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Nancy Smith

Peter Schorsch: Saving Charlie from Mean, Old SSN; Boom! 'Global Warming' Gone

January 21, 2017 - 6:00am

This column is a vehicle for a number of items in a bits-and-pieces, strictly opinion, sometimes irreverent format. Look for "Just Sayin'" to run once a week in this spot.

Peter Schorsch: Charlie Crist's White Knight

Much as I admire Florida's new-media mogul Peter Schorsch, I really wish he'd remember that it's his outfit that has paying clients, not ours.

His Wednesday column was the second time in a month he defended Charlie Crist and blasted Sunshine State News for being mean to the politcal hermaphrodite-congressman from St. Petersburg. 

Come on, Peter, we heard you the first time.  

When he says Sunshine State News was "the de facto house organ for the Rick Scott campaign in 2010 and 2014," he forgets to mention SSN leans conservative, Scott is conservative, we generally like Scott's priorities and all we did is say so -- even though the guy never gave us a dime, never bought the smallest of ads on our website, never returns our calls and never, ever answers our questions, even when we mail them in.

I wouldn't be writing about Schorsch's column(s) except for two things.

Usually, when he rubs me the wrong way, it isn't because he totally misled his readers. This time he did. And that's the first thing.

He says, "Smith writes about a 'constituent' of Crist’s who was upset to have received a fundraising solicitation from Crist before he'd served his first day in Congress."

His next sentence: “'This is some serious bull! It hasn’t even been 10 days and you are already asking for money and talking about re-election.'”

By saying "Smith writes about ..." Schorsch makes it sound as if those words in the next sentence were mine. They were not. I was directly quoting from Michael Hepburn, who forwarded me a copy of the email he sent to Charlie. There was no mistaking Hepburn said it.

You made an error, Peter. It looked deliberate -- not nice and not necessary.

The second thing is Schorsch's unfair attack on Democratic African American Women Caucus President Leslie Wimes. He says, "But SSN’s coverage of Crist is a blind spot for the organization. It’s given Democratic bomb-thrower Leslie Wimes a platform to sound off again and again about Crist."

Apparently Leslie doesn't know her place -- an incredibly smart woman who has a pretty solid handle on what drives votes in the black community -- and shame on us for letting her speak her mind.

Sit down and shut up, Leslie? Do what your party tells you, Leslie? Oh, I don't think so. Whether SSN lets her put her opinions here or she publishes them on her own website, Leslie will speak out on Charlie Crist or anything else she believes will serve her community.

I'm surprised Leslie hasn't written about Charlie's latest. She's the one who told me about it Friday morning, and the NAACP-St. Petersburg's Maria Scruggs confirmed it on Facebook: 

Charlie fired Vito Sheeley, his only African American employee after the Martin Luther King Parade on Monday. Then -- pressured by African American leaders -- Charlie rehired him Thursday. If Sheeley was good enough to be rehired, why was he fired in the first place? Inquiring minds ...

I bow to your superior Charlie Crist sources, Peter. Maybe you made note of this somewhere and I missed it?

Instead of knocking us for our Charlie Crist coverage, I think Charlie and his entourage owe Sunshine State News. Yes, owe. Would he have won without us? By writing as much as they did about him, Leslie and SSN reporter Allison Nielsen put a stick of dynamite up Charlie's backside. It wasn't until then he began campaigning in neighborhoods he previously had ignored and ultimately pulled off the win.

You're welcome.

Didn't Take Long ...

One of the first acts of Donald Trump's presidency -- get ready for it -- was terminating the White House’s global warming website. It took the new commander-in-chief less than an hour after he'd been sworn into office to dump it.

Now, instead of Obama's global warming webpage, that same link redirects to a Trump transition webpage, reports

In fact, the new White House energy policy page does not mention global warming or climate change at all, but pledges to bring the U.S. “An America First Energy Policy” and notes, “President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.”

