'People's Gov.' Charlie Crist Relies on Hollywood and Hamptons for Campaign Cash

By: Jeff Henderson | Posted: May 30, 2014 3:55 AM
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Charlie Crist, Steven Spielberg

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Charlie Crist, Steven Spielberg

According to recent polls, Rick Scott has caught up with Charlie Crist, even squeaking out a little lead over his rival -- leading the new Democrat to go out of Florida to hunt for money, which means he’s asking celebrities for cash.

Scott has built up his campaign coffers and can, of course, open his own wallet for cash. Despite working for John Morgan, Crist can only count on the trial lawyers for so much. The same holds true for the teachers' unions despite Crist flipping to their side back in 2010 when he vetoed SB 6.

So Crist is headed out of state to raise money. “Page Six” of the New York Post, not exactly a staple of political journalism, reported on a fundraiser for Crist on Long Island next month. On June 21, well into the season when New York’s elite leave the city for the Hamptons, a fundraiser will be hosted by some of the glitterati, including Jill Zarin who is probably best known for her role in “The Real Housewives of New York City.”

Nor is this Crist’s only recent dalliance with the media elite. Reports this week showed that liberal Hollywood is placing its bets on Crist. Famous director Steven Spielberg, his wife actress Kate Capshaw and entertainment mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg have all sent Crist five-digit contributions.

Crist is playing up the populist talk, referring to himself as the “people’s governor” and fighting “for the people” -- not coincidentally Morgan & Morgan’s slogan in advertisements across Florida, including billboards and TV ads featuring the former governor. In his early attacks on Scott, Crist has called the governor out for using a private airplane and helicopter to travel.

But there’s a downside to this line of attack. Crist’s support from Hollywood and the Hamptons rightfully raises questions of his populist support. So does Crist attacking Scott at a meeting of trial lawyers this week for using a helicopter to fly around the state before quickly backtracking and asking if any of the lawyers in the room would let him use their chopper.

Crist’s supporters rightfully recognize that their candidate needs to be able to compete with Scott on television and that the way to do it is by raising cash. There simply isn’t enough Democratic money in Florida to compete with Scott and, having spent years as a Republican, it’s new territory for Crist. But relying on Hollywood bigwigs and New York celebrities isn’t going to play well in Palatka, Wesley Chapel or Monticello. Crist has to be very careful as to how he balances his financial needs without alienating voters.

Tallahassee political writer Jeff Henderson wrote this analysis exclusively for Sunshine State News

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3:30PM JUN 4TH 2014
Nan Rich is the only true Democrat in the race... so she has my vote! Charlie wouldn't care about money if he was truly "the people's governor." Nan has an actual grassroots campaign because the people are what matters to her.
1:46AM JUN 2ND 2014
The choices this election cycle so far is pathetic and downright depressing. That said, I still view Rick Scott as the lesser of two evils. I don't trust a word that comes out of Crist's mouth. He lies lies and lies. I am a registered independent, female, Hispanic, I typically vote Democrat, though I did vote for Jeb Bush, 2x. I'll reluctantly vote for Scott in November.
Independent Floridian
4:43PM MAY 30TH 2014
How could any non billionaire in the state of Florida vote for Rick Scott? He is clearly a bad guy that COMMITTED THE BIGGEST MEDICARE FRAUD IN AMERICAN HISTORY. RICK SCOTT WAS FORCED TO PAY $1 BILLION DOLLARS IN FINES BECAUSE HE STOLE MONEY FROM THE SICK AND ELDERLY ON MEDICARE! Yet Florida voted him in as governor! There is something wrong there. We need to get this thief out of office before it is too late. This is OUR chance Floridians. Lets prove to the rest of the United States that RICK SCOTT'S MONEY WILL NOT BUY FLORIDA AGAIN!
Disgruntled Democrat
1:42AM JUN 2ND 2014
If Nan Rich, does not win the Democratic Nomination, I will stay home before voting for CharLIE Crist. He's a liar and fraud and has NO business in the Democratic party!
11:00AM MAY 30TH 2014
Nothing about the Rick Scott nasty commercials? What about how Scott's company hit with a $1.7 Billion dollar fine for wrong doing with medicare? Wasn't he the CEO, bailed to save his butt. What about the Charlotte's Web Bill still sitting on his desk waiting for his signature for how many weeks now. There is so much more Scott has not done for Florida. As an Independent I am planning on voting for Charlie Christ. When it comes to giving my money to any politician they all get zero. Votes should get them in office because they represent the people, not because of who has the most money.
the trouble of it is
9:32AM MAY 30TH 2014
The trouble is.............

