Rick Perry Leads While Voters Want Sarah Palin on the Sidelines

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: September 3, 2011 3:55 AM

Sarah Palin and  Rick Perry

Sarah Palin and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas

A Fox News Poll unveiled late Thursday revealed that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas held a solid lead over former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research.

Perry topped the poll with 29 percent followed by Romney with 22 percent. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota tied for third with 8 percent each. Businessman Herman Cain placed fifth followed by former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania in sixth with 4 percent. Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich took seventh with 3 percent. Two former governors -- Jon Huntsman of Utah and Buddy Roemer of Louisiana -- tied for eighth with 1 percent each. Former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, activist Fred Karger and U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter of Michigan garnered less than 1 percent.

When other candidates -- including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- were added to the mix, Perry remained in the lead. Both Palin and Giuliani have left the door open to running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Perry led that scenario with 26 percent followed by Romney with 18 percent. Palin took third with 8 percent followed by Paul with 7 percent. Bachmann fell to a tie with Giuliani and Cain for fifth place with 4 percent. Gingrich and Santorum took 3 percent each. Huntsman and Johnson were still tied with 1 percent where they were joined by Johnson. Karger, McCotter and former Alabama state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore took less than 1 percent.

The poll of 341 Republican primary voters was taken from Aug. 29-31 and had a margin of error of +/- 5.5 percent.

When Fox News looked at all voters, they found very little support for a possible Palin presidential campaign. Palin will be stumping in Iowa, which holds the first caucus, and New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary, over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Only 20 percent of all voters wanted Palin to run for the White House while 74 percent opposed the idea -- and the voters who wanted her staying out of the contest included a large part of her base.

A mere 25 percent of Republicans backed a Palin presidential candidacy while 71 percent were lined up against it. Even among voters who considered themselves part of the tea party movement, Palin flopped. Only 28 percent of the tea party voters supported Palin entering the race while 66 percent opposed it.

She did even worse among independents and Democrats. Twenty-one percent of independents wanted Palin to run while 66 percent did not want her in the race. Palin floundered with Democrats, with only 16 percent wanting her to run while 80 percent wanted her to stay on the sidelines.

The poll of 911 registered voters was taken from Aug. 29-31 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

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4:31PM SEP 4TH 2011
If the conservs on the I-4 area in spite of their love for Herman, unite with Libertarians, Reagan Dems and Indies, Flas. could have Rick Perry in a solid lead over Bama. The Pubs must not shoot their wounded this time around. They must stop Bama and a Dem Two House Congress , period.
Julian Alien
3:27PM SEP 4TH 2011
Maybe if Perry gets in the White house he can burn it down and put a more lavish structure in its place like he did in Texas.He could get a stimulus package,and use illegal immigrants as labor so it is really like a gift to Mexico.I just saw a poll in the Houston Chronicle that put Ron Paul at 73% it seems that Texans don't agree with the Fox Polls!
12:01PM SEP 4TH 2011
Sarah Palin and I do have one thing in common: we both volunteered to serve, she as governor of Alaska, I as an enlisted man in the US Air Force. I say she volunteered because she chose to run for a government position just as I volunteered for another, less glamorous, position.

In 1969, I received orders for Viet Nam. I could have refused to go, but I didn’t. When I took my “oath of office”, I said I would do whatever was asked of me. I didn’t quit my post. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, QUIT HER POST as governor of Alaska simply because the going got tough. Palin’s resignation of her post was an insult to the people of Alaska and to every service man or woman who stayed THEIR post in the face of adversity. Is a quitter really someone we want leading this country? If things get tough, and they will, is she just going to up and quit again?

No one who has ever stood guard in the freezing cold of the Arctic, the desert heat of Iraq, or the mountains of Afghanistan and stood their post should even consider this woman for ANY government position at all. She’s nothing more than a coward.
nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan
7:54PM SEP 3RD 2011
puff polls prop-up re Perry puppet
1 more dancing Neocon salesman
10:59PM SEP 3RD 2011
Perry’s poll numbers are like a graph of the returns from Madoff Investments. They are hollow and soon to drop. Perry has done no extended interview yet, and participated in no debates.
Michael Gayer
2:11PM SEP 3RD 2011
I believe your mistaken on your survey 341 voters constitutes 1% of 1% of 1% so you have a margin of + nothing and Minus everything.
Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann will beat Perry in the Nomination or good by GOP. Simple as that.
1:31PM SEP 3RD 2011
This is a Fox News poll.

Therefore it's just propaganda designed to shape what you should think. It should be laughed at and derided, that's the only defense to a corporatist trying to sell you something and keep you asleep.
12:31PM SEP 3RD 2011
So, we have another "If the election were held today...," huh?

If the election of 2008 had been held in 2007 Rudy Guiliani or Fred Thompson would have been carrying the right's hopes. McCain's popularity had plummeted.

Similarly, if the election of '92 were held in the spring of the year, Ross Perot would have been president. He was up 15 over Clinton.

It should be soooooo obvious that it doesn't matter right now how many people on the right aren't thrilled about a Palin presidency. If she gets the nomination the right will vote ABO--anybody but Obama. If Ron Paulshould pull off the upset and get the nomination he will suddenly become VERY likeable on the right.

