Republican Rivals in Congress Call Out Obama on Immigration

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 19, 2012 3:55 AM
John Mica, Barack Obama and Sandy Adams

U.S. Rep. John Mica, President Barack Obama and U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams | Credit: Shutterstock - vipflash

In one of the most interesting and competitive congressional primaries in the nation, two Republicans battling to represent a district in Central Florida -- U.S. Rep. John Mica and U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams -- are looking to rally conservatives to their banner by hammering President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

Despite differences between the two Republicans -- Mica is a veteran of Congress since winning election to it in 1992 while Adams, who served eight years in Tallahassee in the Florida House of Representatives, was first elected to her current post in 2010 -- they both took aim at Obama’s stance on immigration.

‭Mica looked to score points with conservatives on Monday as he came out swinging against the immigration reforms that Obama announced last week.

‭“‬You may have heard about President Obama's decision last week to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of illegal immigrants,” Mica wrote to supporters in an email sent out on Monday. “This unilateral adjustment to our immigration policy is another Obama administration decision that undermines our laws.

“Our policies should be trying to penalize illegal immigration, not reward those who abuse the law,” Mica continued. “Granting legal status or benefits to those who entered America illegally is not acceptable in any manner.

“Instead of securing the border, the Obama administration has continually taken steps to undermine our national immigration laws,” Mica insisted, noting that the Obama administration sued Arizona over its immigration law. “The Federal government has left the states with unstable borders, mounting violence and limited resources to fight illegal immigration, while at the same time handicapping their ability to enforce laws. Now, we have an election-year amnesty that was passed without any debate.”

Adams also called out Obama on the issue, insisting that he was playing politics instead of helping Americans impacted by the continuing economic dowturn.

“I am outraged by President Obama’s decision to circumvent Congress and ignore the rule of law,” Adams said in a statement released late on Friday. “Once again, the president has undermined our Constitution in favor of election year politics.  By granting amnesty to potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, President Obama’s unilateral policy shift will have massive ramifications for unemployed Americans looking for jobs.”

Adams ended with one last shot at Obama. “It is time for the president to start acting like he actually cares about the well-being of the American people instead of winning his re-election,” she said.

Among the rest of the Florida delegation, support for the president’s action reflected party lines.

“President Obama took bold and decisive action to protect hundreds of thousands of young people who have grown up as Americans but through no fault of their own lack the legal ability to be here," insisted U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fl, on Friday. "This policy will protect heroic members of our military and hardworking students who simply want a chance to fulfill the American dream and contribute to the country they love. Though only action by Congress can provide these individuals with an actual path to citizenship, the president's decision is an important step forward and a powerful reminder of his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform."

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12:00PM FEB 6TH 2014
I am very pleased to see that both representatives support laws that deny lawbreakers the benefits that they DO NOT deserve. It will be difficult during any primaries to support one candidate from the other. At least on this subject they BOTH are spot on! As far as the silly statements made by Frank. Illegals do not sneak to the United States because they are bored. They expect and DEMAND freebies. They want and receive benefits at taxpayers cost! If they are granted amnesty, Mr. Obama and friends will grant them citizenship with voting privileges . Probably by Executive order.
9:55AM JUN 19TH 2012
And where's their non-partisan criticism of Rick Scott and his support for illegal Florida farm workers? Zero.

And exactly how many illegal aliens are obtaining long-term amnesty? Zero.

And exactly how many illegal aliens will be placed on a path to U.S. citizenship. Zero.

And exactly how many of these illegal aliens will this allow into the U.S.? Zero.

And exactly how many of these illegal aliens will be allowed to vote for Obama? Zero.

So exactly how much credibility do Mica and Adams have on this issue. ZERO.

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