat, ruling-class elite obtain power, exploit public funds and confiscate land, money, guns and children. Corporate cronyism allotted George Bush, the “Crown Prince of Privatization,” his brother Jeb and other just in the right place at the right time Bushmen. George “Duyba” amassed “the largest presidential war chest in American history at the time (at least $117 million) for 2000, due to bundling, a tactic for circumventing federal election campaign limits. This was in addition to what each of the parties raised.

And look at how good these Bush Master’s are with the help of Karl Rove[r] with the shell games. They claim to be doing everything for the good of the people especially the children.
[Anyone who wants to educate themselves on what the Bush family thinks about the youth need only Google “the Franklin cover up for the education of a lifetime.]

One thing is for sure they always have another one of their trained goons lying in wait to step up to the plate and/ or cover their bases to continue their causes of manipulating the people while they and their friends are lying, lying and lying while blocking the truth from the public’s ears and getting richer and richer from their deceitful schemes.

Rick Scott is just another “Bushman” who wants to privatize the states prisons and hospitals for his friends and partners.

While his co-governor Jeb Bush is still working hard to empower parents to take the public schools away from local governments and turn them over to his for-profit Charter School management friends and partners. Just follow the money and you recognize the names of their friends and cronies at the end of every pot of gold! And, last but far from least let the people never forget that Jeb Bush was is and forever will have been the driving force behind COMMON CORE the NEW WORLD ORDER PROGRAMMING for the YOUTH OF AMERICA –Right along with Brother George W’s NO CHILD LEFT BEHND ACT (Spin off family ventures take advantage such as IGNITE LEARNING INC) Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Act and his RACE TO THE TOP Grants to support conversions into the CC Standards.
Tim Gordon
12:27PM APR 8TH 2014
No mention of Mr Wohlfiser? Why? Bondi is not good for Florida citizens and this bias media will help expose this by omission of viable candidates.
11:52AM APR 8TH 2014
To those of you who are and wish to vote libertarian: good for you. However, most voters are not libertarian. I am conservative (I hold the same general positions as Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, Mark Levin), and so are most Republican (and many no party affiliation) voters. Some of my positions are similar to libertarian ones, but many are different. Bottom line, while she may not be perfect, Pam Bondi is a good AG and I will be proudly voting for her.

As to the exclusion of Mr. Wohlsifer from the article: he wasn't in the poll, so there is no need to include him in the article. As for his exclusion from the poll: if you want to vote for him that's fine, but most will not and it would be shocking if he even gets 10% of the vote. So his exclusion from a poll (especially this far out from the election) is not surprising, unusual, or wrongfully discriminatory.

FYI I've put in my two cents and that's all I'm going to say on here. If you want to reply go ahead, but to that hypothetical commenter, and anyone who reads these comments: I do not have the time to get into a debate on here.
Edward Hove
8:55PM APR 8TH 2014
BTW, I'm a registered Republican for 4 decades now and I don't see your logic that this news reporting company doesn't have to include ALL the candidates in their polls and stories, especially the ones who have also paid all the fees required to be in the race. What if YOU were running and paid all those fees only to have the local paper exclude YOU??? What's fair is fair so stop excluding legit candidates.
Steve Edmonds
1:02PM APR 8TH 2014
Sir, I happen to be able to schedule a time and place to discuss these items with you. I can even arrange for you to do so with Bill Wohlsifer himself. I understand that you feel the need to label, but would invite you to explore his platform and decide out of knowledge as opposed to programming. Programming by media outlets such as this one have convinced you to accept a limitation of choices. There are only 4 candidates registered for the AG race. As of now the only one that would have a rightful advantage is the incumbent. All the other candidates must qualify to be included on the ballot. 3 people have officially announced their intention to run and they will or will not qualify by the end of May. I can not speak for the other two but Bill Wohlsifer will be submitting his qualifying fee and on the ballot. Considering that the AG is the only elected position (excepting judicial) that requires an educational requirement, I would submit that excluding a candidate on the basis of his party affiliation is not only discriminatory but highly disrespectful and rude.
Jo Vaccarino
12:43PM APR 8TH 2014
How can a candidate get any % in a poll that excludes his name?!
I appreciate your opinion, but your logic is so severely flawed I just had to comment. It is not unreasonable to ask that a news source includes ALL of the viable candidates in its polls. Bill is actively campaigning and will pay the same fee to be on the ballot, therefore he deserves equal treatment - which means inclusion in the polls and media coverage. This isn't rocket science. It's common sense. Your logic is distorted - and discriminatory.
Jo Vaccarino
11:31AM APR 8TH 2014
I am very, very, very disappointed in Kevin Derby and Sunshine News for leaving BILL WOHLSIFER out of this poll and subsequent media coverage.

Wait, it's worse than that - I am outraged. How can you justify interfering with my hiring process this way? I have to join with other Florida voters to 'hire' an Attorney General this Fall. You are hiding one of the candidates from my peers.

Or if this analogy is easier to understand: this would be like having a pageant where only 3 of the contestants get to go on stage but we'll vote on all 4 in the final round. It just makes no sense.