When we vote all we are doing is giving them numbers to play with and use to elect their chosen ones. Remember in St. Lucie County Fl in November 2012 - Barack Obama got 141% of the votes cast in that race! You can’t get much better turn out that that! Now we can see that Obama and his Race To The Top and 2009 stimulus was a funding mechanism for Jeb Bush’s Common Core Federal education movement – proving Obama and the Bush’s have been on the same page all along. George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act was created as a funding mechanism for their federal education movement to begin with. Neil Bush has made millions off his family scan called IGNITE LEARNING! Some now say Obama’s job includes such massive scandal’s and major blunders in his waning years designed by the architect for the sole purpose of making yet another Bush presidency look good or better and maybe the only alternative or at least suffice as the lesser of two evils. Enough chaos to encourage the people to come forth and recruit or draft Jeb Bush to come riding in on his white horse and save the USA from this massive path of destruction for which he and his family have been up to their eyeballs in since before WW one.

Clint Curtis (Google his affidavit) invented vote fixer chips for Tom Feeney when both were working for NASA. At the time we had gone to the touch screen voting machines which of course they though they could easily control the results of with the right software (Google Diebold vote software - they changed their name after this scandal claiming they had sold out) We're not sure why they abandoned the touch screens because they left no paper trail except maybe for the absentee ballots.

Anyway the vote fixer chips actually work better on the optical scanners because there is less of them to control in each polling place and all absentee ballots are fed through scanners at the local elections offices.

Even thought there is a paper trail Jeb Bush issued an executive order denying the hand recounting of any ballots that had been machine counted and ordering if a recount was necessary it must be done on the same machine that counted the ballots the first time!

Clint Curtis testified they count set the machines for percentages depending on how many candidates or issues was in each race or issue. In most two person races the chose will will receive about 67% to the loses 32%. Multi candidates will sometimes receive just over the number needed to win with the remainder being split among the other candidates.

July 2007 - Secretary of State Kurt Browning says Florida Voting Machines Can Be Hacked-

Reversing an unofficial policy of denial, the Florida Secretary of State's office has conducted an elections study that confirmed Tuesday what a maverick voting chief discovered nearly two years ago: Insider computer hackers can change votes without a trace on Diebold optical-scan machines. The study by Florida State University found that, despite recent software fixes, an "adversary" could use a pre-programmed computer card to swap one candidate's votes for another or create a "ballot-stuffing attack" that multiplies votes for a candidate or issue.

A Diebold spokesman, Mark Radke, said the company is confident it will upgrade the "minor" software glitch by an Aug. 17th deadline the state has set. If it doesn't, Secretary of State Kurt Browning said his office would eventually ban the use of optiscan Diebold machines in Florida, where 25 counties, including Monroe, use its fill-in-the-blank systems.

All other voting vendors are being examined for the same security issues, including Elections Systems & Software machines, which Miami-Dade and Broward use as well. A new state law requires that, by next year, all counties must use paper-trail style machines. Jeb Bush responded with an administrative order; no paper count and only the machine count can be accepted!
August 16, 2007 - Diebold to Change Its Name

Diebold, a company known primarily for making safes and ATMs, announced that it has decided to put some distance between it and its beleaguered voting machine division — Diebold Election Systems Inc, (aka DESI), which the company purchased from Global Election Systems in 2002.

The company said that after failing to find a buyer for its voting machine business, it was changing the name of the division to Premier Election Solutions Inc (or PESI) and was giving it more “independence” by establishing a separate board of directors to run it.
Diebold said in a statement that it made the decision in part because of “the rapidly evolving political uncertainties and controversies surrounding state and jurisdiction purchases of electronic voting systems.”

