Party Traitors Aren't Hurting Charlie, Charlie Is Hurting Charlie

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: May 30, 2014 3:55 AM
I Beg to Differ

The Teflon is starting to peel off Charlie Crist like a cheap frying pan. All of a sudden he isn't oozing charm on the big stage, getting away with empty good-guyisms, hail-fellow jokes and pie-in-the-sky promises. He's sweating.

This is something we're not used to. A not-ready-for-prime-time Charlie Crist.

Was this career politician with the insatiable need to be loved just late out of the gate this election year? Is he schmooze-rusty? Feeling left behind in Florida when he really wants Washington? Uncomfortable in his new Party suit?

Or, does he maybe deep, deep, deep down miss his old friends?

Whatever the case, Charlie is turning into something akin to a bum draft pick -- the guy who had four good years in college, then comes up lame in his first scrimmage in the pros. The Democrats weren't going for an ideological match, they were looking for a game-ready fan favorite and winner.

Why doesn't Charlie Crist look like that man anymore? What's happened that so changed his game?

If you listen to the Democratic leaders who whisper in the media's ears and hide behind phony names on story comments, it's because of Charlie's primary opponent Nan Rich, or Nan's ardent supporters, or Republicans pretending to be Democrats, or pretending to be Nan's friends. Listen to them and Charlie is simply the victim of a vicious plot within the Democratic Party to deny the FDP its first Democratic governor in 16 years.

They will tell you the plotters have made Charlie nervous.

Read progressive Kartik Krishnaiyer -- a voice of reason, actually -- who writes insightfully about the Democrats' sputtering Chosen One. Read his website The Florida Squeeze. Recently, TFS published some of the savviest thought I've read in a long time on the state of the Democratic Party in Florida and the Democratic candidates for governor. What you'll find in the website's Wednesday thread is an impressive array of Democrats' growing concern over their party's rudderless ship, its "selection" and handling of Charlie Crist, its failure to insist on a Rich-Crist debate, its dismal chances for the future and a party "press shop reduced to a lair inhabited by twitter trolls." 

Definitely lively stuff.

Meanwhile, participating in the debate -- without using real names, of course -- is Party Leadership. They speak for the defense, which you can spot a mile away. These are the folks who portray Nan Rich and her supporters as party traitors. The road to victory, they say, is paved with party obedience. Here's what a commenter (read, party payrollee), identifying him/herself as "Not Trying to Be a Jerk," has to say:

"This blog and most of the readers are always complaining about the Florida Democratic Party but yet are not willing to follow the lead of the Florida Democratic Party. You complain that we keep losing elections yet we have gone out and gotten the best possible candidate in the state who will be elected governor. This election is basically over; Rick Scott cannot get 50 percent. ... Yet we have all these people complaining that they want a washed up old former state legislator to be our nominee. She is backed by the malcontents of our party. People who want power in the party but are rejected because they are not quality enough. ... These are the people backing Nan Rich’s quixotic candidacy.

"If we did not have a primary, Charlie would be 15-20 points ahead right now. All this nonsense the primary helps candidates ... The party is there to lead. If you want to be a Democrat, fall in line with the party and guess what, we might win a race or two and set you guys up."

Another party payrollee, under the name Dems in 14, echoes Not Trying etc.:

"I’d love to see the authors at this blog talk about how the Nan Rich candidacy is costing Charlie Crist this race. Costing the Democrats, costing us a chance to lead. The open defiance of many Democrats around the state toward their very own state party is galling and shows precisely why we don’t win elections. Kartik comes up with all these theories as to why we drop elections when the most obvious one is people don’t fall in line behind a party and thus we don’t win because the party is meant to lead and if people don’t follow the leader we lose."

I can hardly believe what I'm reading.

It's not easy for me to understand how any political party, where the tenets of democracy are always held sacred, can get away with arm-twisting, insulting, even demonizing their members and candidates who don't fall in lockstep during the selection process.

If the Florida Democratic Party isn't finding Charlie Crist the winner he was in 2006, it's absurd to blame Charlie's opposition. This is a primary fight. Charlie had vibrant primaries as a Republican in 2002 and 2006 and beat the pants off his competition.

This time around, after four years on a billboard -- coupled with his makeover as a liberal Democrat and need to eat his Republican words -- clearly his heart isn't in this one. Oh, he wants to win badly enough -- actually, he's frantic to walk that path to the White House and he knows this is it, this is the path. But he thought it would be easier.

Charlie never had answers when he was a Republican. He didn't need them. Others on his staff had the answers. Or he picked up the phone and then ... done. He had friends he trusted. OK, he could have made better friends -- some are still in the slammer. But he knew them, leaned on them, they gave him his swagger.