YOU have a responsibility to the audience to produce fair and unbiased polls and coverage. Please, get with the program.
Paul Henry
10:57AM APR 8TH 2014
Ms. Bondi pushed for a "pill mill" database that turns over formerly private medical records w/o cause or a warrant. It violates not only the 4th Amendment but also our right to privacy under Article 1 Sec. 23 of our Florida Constitution.

She has also fought FOR the red light camera scheme by opposing a suit brought regarding due process (innocent until proved guilty). Like Rick Scott, she refused to look into an allegation of $30 million in missing red light camera ticket money.

Having researched the candidates, I am voting for the invisible man in this story, Bill Wohlsifer.
10:47AM APR 8TH 2014
Judging by the comments below, looks like you got trouble . . . right here in GOP City . . . .
Steve Edmonds
10:47AM APR 8TH 2014
Every time I think Sunshine News is becoming more than just a shill for political propaganda they go and prove me wrong. Continuing with their disregard for fair and balanced journalism they have left the candidate out that speaks most to and for the People. It is a shame that you could not rise above the rest of lame stream media and do something novel - like fair and unbiased reporting. For those taking the time to read the comments, please educate yourself to a true candidate for the people.... wohlsifer4ag.com
Lynn House
10:34AM APR 8TH 2014
I'm passed being outraged by another exclusion of Libertarian Candidates. Not having Bill Wohlsifer included in the article and the poll associated with it, has driven me to the point of numbed, dull acceptance of your incompetence.
Lauren Sonnenberg
10:12AM APR 8TH 2014
At first I was going to suggest that you include viable candidates such as the Libertarian, Bill Wohlsifer, running for AG, in your reporting. However, I changed my mind. It's best just to let the bought-and-paid-for media/journalism train keep going full speed ahead. The faster it goes on its wild and rogue (and irresponsible) path, the quicker that train will wreck. Chug on!
Ron R
9:57AM APR 8TH 2014
The superior candidate for Attorney General is Bill Wohlsifer. Someone who will defend our rights under the Constitution and not be beholden to petty partisan politics or special interests.
Jay Lamborn
9:55AM APR 8TH 2014
Where's Bill Wohlsifer in this? He's the Libertarian candidate. It's not like you to ignore the LPF. What's up with that? Why the sudden adherence to the status quo instead of sharing the whole story? Why shelter Floridians from the candidate most likely to do what's best for us all -- if people weren't given a skewed view, or kept from hearing about him at all?
John Brewer
9:50AM APR 8TH 2014
Why no mention of Bill Wohlsifer? Libertarian candidate. The status quo has got to go!! Seems you are status quo as well. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.
9:50AM APR 8TH 2014
Over Bondi trying to control our lives, over the duopoly in politics, and disappointed that sunshine state news is playing politics as usual by leaving out Bill Wohlsifer Libertarian candidate for FL Attorney General.

Stop voting the lesser of 2 evils, vote for good!
Vote Bill Wohlsifer for AG and Adrian Wylie for Governor.
9:42AM APR 8TH 2014
Teabaggers zealot loser
9:24AM APR 8TH 2014
The poll is inaccurate because you did not include all candidates like Bill Wohlsifer Libertarian Party.
William (Bill) Wohlsifer
9:13AM APR 8TH 2014
Kevin Derby: I am very disappointed to see that James Lee and Voter Survey Service did not include my candidacy in this survey and that you did not include even a mention of my campaign in your article. You have included me before in an article with the three other Attorney General candidates. I have a strong campaign team, backed by a state party, raising money from hard working grassroots Florida voters. I have an extraordinary well articulated message of a law and facts. I am appearing at speaking engagements throughout the state. There are only four candidates running for Attorney General. On what basis does Sunshine State News justify including three (from two political parties) and completing excluding my candidacy? I am not a paper candidate. I am running a very active campaign and I am a very active member of the Florida Bar in good standing. The omission of my candidacy renders the poll inaccurate. Is this just an oversight or is their a ban against including any candidate that does not identify with the Republican or Democratic Party in Sunshine State News Polls? Please advise. Thank you.
7:46AM APR 8TH 2014
The big problem with Pam Bondi is she thinks she knows what's best for Floridians. But, the majority of Floridian voters, including this 40 yr GOP Voter don't want anymore Nanny State politicians telling us we can't use cannabis. To me, Ms Bondi is like a Dem know it all who's got a fascist twist, instead of commie bent. The voters have spoken. Has Ms Bondi ever cared to ask Floridians what they want? Get off the cannabis bashing kick, already. Prohibition is a flop that causes more harm than cannabis use does. We're really tired of the Florida Police State & people like Pam Bondi is the reason I'll be wasting my vote on Libertarians from now on. Because, we're wasting our votes on the 2 party system anyway.
9:27AM APR 8TH 2014
Former GOP voter myself...so over their statist crap

Adrian Wyllie for Governor & Bill Wohlsifer for AG

I know what you are saying about wasting a vote, I used to think that way to but am sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Gotta take a stand.

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