None of these numbers matter.It will all come down to the debates. The person who wins the debates will get their party's nomination. It's really that simple and I don't think right now any of those people in the "71%" are ready to bet the rent on how they will play out.
Michael G.
6:11AM SEP 3RD 2011
Hey Sarah how's it feel to be second?
9:33AM SEP 3RD 2011
Palin has lost quite a few times, many more than she has won, although she claims to have held public office for 20 years (about double the time she actually has). She was mayor of a small town which she subsequently left in huge debt, and she did win the governship and quit that when greener pastures ($) attracted her. Although not related to politics, she came in 3rd in the Miss Alaska race (an African American lady won first place). She lost her bid to become Lt. Governor, she lost her bid to become vice-president. She quit her job as governor after 1/2 term, claiming that only dead fish go with the flow and that staying to fulfill her term would be actually quitting. the video of her floundering through that speech is online. She claims to have fought the corrupt republicans in her run against Gov Murkowski yet she accepted a political crony job from him, a part time job >115k on the oil and gas board, when she in fact had no experience at all in that field. Of course she quit that oil and gas board job too. Today she is expected to lash out at Perry (without naming him) for crony capitalism, yet as this investigation shows http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/14/us/politics/14palin.html "So when there was a vacancy at the top of the State Division of Agriculture, she appointed a high school classmate, Franci Havemeister, to the $95,000-a-year directorship. A former real estate agent, Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification for running the roughly $2 million agency.

Ms. Havemeister was one of at least five schoolmates Ms. Palin hired, often at salaries far exceeding their private sector wages. "

She isn't going to run anyway, but I do have a question.....how does it work when a person with a trademarked name runs for prez? Can she sue anyone who damages her brand with criticism?
12:47PM SEP 3RD 2011
have a question for you Ursa: How do you KNOW she is not running? Keep in mind, in the sense you believe you know, the definition of know is to perceive a fact. So, how do you know, she is not running? Have you ever been wrong in your sense of knowing? Just give me one unassailable syllogism that would lead someone to the inescapable conclusion she is not running. For example:

People who make lots of money don't run for President.
Palin makes alot of money.
Therefore Palin will not run for President.

That doesn't work. Perot was a billionaire.

How about,

People 70% of the public would never vote for don't run for presdient.
70% of people would never vote for Palin.
Therefore Palin will never run for President.

That doesn't work either. Ralph Nader runes every four years.

Just give me your premise. What is the one indisputable fact that leads you to know--as opposed to guess--that Palin isn't running?

BTW, Palin can sue for anything but you're likely suggesting an action for defamation and as a "public figure" as defined in New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, she would have to prove malice which is extraordinarily difficult to do and which is why celebrities often are passive even when the Enquirer features the most defamatory articles about
2:41PM SEP 3RD 2011
So, how DOES it work when Sarah Palin (trademark) runs for president? And, will secret service people have to follow her daughter around while she lives with a guy in LA for a reality show featuring her toddler while she preaches abstinence? I'm sorry, all of this Palin stuff is just too tacky - her vocabulary, her lack of knowledge, her uneven temperament, her snarky responses to questions, her family celebrity endeavors, her polka dotted toenails.......to have her seriously be considered to run this nation.
2:12PM SEP 3RD 2011
IMO she won't run because she is afraid of debating, and makes a lot more money being a celebrity without being subject to follow up questions. She can rail against President Obama, claiming that he is buddies with terrorists, yet her own husband was a long term member of a separatist party in Alaska. She can lie about the Affordable Health Care act, make up anything she wants about death panels, no follow up to facebook postings. She can rant about Mrs. Obama's efforts to improve the health of youngsters, she can say anything she wants to write on her hand because there is never a follow up. She can rant about "cap and tax", yet she was for cap and trade as VP candidate. She left the city of Wasilla 20 million dollars (roughly) in debt, and her mayoral administration built a sports center on land that didn't belong to the city. It took many thousands of taxpayer dollars to try to fix that one up, ie buying the land from the guy who really did own it. Recently she claimed to have 20 years in public office, but that unfortunately is not true. Her record can't stand scrutiny, and I mean beyond her claiming to be "undefeated". She was. Several times. She claimed to be a warrior against the corrupt republican establishment, yet accepted a >115k part time job from Gov Murkowski (R), then she quit. The most important of the ethics charges were leveled against her way before McCain chose her, and she was definitely found guilty of abusing the ethics of the governor's office. Obama had nothing to do with that, it was accomplished by the republican led legislature. Instead of being found guilty of other ethics charges, she chose to pay back large sums of money, re the travel of her family that she put on the state's dime. So, the complaint was dismissed. In Alaska the governor does not pay to evaluate ethics charges, there is a legal staff already paid to do that. The most costly, to the state, of all the ethics charges was the one SHE FILED AGAINST HERSELF re troopergate. Funny thing is that she brags about passing ethics laws on the one hand, yet blames the ethics laws for her leaving office. According to the link I posted earlier, she rewarded some of her high school buddies with high paying jobs in her administration. Her husband was termed the "shadow governor", guess why?

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