Charlie had charm, and seldom, if ever, did even the media challenge him. Now every word he utters gets run through a sieve. He has become a cartoon character in many quarters of the state building he once owned.

Charlie is a flip-flopper, a liar, an empty suit -- something he always knew, but what the heck. Until this campaign, most voters didn't. Or didn't care. Not really. Now he knows they know, and it's clearly rocked him back on his heels.

The last people responsible for all this are the loyal opposition in his own party. Don't blame them. Time and circumstance and entirely unfamiliar gravitas have shattered Charlie Crist's confidence.

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7:38PM MAY 31ST 2014
Nan Rich is the only Democrat in this race... I don't understand how some of these life-long democrats can vote for Charlie. He is NOT a democrat. He joins our party, and a year later runs for governor. Yeah, that's not suspicious at all. This is the oldest trick in the book. Do people not realize that Scott and his big-money republicans are just waiting in the wings to rip Charlie apart?? And they will. They'll attack Charlie so hard in fact, the young voters and independents won't show up, because they don't want to hear all the B.S. Rick Scott has NOTHING on Nan Rich, because she has been a true- blue Democrat for her entire life, SHE HAS NEVER WAVERED. This is so ironic, because Charlie was deemed the front-runner in the senate race against Rubio, and Rubio did exactly what Nan is doing now, i.e. knocking on doors, grassroots,etc. The true democrats are coming out full force in August, trust and believe. The only reason Nan is not the "front-runner" is because MANY of her hardcore supporters hold high offices throughout the state, and they can't announce who they support. More importantly, most Nan supporters are remaining quiet about their vote, because they know the party will rip them a new one if they make too much noise. The people always win, corporations cannot vote. I can't wait til Charlie goes home packing.
10:51AM MAY 31ST 2014
Charlie's record is the problem. He sucked as a Republican. He sucked as an Independent, and now he sucks as a Democrat. Crist is not genuine, he is a phoney, a plastic banana, a self-serving egotist, and deep down just a plain dirt bag. He blames Nan Rich like Obama blames Bush.

If Charley really wants to fine his problem; it is staring him in the face when he shaves in the morning.
Robert Dominguez
7:40PM MAY 30TH 2014
Looks like Scott is worried, oldest trick in the book, devide and conquer!
12:08PM MAY 30TH 2014
The irony here is that Charlie Crist may be the only candidate that Rick Scott could beat in November. Is this the best that the Florida Democrat Party can do? If Scott is re-elected they need to be blamed for choosing such a candidate. Unfortunately, we the Florida voter get the short of the stick between Scott and Crist.
A real Dem voter
2:05PM MAY 30TH 2014
I have no doubt Rick Scott will beat Charlie Crist in November. I was upset when Crist had the nerve to try to push out Meek in the Senate race. I'm floored the Democratic party is now pushing him as the choice for Dems in the governor's race. If it comes to a choice between Rick Scott or Charlie Crist, there's no point for this lifelong Democrat to vote for governor. Might as well stay home. One thing is for sure, I'll question any candidate the party endorses in the future.
Linda New Levine
11:51AM MAY 30TH 2014
The true democrat in this race is Nan Rich. Those with courage will fight for her and vote for her. If you can't vote for democratic principles, don't complain about the government you end up with. Yea Nan!
Melody A Heilmann
8:33AM MAY 30TH 2014
THANK YOU! Thank you for being bold enough to write this article. I was beginning to think Dem Nan Rich & her supporters were the few sane, intelligent, honest people left in Florida. They are all a hard working bunch who care deeply about Florida & Floridians.
This has been ridiculous. (Crist already throwing a monkey wrench in things by refusing to debate). Read his book is Charlies platform & too Grand to debate a woman who is much more experienced and has worked hard for Florida before she entered politics.
Senator Rich is the BEST think I have seen since Democrat Lawton M. Chiles passed away in the FL Governors mansion.
I am so happy that more people are realizing Florida has a Golden opportunity, by electing Senator Rich to return Florida back to what it once was, and more. It will be A LOT of work I am sure after the last 3 Republican Governors we have had.
Floridians don't deserve anymore of what we've had since 1998. Anyone associated with Texas & the Bushes need not apply in my book.
5:52AM MAY 30TH 2014
Charlie is asking for people to contribute $1 to his campaign. What a joke. He's raking in hundreds of thousands from special interests. Save your $1 bills. Charlie is for sale to the highest bidder.
Broward Bob
10:00PM MAY 30TH 2014
Charlie may or may not be hurting himself, but obnoxious Kreps is hurting no-chance Nan. Go back to New Yawk, Josie, and take Nan with you.
Melody A Heilmann
8:34AM MAY 30TH 2014
I heard him say he lived paycheck to paycheck. Yeah, right?

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