Diebold did not rule out the possibility of later selling part or all of its ownership in the realigned company.

So, what was the solution to the possibility of massive vote count discrepancies announced by the Florida chief elections official?

January 11, 2012 - Secretary of State Kurt Browning stepped down Wednesday morning as Florida's chief elections official and cultural affairs officer, making him the second agency head to resign during Gov. Rick Scott's administration. His last day in office will be Feb. 17, which allows him to oversee the statewide presidential preference primary on Jan. 31. The governor will immediately start a search for a successor.
Let me be "Frank"
2:30PM MAY 31ST 2014
Only the Bush machine CIA graduates are allowed to give us titles.

And besides that "Frank" the evidence is well documented that" Clint Curtis (Google his affidavit) invented the vote fixer chips for Tom Feeney when both were working for NASA. And you know Tom Feeney and Jeb Bush are co-conspirators!

And, "July 2007 - Secretary of State Kurt Browning says Florida Voting Machines Can Be Hacked."

Both of these are indisputable facts! Documented until hell freezes over. So, if there is any "conspiracies to theorize" it's on your side. The side of the "what ever in the hell you people don't want to be called!"
11:31AM MAY 30TH 2014
You are your own conspiracy . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
9:22AM MAY 30TH 2014
Ok, so I assume this means that none of Rick Scott's money comes from anyone earning, let's say, over $500,000/year, correct . . . . no big PACS, no billionaire/millionaire money, correct . . . . . . . . right . . . . just more hypocritical GOP "I'm going to demonize and attack the other guy for what I'm doing tenfold" partisan politics of the "Big Lie" . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Florida investors in the 100 Bush Profiteers list
9:56AM MAY 30TH 2014
3. *Tom & R. Steven Hicks (Dallas): $146,000
Tom Hicks is a corporate raider at Hicks Muse Tate & Furst (other name partners gave GWB $58,000). He made GWB’s fortune when he bought the Texas Rangers for $250 million in 99. After GWB’s election, UT Regents set up the University of Texas Investment Management Co. and made Hicks chair; lucrative UT investment contracts then flowed to firms tied to Hicks and his brother, who headed Capstar Broadcasting. Rick Scott was also a partner with Hicks and George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers!

10. Richard E. Rainwater (Ft. Worth): $100,000
Rainwater was a key investor in the Texas Rangers and Columbia/HCA Healthcare, which the government is investigating on Medicare fraud charges (see Richard Scott, No. 65). GWB received $37,500 from executives of Rainwater’s Crescent Real Estate (see Gerald Haddock, No. 33), which bought two buildings from the state in 1996 at bargain-basement prices. GWB’s personal blind trust invested in Crescent during his first term.

63. José Fanjul (Palm Beach, FL): $10,000
The First Family of Corporate Welfare, the Fanjuls control a third of Florida sugar production, collecting $60 million a year in federal subsidies. Their Everglades land was drained at public expense, an environmental nightmare that costs taxpayers $63 million a year to maintain. The Fanjuls invest heavily in politicians; President Clinton even took a call from José’s brother Alfonso while being serviced by Monica Lewinsky.

65. Richard L. Scott (Ft. Worth): $10,000
With start up capital from Richard Rainwater (No. 10), Scott started Columbia/HCA Healthcare chain. The HMO’s 10-year, hospital-buying binge ended in 1997 with federal investigators raiding Columbia facilities for evidence of Medicare fraud.

80. George/Richard Wackenhut (FL): $6,000 [Renamed The GEO Croup]
The largest U.S. prison company, Wackenhut Corrections has tens of millions of dollars in contracts with Texas. The state had to take over a Wackenhut-run facility in Austin in 1999 following criminal charges that Wackenhut understaffed the jail, falsified its records and employed guards that beat and had sex with inmates.
7:16AM MAY 30TH 2014
The upside, I guess, is that the out-of-state money will get spent in Florida and benefit our economy. The downside is that none of this seems quite right. I "vote" that we experiment with a system where everyone who wants to run for an office submits their name, and we pick the "winner" by lottery. It can't be worse than what we're doing now.
friends in high places
6:49AM MAY 30TH 2014
Well? Politics cost money and that money has to come from somewhere.