Hold on to your hat. The 45th president of the United States has clocked in.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


So glad Trump is purging fake science of global warming and the absurd water rules. Most coastal sea level issues are from local water mismagement, storm water runoff and dredging up sea beds, shipping canals, inland Everglades canals, and manmade islands for wealthy coastal residents. Water rule upgrades were based on false premise of where most Americans get drinking water. Only 30% source from surface waters, but wetlands restrictions affect the other 70% who source from groundwater. That forces urban sprawl away from wetlands and into dryer aquifer recharge areas (polluting the 70%'s source even more)!

Delusional at best . . . . . . . . find me one P.E., Geologist, Hydrologist, Oceanographer or Earth Scientist to back up your insane hypothesis that global sea level rise (or even "coastal sea level issues") is primarily dependent on the items you list, some totally insane like dredging; find one engineer or scientist that agrees with you (you know, a live, reputable name) . . . . . stay away from making uneducated, easy disproved, unscientific hypotheses that leave you as a laughing stock (like Trump's press secretary) . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Wow!! Another "man made" climate change defender!! Amazing - while we watch the weather cycle over and over as almost every single weather incident is reported either with a preceding "not since (pick some early date in history) or ending with the same. After the East Anglia e-mail leaks; lies by NOAA and NASA w2ith their altering real temps with "model" temps to promote rather than research their hypothesis, we have all had enough of the lies and typical left wing "intolerance" of equally or greater knowledge on the subject by those with tremendous education, knowledge and achievement. The very fact Mr Delusional must use such a name and SCREAM a someone that disagrees with his patent left wing position with the capitalized "pathetic" speaks volumes about how scared these truly government dependent grant livers are about losing their cherished meal tickets. he Delusional - the only thing pathetic is your screaming. Time to take much of those grants and provide them to folks that do true science - research that looks for answers, not proof that their hypothesis is right. Sorry - but you need to find other work or just get over it. You L O S T. The honest world won. And now perhaps we can get on with providing the third world with real energy and life giving energy to live with. Imagine - no dung fires to heat and cook with. Electric lights, a well with an electric pump for water! You and your intolerance just do not care. Your lifestyle is too important - right??!!

Yes, yes . . . . I'm just a scientist in the field . . . . what are you . . . . . .how about Republican opinions on the issue . . . I mean, it's not like four previous REPUBLICAN EPA administrators recently gave testimony before Congress that climate change is real, man-made, and critical for the US to address, now is it: WILLIAM RUCKELHAUS (Nixon, Reagan) - "Several months ago, after talking with one another, the four former EPA administrators sitting in front of you found we were convinced by the overwhelming verdict of scientists that the earth was warming and that we humans were the only controllable contributor to this phenomenon . . . We all feel strongly that something should be done (about climate change) and we should get on with this . . . The IPCC report validates in the strongest terms the science of climate change and the projected impacts . . . We believe there is legitimate scientific debate over the pace and effects of climate change but no legitimate debate over the fact of the earth's warming or over man's contribution . . .This is an extremely complex problem whose solutions are not straightforward. We believe this is no excuse for complacency or not stepping up to our responsibility." LEE THOMAS (Ronald Reagan) - "We know that communities in our country are already dealing with the effects of the changing climate today. In my state of Florida, we see increasing salt water intrusion infiltrating our drinking water supply due to sea level rise. Coastal communities are dealing with the impact sea level rise is having on their drainage systems, resulting in an investment of more than $300 million to upgrade flood mitigation infrastructure in Miami Beach alone. The economic impact is undeniable, and local governments struggle to address today’s impacts of climate change while trying to anticipate the increased risk it poses in the future . . . We know there are many approaches that can be taken, and all are controversial . . . (EPA's recent moves) once again position the U.S. to demonstrate international leadership." WILLIAM REILLY (George H. W. Bush) - "While the President has taken many important steps, a full and constructive response is needed from Congress . . . The longer we delay, the more adverse the impacts will be, and the more expensive to address them . . . not only is climate change likely to affect natural resources and public health, but it will have profound effects on our economy." CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN (George W. Bush) - "We have a scientific consensus around this issue. We also need a political consensus . . . The issue has been settled. EPA does have the authority (to regulate carbon omissions). The law says so and the Supreme Court has said so twice. The matter should be put to rest." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RightWing denial (i.e. Alternative Facts), in the face of overwhelming science . . . . . always . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

