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Presidential Ballot Set in Florida as Evan McMullin Falls Short

September 7, 2016 - 2:30pm
Donald Trump, Evan McMullin and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump, Evan McMullin and Hillary Clinton

The presidential ballot is set in Florida as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle for the Sunshine State’s 29 electoral college votes in November. Florida is, once again, expected to be the largest swing state on the map. 

Trump and Clinton of course made the ballot in Florida. So did former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson who is, once again, the Libertarian presidential candidate. Johnson will be joined by another minor party candidate from 2012 as Green Party nominee Jill Stein  will return to the Florida ballot. 

Tennessee attorney and Marines veteran Darrell Castle is also on the Florida ballot. Castle had been the running mate of Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin back in 2008. At the time, Baldwin was a pastor based in the Florida Panhandle but he moved to Idaho after the 2008 election. After falling short against former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode to be the party’s nominee last time out, Castle is the Constitution Party’s candidate this year and will be on the ballot in Florida. 

Some voters in Florida will be pardoned if they experience a little bit of deja vu. Businessman Rocky De La Fuente pulled 5 percent in last week’s Democratic primary in the U.S. Senate place, putting him in fourth behind Patrick Murphy, Alan Grayson and Pam Keith. Earlier in August, De La Fuente beat out Florida based historian and political activist Darcy Richardson to be the Reform Party’s nominee. The Reform Party has, over the years, nominated some prominent leaders including Ross Perot in 1996, Pat Buchanan in 2000 and Ralph Nader in 2004 but they have grown less prominent in the past two election cycles. 

Six write-in presidential hopefuls will be recognized in Florida: Andrew Basiago, Richard Duncan, Cherunda Fox, Zoltan Gyurko, Laurence Kotlikoff and Tony Valdvivia. 

One of the more prominent minor party candidates did not make the cut in Florida. Evan McMullin, a former CIA operative and Republican congressional aide who is trying to appeal to anti-Trump Republicans, was not nominated by any of the minor parties in the Sunshine State. 

At Ballot Access News, Richard Winger, one of the nation’s chief experts on how minor parties and independent candidates can make the ballot,  noted that McMullin would not be on the ballot in November. 

“Florida has several ballot-qualified parties that have not nominated anyone for president,” Winger wrote on Wednesday. “It had been thought plausible that either the Independent Party, or the Independence Party, might nominate him for president. But the Florida Secretary of State’s office said neither of those parties nominated anyone for president.”

Several candidates were removed from the final ballot including Gloria LaRiva from the Party of Socialism and Liberation and conservative Tom Hoefling, back again as the candidate of America's Party which ran Alan Keyes back in 2008.  


Only qualified write-in candidates in Florida will be counted. Evan McMillian did not qualify in time.

I am a Republican but I will not vote for Trump. He is a terrible businessman, a bully and a phony. I don't like Hillary either so planning to write in Mcmullin or vote for third party.

VOTE Castle! He is a constitutionalist and has the support of Ted Cruz supporters

"Trump is a terrible businessman" - are you SERIOUS? I suggest you watch the Debates, or are you a "My mind's made up - don't confuse me with the facts" person. I would tag you as a 'Low Information Voter'.

Yep, bad business man the reason he has what he had earn its due to his fathers last name. How many times had he declared himself bankrupt, many will say thats smart ill say its dishonest. Its he ever going to bring out his taxes papers public.

I am a Republican but I will not vote for Trump. He is a terrible businessman, a bully and a phony. I don't like Hillary either so planning to write in Mcmullin or vote for third party.

The only sensible vote will be for Donald Trump. Borders, security, jobs, 2nd amendment, 1st amendment, Health Care, laws, veterans, SS, and basically saving the USA from becoming like Germany, Britain and Sweden - murder pits of rampant violence.. .................................. If you love the USA vote Trump..

If you care about ending violence, I would certainly hope you would support America becoming more like Germany, Britain, and Sweden. Here are the respective violent death rates by country: (Per 100,000) USA - 5.56 Sweden - 1.00 Germany - .70 UK - .63 Facts are not your enemy. The beautiful thing is that with the internet, these facts are just a few clicks away. You don't have to get all your information from conservative talk radio and right wing blogs. Educate yourself, and you may find that the deeply held opinions you hold are the result of misinformation and overt lies that are being told to you for nefarious purposes.

Wrong. Donald Trump is against the First Amendment and would be a disaster on everything else. If you love the United States, Trump must be defeated.

Oh, and by the way, a Hillary Presidency will hurt our entire nation! GO TRUMP!!

WRONG! Mr. Trump IS in favor of ALL Amendments to our Constitution and WILL be a very good decider on all else! IF you remotely care about OUR country, the one I fought for along with so many thousands of others, and veterans of all ages, Donald Trump MUST be elected! A vote cast elsewhere is against all of US! GO TRUMP!!

Trump is completely clueless regarding the Constitution, has no intellectual curiousity, and is completely amoral, pursuing anything that will benefit the only one, and only thing, he cares about...himself.

Surely you don't think that Hillary is the Answer??? I could fill this page with ALL that is Wrong with Hillary.

Not at all, GO McMULLIN.....

Health Care? Health Care? What exactly is Shrump's health plan? I get it, he blasts "repeal Obamacare" and while it is not perfect (neither was Medicare when it was first proposed) he must have a plan beyond repeal. He has not shown his plan beyond repeal. Is his plan going to be market based (you know a marketplace where plans are compared to one another), OR is it going to be single payer? There really is no other alternative that is going to cover everyone. I can say with 100% certainty that my Hospital District taxing authority assessment has decreased since the Affordable Care Act was implemented. Also, for those who are uneducated on the issue (a.k.a. ignorant) there presently is no employer mandate for small businesses. Any claim that the ACA has caused small business expenses to increase due to the ACA is a lie. One of my best friends has a daughter in her 20s with such serious medical issues that her prescriptions have a retail price of $5000 per month. How is Shrump's plan going to cover her? I am not criticizing, yet, but when the emperor has no balls, he must be called out.

You must be in a great hurry. Trump has been releasing DETAILED PLANS on how he will address the many problems of America. They are a matter of record, and are on Youtube (in case you 'missed' them). As of this date, he has not released his PLAN for AMERICAN MEDICAL COVERAGE. Stop by after he publicly releases the Plan. You are obviously unaware that with HilLIARy, "obamacare" will be overhauled with unaffordable Rates and decreased coverage. Obama has ALREADY raised rates for 2017, but has not yet made them public. You will not like them.

The only issue that i heard trump speak about in every speech that raises the crowds of racist americans is on immigration.

Just what is it that you're scratching? Certainly nothing that would resemble a head because your words are noticeably absent of the usage of such a possession! I suggest you actually check your facts and also the skeleton of Mr. Trump who, standing next to you, has balls as big as church bells! GO TRUMP!!

You must have had your Ignorance Treated by Obama-Care. This is Nothing more then FORCED Socialized Health Insurance. Anyone could have Thrown our Tax dollars at other people and said.....Here take this subsidy money, which is other people's money and get Insured. It has been said that Socialized Medicine works great "Until you run out of other people's money". If you had any understanding of the rule of Law,.....the ACA was inserted into the Senate by Harry Reid taking a (House approved), Veterans Bill, removing the language, and sticking this King Obama-Care Garbage into it's packet. **It was NEVER approved in the House.......That's called Illegal!!........Go see another Doctor about your Ignorance.

Which (witch) doctor? lol GO TRUMP!!

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