Four years ago Rick Scott used $70 million of what he claimed was his own money. that would be $70 million that he obtained in the Medicare Fraud at Columbia/ HCA. You ask yourself how it was possible for Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater to amass a hospital chain and create the largest Medicare Fraud scheme in US history in just ten short years? From 1987 until 1997. the answer is, they didn't have to start from scratch. With Jeb Bush's help they picked up the pieces of the first largest organized Medicare fraud case in US history - Jeb's friend and partner Miguel Recary and his IMC (International Medical Centers) Thanks to Jeb the scheme was already in place all they had to do was operated it cash cow.

Think about it. everyone knows this happened. the video's of Scott's infamous 75 times of taking the 5th amendment is still on You tube. When you see his testimony ask yourself does this look like a man who has sense enough to mastermind the largest Medicare Fraud in US history. And you will answer yourself NO! This looks like a blundering idiot. And this time looks are not deceiving. It is Rick Scott that is deceiving! He was nothing more than a puppet for Jeb Bush and his friends with Recarey and Fernandez.

Then, Rick Scott took the spoils of this crimes and bought the governor's office. Now he works "for we the people" for TWELVE CENTS A YEAR!"

NOVEMBER 15, 2010
Rick Scott turns to top lobbyist to help finance inauguration
Republican Gov.-elect Rick Scott, who ran against the Tallahassee "insiders" to blame for letting the state skid off the tracks, has appointed the head of one of the Capital city's largest lobbying firms to raise money for the inauguration. Scott's celebration will include a number of events around the leading up to the actual inauguration on Jan. 4 in Tallahassee.

Brian Ballard -- whose clients include the Corrections Corporation of America, Florida Power & Light and the New York Yankees -- will head Scott's finance committee along with his wife, Kathryn Ballard. Ballard was among the many Tallahassee lobbyists who backed the wrong horse in the primary, but after Bill McCollum lost he moved quickly to Scott's side and helped raise money for the eventual winner.

Like his mentor Jeb Bush he gets rid of those who dare to stand in his way. Senator Mike Fasano stood up to the largest prison privatization move in Florida history and Rick Scott appointed him Pasco Co Tax Collector to get him out of Tallahassee.

Hey, poor old CharLIE Crist has got to get his money somewhere. Unlike Rick Scott they never let CharLIE get rich in his own right. When John McCain's team come to interview CharLIE for the possible VP spot on the ticket in 2008 he was still living at home with moma and daddy and was interviewed there.

Charllie's break from the GOP and the RPOF where he was wth sole person to anoint another post turtle Jim Greer to greatness as chairman has lead to the severances of his finances from the cash cow that invented him. It was Mel Sembler, the Clearwater Republican money man and twice Bush appointed Ambassador; founder of the national chain of houses of horrors known as STRAIGHT, INC. who along with his son Brent orchestrated CharLIE's rise to fame in Florida politics.

But, that was not true love. Sembler and son are fickle when it comes to that. They are Republicans who support Republicans so this time it was Rick Scott to the Sembler home fora fund raising.

"Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly." So now Rick Scott is owned by Mel Sembler. Rick Scott must defend those like Sembler who own and control their pedophile farms, ranches and other so called religious facilities in the name of "it's for the children." against any complaints or suggestions of abuse and sexual abuse of the children.

And of course Rick Scott's old hospital profiteering friends like Mike Fernandez (who had raised $1.25 million already) had his little Rick Scott money raising event at his Miami home as well.

So no wonder CharLIE has got to go to Long Island to raise some finds from the really rich who have "an interest" in Florida.

If someone doesn't take control and begin to demand law and order in Florida the corporate raiders like Rick Scott and Jeb Bush will continue to "ruin" this state and privatize all of our schools, state hospitals and prison facilities. [All juvenile prisons are already privatized!] See YSI list of federal lawsuits at Google!
12:43PM MAY 31ST 2014

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