I would like to know the GSP location of each and every weather-monitoring site to determine if some of the sites existing 40 years ago are the same today. Sites by years in operation would be nice. Anybody?

Peter Schorsch has long been in the tank for Charlie Crist, as well as countless other candidates, elected officials, lobbyists and politicos. They all know his pay to play deal is wrong, but they go along with it because they lack a spine to stand up against wrongs. Peter's wife was a long-time aide to Charlie Crist. Enough said! And Peter would be as useless as tits on a boar if only people would just ignore him and his bullying ways.

If I had a nickel for every time some anonymous commentator has written that my "pay to play" model, which it isn't, was going to fall apart. Florida Politics has the largest political reporting footprint in the state -- more reporters covering politics -- than any other news organization in the state. So, yeah, try and ignore us. That's worked out so well for others.

This ^ x 1000. Peter is not nearly as close to Charlie as he pretends; he has no inside information at all. And Peter's "pay for play" business model will soon backfire on him, I predict. Sooner than later. Has anyone ever questioned this: how does his sad looking blog, his vicious twitter account and that lobbyist-vanity rag known as "Influence" support the luxury lifestyle he and his wife portray online? Inquiring minds would like to know....

Don't even have to look who stoops lower than a worm(or a rat). It's a bird(dropping), it's a plane(Bigot), it's.......CBreeze. (the breeze must be blowing from an outhouse, it stinks so bad)

"The truth shall set you free" 'Jackie-boy';... (But it DOES often hurt,.. Doesn't it ??) !

Yes, the truth . . . . . . this from the commentator whose solution to the Arab problem is to actually nuke everyone: "The "Truman Solution" city after another, until they sue for peace (or be prepared for another 5+ centuries of 'jihad vs. Crusade' )... (Japan, that other fundamentalist aggressor has been our staunch ally ever since...)" . . . . . . . rightwing nonsense spoken here by C Breeze . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

WHO, in their right mind, can defend Charlie "The Tuna" Crist??? Certainly not 7 Boys' Reform Farm Guards; a Nurse; a Medical Examiner; the "Black Community"; the "victims left behind" everytime Charlie "The Tuna" jumps ship, changes parties, or abandons friends and supporters (wanna pin him down ?.. better marry him ! ) Where's Charlie????.."Just follow the money"!!!

So Charley is a hermaphrodite (a little projection here?) because he has a brain and a heart-things you obviously lack. Let's just turn over all of our money and goods over to the rich-the ones who already have more than they could ever spend but are such greedy mfers that they always want more. Then we can relax into the slavery which you so long for- you lowlife scum.(yes, this is ad hominem-what you just did in this "column")

Charlie being called a hermaphrodite is spot on. He is whatever he feels like, wants to be, where the money flows, etc., The guy is the biggest empty suit in Washington DC now. And that is saying something.

Mr. Flip flops, first he's a republican, than an independent, now a demorat. He's in it for himself,he wants the pay check and prestige that comes with being elected. He's now an overpaid " public server". Charlie is going to do what's good for Charlie. He could give a rats ass about you, it's all about money and power!

Obviously, you didn't do your due diligence: The only support Charlie Crist can TRULY expect is from the parents of the kid who died at the "Youth Farm" who Charlie Crist gave FIVE MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS to just before he fired those seven Guards, the Nurse, the Medical Examiner, and BEFORE the investigation even began. Charlie "The Tuna" Crist is a "panderer extrordinairre". ( "Not THIS TIME either Charlie"!!!!!)

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