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Richard Corcoran Names Nine Appointees to Constitution Revision Commission

March 6, 2017 - 5:30pm
Jose Felix Diaz, Jeanette Nunez, Erika Donalds and Darryl Rouson
Jose Felix Diaz, Jeanette Nunez, Erika Donalds and Darryl Rouson

House Speaker Richard Corcoran named his nine appointees to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission Monday afternoon, adding his own preferences to the 37 member group which reviews the state constitution.

Among Corcoran’s appointees are school board members, state lawmakers and lawyers, with a heavy significance on Corcoran’s home base of Tampa Bay.

The commission meets for a yearlong term, traveling the state and recommending changes to the state constitution. The last time the CRC met to make changes to the constitution was two decades ago, from 1997-1998. 

“This decision was difficult and many distinguished and capable leaders were considered,” Corcoran said. 

Ultimately, Corcoran chose five state lawmakers, two lawyers, one school board member, and a sheriff to sit on the Commission.

Corcoran said he gave favor to applicants who either currently held office or had held office in the past.  

“The decision making process did place a premium on past or current elected office,” he explained. “The rationale behind this being that those who have placed their name before the people have an excellent understanding who they work for.” 

Corcoran tapped two Miami-Dade lawmakers in his selection: Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, R-Miami and Speaker pro tempore Jeanette Nunez, R-Miami. Each lawmaker is in their final two years before terming out.

From the Tampa Bay region, Corcoran chose Rep. Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, Sen. Darryl Rouson, R-St. Petersburg, and Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon to serve on the CRC. The Land O’Lakes Republican also chose Sheriff Chris Nocco of Pasco County to sit on the Commission.

School boards and charter schools will also have a friend in the CRC: Collier County School Board member Erika Donalds. Donalds has been a longtime advocate of the charter school movement and is a founding member and past President of a non-profit organization focused on representing parents and students in Florida, Parents Rights Of Choice for Kids (R.O.C.K). Donalds also serves on the Florida Coalition of School Boars Members.

Donalds’ husband currently serves in the Florida House. 

Last week, Gov. Rick Scott appointed 15 members to the CRC and named businessman Carlos Beruff as the commission’s chair. 

Corcoran said his appointees represented his vision and their own vision for the good of Florida. 

“These appointees are diverse, principled, and won't march in lockstep with anyone,” Corcoran said. “And my only charge to each has been to do what they believe to be right. I am sure that each Member appointed today will do their part to ensure freedom and the rule of law are embodied in our final product.


The full list includes:

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, Miami
Rep. Jeannette Nunez, Miami
Sen. Tom Lee, Brandon
Sen. Darryl Rouson, St. Petersburg
Rich Newsome, Orlando
John Stemberger, Orlando
Erika Donalds, Naples
Chris Nocco, Pasco County
Chris Sprowls, Palm Harbor


Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen.


Gambling has to be addressed. The Indians want X the state wants X, they must reach an agreement for the good of the people of FLORIDA.

So far there are a lot of right wing conservative Republican idealogues and no Constitutional scholars. Don't expect much vision or intellect. Maybe Artiles can sneak a red lite camera and Lexus Lane ban into the Constitution. Wonder if the pig amendment will remain?

A Constitutional scholar? You mean like Obama? No, thanks.

wasn't the pig amendment put in by Maria Sacks a Democrat?

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